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Academic Article A soft lithographic approach to fabricate patterned microfluidic channels.
Academic Article Studies in rat liver perfusion for optimal harvest of hepatocytes.
Academic Article Patterning and separating infected bacteria using host-parasite and virus-antibody interactions.
Academic Article Hepatocyte transplantation in biodegradable polymer scaffolds using the Dalmatian dog model of hyperuricosuria.
Academic Article Tracheal composites tissue engineered from chondrocytes, tracheal epithelial cells, and synthetic degradable scaffolding.
Academic Article The different behaviors of skeletal muscle cells and chondrocytes on PEGT/PBT block copolymers are related to the surface properties of the substrate.
Academic Article Regenerative signals for heterotopic hepatocyte transplantation.
Academic Article Cultivation of human embryonic stem cells without the embryoid body step enhances osteogenesis in vitro.
Academic Article Micromolding of shape-controlled, harvestable cell-laden hydrogels.
Academic Article Vascular differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in bioactive hydrogel-based scaffolds.
Academic Article Cell docking inside microwells within reversibly sealed microfluidic channels for fabricating multiphenotype cell arrays.
Academic Article Isolation, differentiation and characterization of vascular cells derived from human embryonic stem cells.
Academic Article Molded polyethylene glycol microstructures for capturing cells within microfluidic channels.
Concept Cell Separation
Academic Article Selective removal of photoreceptor cells in vivo using the biodegradable elastomer poly(glycerol sebacate).
Academic Article Barcoded nanoparticles for high throughput in vivo discovery of targeted therapeutics.
Academic Article Partial DNA-guided Cas9 enables genome editing with reduced off-target activity.
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  • Cell Separation
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