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Academic Article A point-process model of human heartbeat intervals: new definitions of heart rate and heart rate variability.
Academic Article An application of reversible-jump Markov chain Monte Carlo to spike classification of multi-unit extracellular recordings.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal wavelet analysis for functional MRI.
Academic Article Dynamic analysis of learning in behavioral experiments.
Academic Article The time-rescaling theorem and its application to neural spike train data analysis.
Academic Article A statistical model of diurnal variation in human growth hormone.
Academic Article A state-space analysis for reconstruction of goal-directed movements using neural signals.
Academic Article A statistical model for multiphoton calcium imaging of the brain.
Academic Article Instantaneous frequency and amplitude modulation of EEG in the hippocampus reveals state dependent temporal structure.
Academic Article Bayesian analysis of interleaved learning and response bias in behavioral experiments.
Academic Article Analysis of between-trial and within-trial neural spiking dynamics.
Academic Article Using point process models to compare neural spiking activity in the subthalamic nucleus of Parkinson's patients and a healthy primate.
Academic Article Analysis and design of behavioral experiments to characterize population learning.
Academic Article Modeling two-photon calcium fluorescence of episodic V1 recordings using multifrequency analysis.
Academic Article Construction of point process adaptive filter algorithms for neural systems using sequential Monte Carlo methods.
Academic Article Assessment of cardio-respiratory interactions in preterm infants by bivariate autoregressive modeling and surrogate data analysis.
Academic Article A state-space model of the burst suppression ratio.
Academic Article Assessing the effects of pharmacological agents on respiratory dynamics using time-series modeling.
Academic Article Linear and nonlinear quantification of respiratory sinus arrhythmia during propofol general anesthesia.
Academic Article Characterizing the amplitude dynamics of the human core-temperature circadian rhythm using a stochastic-dynamic model.
Academic Article State-space algorithms for estimating spike rate functions.
Academic Article Estimating a state-space model from point process observations.
Academic Article Statistical issues in the analysis of neuronal data.
Academic Article Modeling the contribution of lamina 5 neuronal and network dynamics to low frequency EEG phenomena.
Academic Article Human leg model predicts ankle muscle-tendon morphology, state, roles and energetics in walking.
Academic Article Tracking brain states under general anesthesia by using global coherence analysis.
Academic Article An analysis of hippocampal spatio-temporal representations using a Bayesian algorithm for neural spike train decoding.
Academic Article Adaptive filtering for global interference cancellation and real-time recovery of evoked brain activity: a Monte Carlo simulation study.
Academic Article Characterizing nonlinear heartbeat dynamics within a point process framework.
Academic Article A Bayesian statistical analysis of behavioral facilitation associated with deep brain stimulation.
Academic Article Advance cueing produces enhanced action-boundary patterns of spike activity in the sensorimotor striatum.
Academic Article Assessment of hippocampal and autonomic neural activity by point process models.
Academic Article A point process model for auditory neurons considering both their intrinsic dynamics and the spectrotemporal properties of an extrinsic signal.
Academic Article Assessing neuronal interactions of cell assemblies during general anesthesia.
Academic Article Distributed control in a mean-field cortical network model: implications for seizure suppression.
Academic Article A spatiotemporal dynamic distributed solution to the MEG inverse problem.
Academic Article A probabilistic framework for learning robust common spatial patterns.
Academic Article Denoising two-photon calcium imaging data.
Academic Article Point-process analysis of neural spiking activity of muscle spindles recorded from thin-film longitudinal intrafascicular electrodes.
Academic Article Instantaneous assessment of autonomic cardiovascular control during general anesthesia.
Academic Article Contrasting patterns of receptive field plasticity in the hippocampus and the entorhinal cortex: an adaptive filtering approach.
Academic Article Rapid fragmentation of neuronal networks at the onset of propofol-induced unconsciousness.
Academic Article Point process time-frequency analysis of respiratory sinus arrhythmia under altered respiration dynamics.
Academic Article A state-space framework for movement control to dynamic goals through brain-driven interfaces.
Academic Article Dynamic assessment of baroreflex control of heart rate during induction of propofol anesthesia using a point process method.
Academic Article Comparison of amplitude recovery dynamics of two limit cycle oscillator models of the human circadian pacemaker.
Academic Article Analysis of heartbeat dynamics by point process adaptive filtering.
Academic Article Mathematical model of network dynamics governing mouse sleep-wake behavior.
Academic Article Characterizing nonlinear heartbeat dynamics within a point process framework.
Academic Article Assessment of lower extremity motor adaptation via an extension of the force field adaptation paradigm.
Academic Article Dynamic analysis of neural encoding by point process adaptive filtering.
Academic Article Multiple neural spike train data analysis: state-of-the-art and future challenges.
Academic Article Analyzing functional connectivity using a network likelihood model of ensemble neural spiking activity.
Academic Article General-purpose filter design for neural prosthetic devices.
Academic Article Application of dynamic point process models to cardiovascular control.
Academic Article Discrete- and continuous-time probabilistic models and algorithms for inferring neuronal UP and DOWN states.
Academic Article A differential autoregressive modeling approach within a point process framework for non-stationary heartbeat intervals analysis.
Academic Article Statistical inference for assessing functional connectivity of neuronal ensembles with sparse spiking data.
Academic Article Point process time-frequency analysis of dynamic respiratory patterns during meditation practice.
Academic Article A neurophysiological-metabolic model for burst suppression.
Academic Article Potential network mechanisms mediating electroencephalographic beta rhythm changes during propofol-induced paradoxical excitation.
Academic Article Correction of erroneous and ectopic beats using a point process adaptive algorithm.
Academic Article Assessment of autonomic control and respiratory sinus arrhythmia using point process models of human heart beat dynamics.
Academic Article A regularized point process generalized linear model for assessing the functional connectivity in the cat motor cortex.
Academic Article Thalamocortical model for a propofol-induced alpha-rhythm associated with loss of consciousness.
Academic Article Correcting for serial dependence in studies of respiratory dynamics.
Academic Article Context matters: the illusive simplicity of macaque V1 receptive fields.
Concept Models, Theoretical
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Models, Animal
Concept Models, Psychological
Concept Models, Cardiovascular
Concept Linear Models
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Models, Neurological
Concept Models, Biological
Concept Models, Anatomic
Academic Article Activity in the barrel cortex during active behavior and sleep.
Academic Article Mapping of visual receptive fields by tomographic reconstruction.
Academic Article The Fitzhugh-Nagumo model: Firing modes with time-varying parameters & parameter estimation.
Academic Article State-space analysis of time-varying higher-order spike correlation for multiple neural spike train data.
Academic Article An analysis of neural receptive field plasticity by point process adaptive filtering.
Academic Article A closed-loop anesthetic delivery system for real-time control of burst suppression.
Academic Article A feedback control model for cortisol secretion.
Academic Article Uncovering spatial topology represented by rat hippocampal population neuronal codes.
Academic Article A hierarchical Bayesian approach for learning sparse spatio-temporal decompositions of multichannel EEG.
Academic Article A Granger causality measure for point process models of ensemble neural spiking activity.
Academic Article Computing confidence intervals for point process models.
Academic Article Motor cortical networks for skilled movements have dynamic properties that are related to accurate reaching.
Academic Article Broad range of neural dynamics from a time-varying FitzHugh-Nagumo model and its spiking threshold estimation.
Academic Article Burst suppression probability algorithms: state-space methods for tracking EEG burst suppression.
Academic Article Local cortical dynamics of burst suppression in the anaesthetized brain.
Academic Article Real-time segmentation and tracking of brain metabolic state in ICU EEG recordings of burst suppression.
Academic Article Real-time closed-loop control in a rodent model of medically induced coma using burst suppression.
Academic Article Likelihood methods for point processes with refractoriness.
Academic Article A Subspace Pursuit-based Iterative Greedy Hierarchical solution to the neuromagnetic inverse problem.
Academic Article Statistical modeling of behavioral dynamics during propofol-induced loss of consciousness.
Academic Article Algorithms for the analysis of ensemble neural spiking activity using simultaneous-event multivariate point-process models.
Academic Article Modeling the dynamical effects of anesthesia on brain circuits.
Academic Article Modulation depth estimation and variable selection in state-space models for neural interfaces.
Academic Article Robust control of burst suppression for medical coma.
Academic Article Quantifying Pituitary-Adrenal Dynamics and Deconvolution of Concurrent Cortisol and Adrenocorticotropic Hormone Data by Compressed Sensing.
Academic Article Probabilistic Common Spatial Patterns for Multichannel EEG Analysis.
Academic Article A PK-PD model of ketamine-induced high-frequency oscillations.
Academic Article Characterization of fear conditioning and fear extinction by analysis of electrodermal activity.
Academic Article Estimating a dynamic state to relate neural spiking activity to behavioral signals during cognitive tasks.
Grant Dynamic Analyses of Learning in Behavioral Experiments
Grant Statistical Analysis of Hippocampal Information Encoding
Grant A Systems Neuroscience Approach for the Study of General Anesthesia
Grant Redesigning General Anesthesia
Grant Statistical Modeling of Functional MRI Signals
Academic Article Biophysical Modeling of Alpha Rhythms During Halothane-Induced Unconsciousness.
Academic Article A Pharmacokinetic Model of a Tissue Implantable Cortisol Sensor.
Academic Article Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia.
Grant Integrated Systems Neuroscience Studies of Anaesthesia
Academic Article Thalamocortical synchronization during induction and emergence from propofol-induced unconsciousness.
Grant Filtered Point Process Inference Framework for Modeling Neural Data
Academic Article State-space multitaper time-frequency analysis.
Academic Article A Smoother State Space Multitaper Spectrogram.
Academic Article Accurate, fast, data efficient and interpretable glaucoma diagnosis with automated spatial analysis of the whole cup to disc profile.
Academic Article Developing a personalized closed-loop controller of medically-induced coma in a rodent model.
Academic Article Multi-sensory Gamma Stimulation Ameliorates Alzheimer's-Associated Pathology and Improves Cognition.
Academic Article Model-based physiological noise removal in fast fMRI.
Academic Article A hidden semi-Markov model for estimating burst suppression EEG.
Academic Article A state-space model for dynamic functional connectivity.
Academic Article Pharmacodynamic modeling of propofol-induced general anesthesia in young adults.
Academic Article Point process temporal structure characterizes electrodermal activity.
Academic Article Low Frontal Alpha Power Is Associated With the Propensity for Burst Suppression: An Electroencephalogram Phenotype for a "Vulnerable Brain".
Academic Article Robust point-process Granger causality analysis in presence of exogenous temporal modulations and trial-by-trial variability in spike trains.
Academic Article A Model-Based Framework for Assessing the Physiologic Structure of Electrodermal Activity.
Academic Article Constructing a control-ready model of EEG signal during general anesthesia in humans.
Academic Article Elementary integrate-and-fire process underlies pulse amplitudes in Electrodermal activity.
Academic Article A hidden Markov model reliably characterizes ketamine-induced spectral dynamics in macaque local field potentials and human electroencephalograms.
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