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Academic Article Digital X-ray radiogrammetry predicts hip, wrist and vertebral fracture risk in elderly women: a prospective analysis from the study of osteoporotic fractures.
Academic Article Teriparatide and raloxifene reduce the risk of new adjacent vertebral fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Results from two randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Intra-and inter-reader reliability of semi-automated quantitative morphometry measurements and vertebral fracture assessment using lateral scout views from computed tomography.
Academic Article Clinical use of quantitative computed tomography and peripheral quantitative computed tomography in the management of osteoporosis in adults: the 2007 ISCD Official Positions.
Academic Article Reliability of vertebral fracture assessment using multidetector CT lateral scout views: the Framingham Osteoporosis Study.
Academic Article Age- and sex-specific differences in the factor of risk for vertebral fracture: a population-based study using QCT.
Academic Article Heritability of prevalent vertebral fracture and volumetric bone mineral density and geometry at the lumbar spine in three generations of the Framingham study.
Academic Article Failure load of thoracic vertebrae correlates with lumbar bone mineral density measured by DXA.
Academic Article Identification of prevalent vertebral fractures using CT lateral scout views: a comparison of semi-automated quantitative vertebral morphometry and radiologist semi-quantitative grading.
Academic Article Determination of rat vertebral bone compressive fatigue properties in untreated intact rats and zoledronic-acid-treated, ovariectomized rats.
Academic Article Structural determinants of vertebral fracture risk.
Academic Article Biomechanics of vertebral fractures and the vertebral fracture cascade.
Academic Article Balloon kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty in the management of vertebral compression fractures.
Concept Spinal Fractures
Academic Article The predictive value of trabecular bone score (TBS) on whole lumbar vertebrae mechanics: an ex vivo study.
Academic Article The associations between QCT-based vertebral bone measurements and prevalent vertebral fractures depend on the spinal locations of both bone measurement and fracture.
Academic Article Vertebral Strength and Estimated Fracture Risk Across the BMI Spectrum in Women.
Academic Article Novel Genetic Variants Associated With Increased Vertebral Volumetric BMD, Reduced Vertebral Fracture Risk, and Increased Expression of SLC1A3 and EPHB2.
Academic Article Spinal Loading Patterns From Biomechanical Modeling Explain the High Incidence of Vertebral Fractures in the Thoracolumbar Region.
Academic Article Fracture Prediction by Computed Tomography and Finite Element Analysis: Current and Future Perspectives.
Academic Article Prediction of incident vertebral fracture using CT-based finite element analysis.
Academic Article The Efficacy and Safety of Vertebral Augmentation: A Second ASBMR Task Force Report.
Academic Article Change in Bone Density and Reduction in Fracture Risk: A Meta-Regression of Published Trials.
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  • Spinal Fractures
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