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Academic Article The DNA mismatch repair genes Msh3 and Msh6 cooperate in intestinal tumor suppression.
Academic Article Reduced isotype switching in splenic B cells from mice deficient in mismatch repair enzymes.
Academic Article DNA mismatch repair protein Msh6 is required for optimal levels of ultraviolet-B-induced apoptosis in primary mouse fibroblasts.
Academic Article Mutation in the mismatch repair gene Msh6 causes cancer susceptibility.
Academic Article Mouse models for human DNA mismatch-repair gene defects.
Academic Article The distinct spectra of tumor-associated Apc mutations in mismatch repair-deficient Apc1638N mice define the roles of MSH3 and MSH6 in DNA repair and intestinal tumorigenesis.
Academic Article DNA mismatch repair deficiency accelerates endometrial tumorigenesis in Pten heterozygous mice.
Academic Article Role of the mismatch repair gene, Msh6, in suppressing genome instability and radiation-induced mutations.
Academic Article Novel roles for MLH3 deficiency and TLE6-like amplification in DNA mismatch repair-deficient gastrointestinal tumorigenesis and progression.
Academic Article An Msh2 point mutation uncouples DNA mismatch repair and apoptosis.
Academic Article Distinct effects of the recurrent Mlh1G67R mutation on MMR functions, cancer, and meiosis.
Concept DNA Mismatch Repair
Academic Article Genotype directed therapy in murine mismatch repair deficient tumors.
Academic Article Germline TP53 Mutations in Patients With Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer in the Colon Cancer Family Registry.
Grant Mouse Models for Human Cancer
Academic Article Inhibition of colorectal cancer genomic copy number alterations and chromosomal fragile site tumor suppressor FHIT and WWOX deletions by DNA mismatch repair.
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