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Academic Article RNA is closely associated with human mast cell secretory granules, suggesting a role(s) for granules in synthetic processes.
Academic Article Mechanisms of eosinophil secretion: large vesiculotubular carriers mediate transport and release of granule-derived cytokines and other proteins.
Academic Article Eosinophil extracellular DNA trap cell death mediates lytic release of free secretion-competent eosinophil granules in humans.
Academic Article Eosinophil crystalloid granules: structure, function, and beyond.
Academic Article Cysteinyl leukotrienes acting via granule membrane-expressed receptors elicit secretion from within cell-free human eosinophil granules.
Academic Article IL-16 promotes leukotriene C(4) and IL-4 release from human eosinophils via CD4- and autocrine CCR3-chemokine-mediated signaling.
Academic Article Ultrastructural immunolocalization of basic fibroblast growth factor to lipid bodies and secretory granules in human mast cells.
Academic Article Vesicle-mediated secretion of human eosinophil granule-derived major basic protein.
Academic Article Electron tomography and immunonanogold electron microscopy for investigating intracellular trafficking and secretion in human eosinophils.
Concept Secretory Vesicles
Academic Article Expression and subcellular localization of the Qa-SNARE syntaxin17 in human eosinophils.
Academic Article CD63 is tightly associated with intracellular, secretory events chaperoning piecemeal degranulation and compound exocytosis in human eosinophils.
Grant Human Eosinophils: Mechanisms of Functioning
Grant Human Eosinophils: Mechanisms of Functioning
Academic Article Vesicular trafficking of immune mediators in human eosinophils revealed by immunoelectron microscopy.
Academic Article Human Eosinophil Leukocytes Express Protein Disulfide Isomerase in Secretory Granules and Vesicles: Ultrastructural Studies.
Academic Article Contemporary understanding of the secretory granules in human eosinophils.
Academic Article Identification of Piecemeal Degranulation and Vesicular Transport of MBP-1 in Liver-Infiltrating Mouse Eosinophils During Acute Experimental Schistosoma mansoni Infection.
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