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Academic Article Bombesin-like peptides and mast cell responses: relevance to bronchopulmonary dysplasia?
Academic Article The cellular biology of eosinophil eicosanoid formation and function.
Academic Article Leukocyte lipid bodies: inflammation-related organelles are rapidly detected by wet scanning electron microscopy.
Academic Article Human eosinophils.
Academic Article Leukocyte lipid bodies - Biogenesis and functions in inflammation.
Academic Article Lipid bodies: intracellular sites for eicosanoid formation.
Academic Article Piecemeal degranulation in human eosinophils: a distinct secretion mechanism underlying inflammatory responses.
Academic Article Cutting edge: prostaglandin D2 enhances leukotriene C4 synthesis by eosinophils during allergic inflammation: synergistic in vivo role of endogenous eotaxin.
Academic Article Cysteinyl leukotrienes induce IL-4 release from cord blood-derived human eosinophils.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic lipid bodies of human neutrophilic leukocytes.
Academic Article Eosinophils as a novel cell source of prostaglandin D2: autocrine role in allergic inflammation.
Academic Article Eosinophil lipid bodies: specific, inducible intracellular sites for enhanced eicosanoid formation.
Academic Article Eosinophils and disease pathogenesis.
Academic Article Mechanisms of formation and function of eosinophil lipid bodies: inducible intracellular sites involved in arachidonic acid metabolism.
Academic Article EicosaCell - an immunofluorescent-based assay to localize newly synthesized eicosanoid lipid mediators at intracellular sites.
Academic Article Eosinophils and cysteinyl leukotrienes.
Academic Article CD40 expression by human peripheral blood eosinophils.
Academic Article Contributions of electron microscopy to understand secretion of immune mediators by human eosinophils.
Academic Article Airway eosinophils: allergic inflammation recruited professional antigen-presenting cells.
Academic Article Anti-allergic properties of the bromeliaceae Nidularium procerum: inhibition of eosinophil activation and influx.
Academic Article Lipopolysaccharide-induced leukocyte lipid body formation in vivo: innate immunity elicited intracellular Loci involved in eicosanoid metabolism.
Academic Article Lipid bodies in inflammatory cells: structure, function, and current imaging techniques.
Concept Inflammation Mediators
Concept Inflammation
Academic Article Unraveling the complexity of lipid body organelles in human eosinophils.
Academic Article Purinergic P2Y12 Receptor Activation in Eosinophils and the Schistosomal Host Response.
Academic Article Lipid droplets in leukocytes: Organelles linked to inflammatory responses.
Academic Article Eosinophil ETosis and DNA Traps: a New Look at Eosinophilic Inflammation.
Grant Eosinophil Lipid Bodies in Allergic Inflammation
Grant Multi-Laser Flow Cytometer
Grant SCOR in Pathology of Fibrotic Lung Disease
Grant Human Eosinophils: Mechanisms of Functioning
Grant Cytoplasmic Lipid Bodies of Inflammatory Cells
Grant SCOR in Pathology of Fibrotic Lung Disease
Academic Article Functions of tissue-resident eosinophils.
Academic Article Charcot-Leyden crystal formation is closely associated with eosinophil extracellular trap cell death.
Academic Article Charcot-Leyden Crystals in Eosinophilic Inflammation: Active Cytolysis Leads to Crystal Formation.
Academic Article Correction to: Charcot-Leyden Crystals in Eosinophilic Inflammation: Active Cytolysis Leads to Crystal Formation.
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