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Academic Article Multivariable predictors of postoperative surgical site infection after general and vascular surgery: results from the patient safety in surgery study.
Academic Article Polyethylene glycol versus sodium phosphate mechanical bowel preparation in elective colorectal surgery.
Academic Article Timely administration of prophylactic antibiotics for major surgical procedures.
Academic Article Prospective study of single-stage repair of contaminated hernias using a biologic porcine tissue matrix: the RICH Study.
Academic Article Linezolid eradicates MRSA better than vancomycin from surgical-site infections.
Academic Article Comparison of laparoscopic and open repair with mesh for the treatment of ventral incisional hernia: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Mesh infection in ventral incisional hernia repair: incidence, contributing factors, and treatment.
Academic Article Effect of body mass index and ertapenem versus cefotetan prophylaxis on surgical site infection in elective colorectal surgery.
Academic Article Positive predictive value of the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicator "Postoperative Sepsis": implications for practice and policy.
Academic Article Comparative costs of ertapenem and cefotetan as prophylaxis for elective colorectal surgery.
Academic Article Mechanical bowel preparation or not for elective colorectal surgery.
Academic Article Predictors of surgical site infection in laparoscopic and open ventral incisional herniorrhaphy.
Academic Article Ertapenem versus cefotetan prophylaxis in elective colorectal surgery.
Academic Article Preoperative nasal methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus status, surgical prophylaxis, and risk-adjusted postoperative outcomes in veterans.
Academic Article Surgical site infection prevention: time to move beyond the surgical care improvement program.
Academic Article Association of timely administration of prophylactic antibiotics for major surgical procedures and surgical site infection.
Academic Article Chlorhexidine-Alcohol versus Povidone-Iodine for Surgical-Site Antisepsis.
Academic Article Preoperative oral antibiotics reduce surgical site infection following elective colorectal resections.
Academic Article Classification versus valuation and grading of surgical complications.
Academic Article Evaluation of surgical outcomes of retro-rectus versus intraperitoneal reinforcement with bio-prosthetic mesh in the repair of contaminated ventral hernias.
Academic Article A decade of ventral incisional hernia repairs with biologic acellular dermal matrix: what have we learned?
Concept Surgical Wound Infection
Academic Article Timing of surgical antibiotic prophylaxis and the risk of surgical site infection.
Academic Article Choice of intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis for colorectal surgery does matter.
Academic Article Using clinical variables to guide surgical site infection detection: a novel surveillance strategy.
Academic Article Skin preparation before surgery: options and evidence.
Academic Article Care Bundles and Prevention of Surgical Site Infection in Colorectal Surgery.
Academic Article Antimicrobial Formulation and Delivery in the Prevention of Surgical Site Infection.
Academic Article The impact of surgical hand antisepsis technique on surgical site infection.
Academic Article Surgical Hand Antisepsis and Surgical Site Infections.
Academic Article A randomized, blinded, multicenter trial of a gentamicin vancomycin gel (DFA-02) in patients undergoing abdominal surgery.
Academic Article Effect of Hand Antisepsis Agent Selection and Population Characteristics on Surgical Site Infection Pathogens.
Academic Article Risk of surgical site infection, acute kidney injury, and Clostridium difficile infection following antibiotic prophylaxis with vancomycin plus a beta-lactam versus either drug alone: A national propensity-score-adjusted retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Validation of an electronic tool for flagging surgical site infections based on clinical practice patterns for triaging surveillance: Operational successes and barriers.
Academic Article Surgical Site Infection Research Opportunities.
Academic Article Introduction to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee Guideline for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections.
Academic Article Executive Summary of the American College of Surgeons/Surgical Infection Society Surgical Site Infection Guidelines-2016 Update.
Academic Article Combination antimicrobial prophylaxis for hysterectomy: harm without the benefit?
Academic Article Knowledge, awareness, and attitude towards infection prevention and management among surgeons: identifying the surgeon champion.
Academic Article Association of Screening and Treatment for Preoperative Asymptomatic Bacteriuria With Postoperative Outcomes Among US Veterans.
Academic Article Facility type and surgical specialty are associated with suboptimal surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis practice patterns: a multi-center, retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Association of Duration and Type of Surgical Prophylaxis With Antimicrobial-Associated Adverse Events.
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