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Academic Article A novel methodology for the study of injury mechanism: ankle fracture analysis using injury videos posted on YouTube.com.
Concept Ankle Injuries
Academic Article Role of preoperative computed tomography scans in operative planning for malleolar ankle fractures.
Academic Article Ankle fracture following hip arthroscopy.
Academic Article Correlation of AO and Lauge-Hansen classification systems for ankle fractures to the mechanism of injury.
Academic Article Use of a pointed reduction clamp placed on the distal fibula to ensure proper restoration of fibular length and rotation and anatomic reduction of the syndesmosis: a technique tip.
Academic Article The posterior medial blind spot of the distal tibia: implications for surgical fixation.
Academic Article The "joint-elevation" calcaneus fracture: a rare variant of the intra-articular calcaneus fracture-dislocation.
Academic Article Posterior Facet Settling and Changes in Bohler's Angle in Operatively and Nonoperatively Treated Calcaneus Fractures.
Academic Article Relationship of Self-Reported Ability to Weight-Bear Immediately After Injury as Predictor of Stability for Ankle Fractures.
Academic Article Relevance of adjacent joint imaging in the evaluation of ankle fractures.
Academic Article Removal of Hardware After Syndesmotic Screw Fixation: A Systematic Literature Review.
Academic Article Orthopedics in Glass Houses.
Academic Article Overtightening of the syndesmosis revisited and the effect of syndesmotic malreduction on ankle dorsiflexion.
Academic Article Augmenting Suture-Button Fixation for Maisonneuve Injuries With Fibular Shortening: Technique Tip.
Academic Article Letter Regarding: Weightbearing vs Gravity Stress Radiographs for Stability Evaluation of Supination-External Rotation Fractures of the Ankle.
Academic Article Technical tip: Removal of a broken tri-cortical syndesmotic screw using a "perfect circle" technique.
Academic Article Implant Removal Matrix for the Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgeon.
Academic Article Screw distraction technique for gaining fibular length.
Academic Article Effect of Syndesmotic Implant Removal on Dorsiflexion.
Academic Article Ankle gravity stress view in the seated position: A technical tip.
Academic Article Does fracture obliquity in Weber B fibula fractures correlate with mortise instability?
Academic Article Consideration of medial anatomical structures at risk when placing quadricortical syndesmotic fixation: A cadaveric study.
Academic Article Gunshot-Related Injuries to the Foot & Ankle: Review Article.
Academic Article Getting the Starting Point Right: Prevention of Skiving and Fibular Cortical Breach During Suture Button Placement for Syndesmotic Ankle Injuries.
Academic Article Acute and Chronic Syndesmotic Instability: Role of Surgical Stabilization.
Academic Article Strategies to Avoid Syndesmosis Malreduction in Ankle Fractures.
Academic Article The Syndesmosis, Part I: Anatomy, Injury Mechanism, Classification, and Diagnosis.
Academic Article The Syndesmosis, Part II: Surgical Treatment Strategies.
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