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Academic Article Melanoma-associated hypopigmentation: where are the antibodies?
Academic Article MHC-like molecules in some nonmammalian vertebrates can be detected by some cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Characterization of Ia antigens in mouse serum.
Academic Article DNA vaccine expressing the mimotope of GD2 ganglioside induces protective GD2 cross-reactive antibody responses.
Academic Article A quantitative study of cross reactivity in the HL-A system with human cultured lymphoid cells and soluble HL-A antigens.
Academic Article Evolution of the MHC: antigenicity and unusual tissue distribution of Xenopus (frog) class II molecules.
Academic Article Characterization of syngeneic antiidiotypic monoclonal antibodies to murine anti-human high molecular weight melanoma-associated antigen monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article DR (Ia-like) antigens on human melanoma cells. Serological detection and immunochemical characterization.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of soluble HL-A alloantigens.
Academic Article HL-A antigens, antibody, and complement in the lymphocytotoxic reaction.
Academic Article Monoclonal antibodies directed against human Ia antigens detect an evolutionary conserved epitope on guinea pig Ia antigens with unique functional properties.
Academic Article Use of monoclonal antibodies to investigate immunologic cross-reactivity of histocompatibility antigens from various animal species.
Academic Article Cross-reactivity of murine anti-human high molecular weight-melanoma associated antigen monoclonal antibodies with guinea pig melanoma cells.
Academic Article Effect of polyclonal and monoclonal HLA-DR xenoantibodies on xenogeneic mixed lymphocyte reactions.
Academic Article HLA (A*0201) mimicry by anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Detection of soluble HLA-G molecules in plasma and amniotic fluid.
Academic Article Fab2 fragments from HLA xenoantisera specifically block cytolysis mediated by HLA-AB alloantisera.
Academic Article Cross-reacting xenoantibodies to the heavy chain of H-2 and HLA-A,B antigens: serologic and immunochemical characterization.
Academic Article The major histocompatibility complex in man: biological and molecular approaches.
Academic Article Cross reaction of monoclonal antibodies to human MHC class I and class II products with bovine lymphocyte subpopulations.
Academic Article Serum HLA-A and B alloantigens in patients with malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Cytotoxicity of anti-beta 2-microglobulin xenoantisera to human and murine myeloid progenitor cells and lack of cross-reactivity with colony-stimulating activity.
Academic Article Xenoantisera to allotypic specificities of HLA-A and B antigens. Serological characterization.
Academic Article Cross-reacting xenoantibodies to human and murine beta 2-microglobulin.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of HLA antigens purified from serum.
Academic Article Serologic cross-reactivity between H-2 and HL-A antigens. I. Specific reactivity of rabbit anti-HL-A sera against murine cells.
Academic Article Xenoantisera to DRw allospecificities.
Academic Article Cross-reactivity between human and murine lymphocyte antigens. IV. Reactivity of H-2 alloantisera with HLA-A, B antigens.
Academic Article Structural polymorphism of human Ia antigens recognized by the monoclonal antibody I2 and by cross-reacting I-Ek-specific alloantibodies.
Academic Article Serologic specificity and crossreactivity of soluble HL-A alloantigens.
Academic Article The impact of monoclonal antibodies on the study of human malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Molecular mimicry of phage displayed peptides mimicking GD3 ganglioside.
Academic Article Antibody-induced association between discrete regions of HLA class I and II antigens.
Academic Article Cross-reactivity between HL-A and H-2 antigens. II. Allogeneic sensitization by xenogeneic soluble lymphocyte antigens (HL-A).
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