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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Polyorthoester-Based Microspheres as Potentail Endosomolytic Transfection Modulators
Academic Article Heparinase III from Flavobacterium heparinum: cloning and recombinant expression in Escherichia coli.
Academic Article Transdermal photopolymerization of poly(ethylene oxide)-based injectable hydrogels for tissue-engineered cartilage.
Academic Article Recent advances in the development of an inhaled insulin product.
Academic Article Prolonged duration local anesthesia with lipid-protein-sugar particles containing bupivacaine and dexamethasone.
Academic Article In vivo delivery of BCNU from a MEMS device to a tumor model.
Academic Article Amino alcohol-based degradable poly(ester amide) elastomers.
Academic Article Locally delivered growth factor enhances the angiogenic efficacy of adipose-derived stromal cells transplanted to ischemic limbs.
Academic Article Injectable in situ cross-linking hydrogels for local antifungal therapy.
Academic Article Single-chain antibody fragment-based adsorbent for the extracorporeal removal of beta2-microglobulin.
Academic Article Antisense c-myb oligonucleotides inhibit intimal arterial smooth muscle cell accumulation in vivo.
Academic Article Antifungal hydrogels.
Academic Article Quantification of insulin release from implantable polymer-based delivery systems and augmentation of therapeutic effect with simultaneous release of somatostatin.
Academic Article Formulation of functionalized PLGA-PEG nanoparticles for in vivo targeted drug delivery.
Academic Article Nanoparticulate cellular patches for cell-mediated tumoritropic delivery.
Academic Article Targeted nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates for cancer chemotherapy in vivo.
Academic Article Advancing the field of drug delivery: taking aim at cancer.
Academic Article Biodegradable, polymeric nanoparticle delivery systems for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Engineering retinal progenitor cell and scrollable poly(glycerol-sebacate) composites for expansion and subretinal transplantation.
Academic Article Nanoparticle technologies for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Functional multipotency of stem cells: a conceptual review of neurotrophic factor-based evidence and its role in translational research.
Academic Article Biodegradable microfluidic scaffolds for tissue engineering from amino alcohol-based poly(ester amide) elastomers.
Academic Article Magnetically responsive polymeric microparticles for oral delivery of protein drugs.
Academic Article First-principles, structure-based transdermal transport model to evaluate lipid partition and diffusion coefficients of hydrophobic permeants solely from stratum corneum permeation experiments.
Academic Article Emerging nanotechnology approaches for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.
Academic Article Formulations for trans-tympanic antibiotic delivery.
Academic Article Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates for combined prostate cancer imaging and therapy.
Academic Article Nanoparticle delivery of cancer drugs.
Academic Article An aptamer-doxorubicin physical conjugate as a novel targeted drug-delivery platform.
Academic Article Multifunctional nanoparticles for prostate cancer therapy.
Academic Article ChemoRad nanoparticles: a novel multifunctional nanoparticle platform for targeted delivery of concurrent chemoradiation.
Academic Article A novel bioreactor based on suspended particles of agarose-immobilized species.
Academic Article Complex coacervates for thermally sensitive controlled release of flavor compounds.
Academic Article Poly(beta-amino ester) and cationic phospholipid-based lipopolyplexes for gene delivery and transfection in human aortic endothelial and smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Surface charge-switching polymeric nanoparticles for bacterial cell wall-targeted delivery of antibiotics.
Academic Article A novel polymeric chlorhexidine delivery device for the treatment of periodontal disease.
Academic Article Prediction of steady-state skin permeabilities of polar and nonpolar permeants across excised pig skin based on measurements of transient diffusion: characterization of hydration effects on the skin porous pathway.
Academic Article Directed evolution of a magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent for noninvasive imaging of dopamine.
Academic Article Exploring polyethylenimine-mediated DNA transfection and the proton sponge hypothesis.
Academic Article Resorbable polymer microchips releasing BCNU inhibit tumor growth in the rat 9L flank model.
Academic Article Evaluation of the porosity, the tortuosity, and the hindrance factor for the transdermal delivery of hydrophilic permeants in the context of the aqueous pore pathway hypothesis using dual-radiolabeled permeability experiments.
Academic Article Benchtop fabrication of microfluidic systems based on curable polymers with improved solvent compatibility.
Academic Article Nanocarriers as an emerging platform for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Heparinase I from Flavobacterium heparinum. Identification of a critical histidine residue essential for catalysis as probed by chemical modification and site-directed mutagenesis.
Academic Article A re-examination of tetrodotoxin for prolonged duration local anesthesia.
Academic Article Adipose tissue mass can be regulated through the vasculature.
Academic Article Troponin I is present in human cartilage and inhibits angiogenesis.
Academic Article Heparinase I from Flavobacterium heparinum. Mapping and characterization of the heparin binding domain.
Academic Article Stabilized polyglycolic acid fibre-based tubes for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Interplay of biomaterials and micro-scale technologies for advancing biomedical applications.
Academic Article A novel high-throughput cell-based method for integrated quantification of type I interferons and in vitro screening of immunostimulatory RNA drug delivery.
Academic Article Engineering of self-assembled nanoparticle platform for precisely controlled combination drug therapy.
Academic Article A "Self-Pinning" Adhesive Based on Responsive Surface Wrinkles.
Academic Article The effect of actin disrupting agents on contact guidance of human embryonic stem cells.
Academic Article Vascular differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in bioactive hydrogel-based scaffolds.
Academic Article Combinatorial extracellular matrices for human embryonic stem cell differentiation in 3D.
Academic Article A simple soft lithographic route to fabrication of poly(ethylene glycol) microstructures for protein and cell patterning.
Academic Article Microgels for efficient protein purification.
Academic Article Nanoparticles targeting the infarcted heart.
Academic Article Quantum dot-aptamer conjugates for synchronous cancer imaging, therapy, and sensing of drug delivery based on bi-fluorescence resonance energy transfer.
Academic Article Intravitreal injections of GDNF-loaded biodegradable microspheres are neuroprotective in a rat model of glaucoma.
Academic Article Materials for diabetes therapeutics.
Academic Article In vivo release from a drug delivery MEMS device.
Academic Article Functional assembly of engineered myocardium by electrical stimulation of cardiac myocytes cultured on scaffolds.
Academic Article Lipid-based nanotherapeutics for siRNA delivery.
Academic Article Microparticle-based delivery of oxytocin receptor antisense DNA in the medial amygdala blocks social recognition in female mice.
Academic Article BCL2A1 is a lineage-specific antiapoptotic melanoma oncogene that confers resistance to BRAF inhibition.
Academic Article A drug-eluting contact lens.
Academic Article Drug delivery-mediated control of RNA immunostimulation.
Academic Article Expression in Escherichia coli, purification and characterization of heparinase I from Flavobacterium heparinum.
Academic Article Effects of ultrasound and sodium lauryl sulfate on the transdermal delivery of hydrophilic permeants: Comparative in vitro studies with full-thickness and split-thickness pig and human skin.
Academic Article Isolation, differentiation and characterization of vascular cells derived from human embryonic stem cells.
Academic Article Cloning and expression of heparinase I gene from Flavobacterium heparinum.
Academic Article Heparinase I from Flavobacterium heparinum: the role of the cysteine residue in catalysis as probed by chemical modification and site-directed mutagenesis.
Academic Article Endothelialized microvasculature based on a biodegradable elastomer.
Academic Article Hyaluronic acid-based microgels and microgel networks for vocal fold regeneration.
Academic Article Co-delivery of hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs from nanoparticle-aptamer bioconjugates.
Academic Article Antitumor efficacy of a novel polymer-peptide-drug conjugate in human tumor xenograft models.
Academic Article Poly(ethylene oxide)-modified poly(beta-amino ester) nanoparticles as a pH-sensitive system for tumor-targeted delivery of hydrophobic drugs: part 2. In vivo distribution and tumor localization studies.
Concept Antitubercular Agents
Concept Antineoplastic Agents, Alkylating
Concept Cardiovascular Agents
Concept Base Sequence
Concept Neuroprotective Agents
Concept Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Non-Steroidal
Concept Anti-Retroviral Agents
Concept Coloring Agents
Concept Antineoplastic Agents, Phytogenic
Concept Intercalating Agents
Concept Antineoplastic Agents
Concept Antiparkinson Agents
Concept Flavoring Agents
Concept Antiviral Agents
Concept Basement Membrane
Concept Immunosuppressive Agents
Concept Vasodilator Agents
Concept Radiation-Sensitizing Agents
Concept Chelating Agents
Concept Anti-Bacterial Agents
Concept Anti-Infective Agents
Concept Anti-Infective Agents, Local
Concept Anti-HIV Agents
Concept Anti-Inflammatory Agents
Concept Neurotransmitter Agents
Concept Surface-Active Agents
Concept Vasoconstrictor Agents
Concept Angiogenesis Inducing Agents
Concept Hypoglycemic Agents
Concept Antifungal Agents
Academic Article Enhanced function of immuno-isolated islets in diabetes therapy by co-encapsulation with an anti-inflammatory drug.
Academic Article Localized delivery of dexamethasone from electrospun fibers reduces the foreign body response.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal effects of a controlled-release anti-inflammatory drug on the cellular dynamics of host response.
Academic Article Transport pathways and enhancement mechanisms within localized and non-localized transport regions in skin treated with low-frequency sonophoresis and sodium lauryl sulfate.
Academic Article CanScript, an 18-Base pair DNA sequence, boosts tumor cell-specific promoter activity: implications for targeted gene therapy.
Academic Article Combinatorial discovery of polymers resistant to bacterial attachment.
Academic Article Aliphatic ionenes as gene delivery agents: elucidation of structure-function relationship through modification of charge density and polymer length.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of dextran-peptide-methotrexate conjugates for tumor targeting via mediation by matrix metalloproteinase II and matrix metalloproteinase IX.
Academic Article Reservoir-based drug delivery systems utilizing microtechnology.
Academic Article Intracranial MEMS based temozolomide delivery in a 9L rat gliosarcoma model.
Academic Article FRET-labeled siRNA probes for tracking assembly and disassembly of siRNA nanocomplexes.
Academic Article A physical mechanism to explain the delivery of chemical penetration enhancers into skin during transdermal sonophoresis - Insight into the observed synergism.
Academic Article Biodegradable xylitol-based elastomers: in vivo behavior and biocompatibility.
Academic Article Synergistic cytotoxicity of irinotecan and cisplatin in dual-drug targeted polymeric nanoparticles.
Academic Article Nanoparticle encapsulation of mitaplatin and the effect thereof on in vivo properties.
Academic Article Fully biodegradable airway stents using amino alcohol-based poly(ester amide) elastomers.
Academic Article Application of the aqueous porous pathway model to quantify the effect of sodium lauryl sulfate on ultrasound-induced skin structural perturbation.
Academic Article Enhancing tumor cell response to chemotherapy through nanoparticle-mediated codelivery of siRNA and cisplatin prodrug.
Academic Article Small RNA combination therapy for lung cancer.
Academic Article Thermally switchable polymers achieve controlled Escherichia coli detachment.
Academic Article Aptamer photoregulation in vivo.
Academic Article Ionizable amphiphilic dendrimer-based nanomaterials with alkyl-chain-substituted amines for tunable siRNA delivery to the liver endothelium in vivo.
Academic Article Managing diabetes with nanomedicine: challenges and opportunities.
Academic Article Oxygen content determined by acrylamide polymerization: screening of anticancer agents, generation of oxyhemoglobin dissociation curves, and potential applications.
Academic Article Polymeric synthetic nanoparticles for the induction of antigen-specific immunological tolerance.
Academic Article An implantable microdevice to perform high-throughput in vivo drug sensitivity testing in tumors.
Academic Article Optimizing the delivery of cancer drugs that block angiogenesis.
Academic Article Nanomedicines Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment.
Academic Article Non-genetic engineering of cells for drug delivery and cell-based therapy.
Academic Article A tunable delivery platform to provide local chemotherapy for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article Thermostabilization of inactivated polio vaccine in PLGA-based microspheres for pulsatile release.
Academic Article First In Vivo Testing of Compounds Targeting Group 3 Medulloblastomas Using an Implantable Microdevice as a New Paradigm for Drug Development.
Academic Article Advanced multimodal nanoparticles delay tumor progression with clinical radiation therapy.
Academic Article Injectable and Glucose-Responsive Hydrogels Based on Boronic Acid-Glucose Complexation.
Grant Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation with Defined O2 &Protein Engagement
Grant A New Device for Electrical & Chemical Modulation of Pathological Neural Activity
Grant Microchip Drug Delivery System
Grant Novel Polymers for Tissue Engineering
Grant Expanding the Clinical Utility of Ultrasound-Assisted Transdermal Drug Delivery
Grant Controlled Release of Macromolecules
Grant High throughput cell reprogramming by microfluidic jet injection
Academic Article Bioreactor based on suspended particles of immobilized enzyme.
Academic Article Neuroprotection of retinal ganglion cells in DBA/2J mice with GDNF-loaded biodegradable microspheres.
Academic Article Drug delivery to tumors of the central nervous system.
Academic Article Photoencapsulation of chondrocytes in poly(ethylene oxide)-based semi-interpenetrating networks.
Academic Article Transdermal transport of DNA antisense oligonucleotides by electroporation.
Academic Article Controlled protein release from polyethyleneimine-coated poly(L-lactic acid)/pluronic blend matrices.
Academic Article Electro-thermally induced structural failure actuator (ETISFA) for implantable controlled drug delivery devices based on micro-electro-mechanical-systems.
Academic Article Formulation and physical characterization of large porous particles for inhalation.
Academic Article Polymer-based gene delivery with low cytotoxicity by a unique balance of side-chain termini.
Academic Article Controlled delivery systems for proteins based on poly(lactic/glycolic acid) microspheres.
Academic Article Synergistic effect of low-frequency ultrasound and sodium lauryl sulfate on transdermal transport.
Academic Article Silk based biomaterials to heal critical sized femur defects.
Academic Article Encapsulation and release of rhodium(II) citrate and its association complex with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin from biodegradable polymer microspheres.
Academic Article Polyanhydrides for controlled release of bioactive agents.
Academic Article Application of Targeted Molecular and Material Property Optimization to Bacterial Attachment-Resistant (Meth)acrylate Polymers.
Academic Article Interaction between integrin a5 and PDE4D regulates endothelial inflammatory signalling.
Academic Article Past, Present, and Future Drug Delivery Systems for Antiretrovirals.
Academic Article Nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems: a commercial and regulatory outlook as the field matures.
Academic Article Parallel In Vivo Assessment of Drug Phenotypes at Various Time Points during Systemic BRAF Inhibition Reveals Tumor Adaptation and Altered Treatment Vulnerabilities.
Academic Article Polymers for the sustained release of proteins and other macromolecules.
Academic Article Special issue: Polylactide (PLA) Based Biopolymers.
Academic Article Development of a Nanoparticle-Embedded Chitosan Sponge for Topical and Local Administration of Chemotherapeutic Agents.
Academic Article Subcellular probes for neurochemical recording from multiple brain sites.
Academic Article Photo-response behavior of electrospun nanofibers based on spiropyran-cyclodextrin modified polymer.
Academic Article Polymeric mechanical amplifiers of immune cytokine-mediated apoptosis.
Academic Article Ly6Clo monocytes drive immunosuppression and confer resistance to anti-VEGFR2 cancer therapy.
Academic Article Multiscale technologies for treatment of ischemic cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article Synthetic microparticles conjugated with VEGF165 improve the survival of endothelial progenitor cells via microRNA-17 inhibition.
Academic Article Towards a defined ECM and small molecule based monolayer culture system for the expansion of mouse and human intestinal stem cells.
Academic Article Prediction of Broad-Spectrum Pathogen Attachment to Coating Materials for Biomedical Devices.
Academic Article Molecular Rotors for Universal Quantitation of Nanoscale Hydrophobic Interfaces in Microplate Format.
Academic Article Development of an oral once-weekly drug delivery system for HIV antiretroviral therapy.
Academic Article Nanoparticles for Immune Cytokine TRAIL-Based Cancer Therapy.
Academic Article Biocompatible Semiconductor Quantum Dots as Cancer Imaging Agents.
Academic Article Polyanhydride microsphere formulation by solvent extraction.
Academic Article A fluorescence-based imaging approach to pharmacokinetic analysis of intracochlear drug delivery.
Academic Article A New Method toward Microengineered Surfaces Based on Reactive Coating.
Academic Article Engineering a 3D-Bioprinted Model of Human Heart Valve Disease Using Nanoindentation-Based Biomechanics.
Academic Article Nanofibrillar Patches of Commensal Skin Bacteria.
Academic Article In vivo detection of drug-induced apoptosis in tumors using Raman spectroscopy.
Academic Article Scalable Gastric Resident Systems for Veterinary Application.
Academic Article Potent in vivo lung cancer Wnt signaling inhibition via cyclodextrin-LGK974 inclusion complexes.
Academic Article Circulating Magnetic Microbubbles for Localized Real-Time Control of Drug Delivery by Ultrasonography-Guided Magnetic Targeting and Ultrasound.
Academic Article Biodegradable wafers releasing Temozolomide and Carmustine for the treatment of brain cancer.
Academic Article A gastric resident drug delivery system for prolonged gram-level dosing of tuberculosis treatment.
Academic Article Polyimide Electrode-Based Electrical Stimulation Impedes Early Stage Muscle Graft Regeneration.
Academic Article Ultra-rapid drug delivery in the oral cavity using ultrasound.
Academic Article Delivery of mRNA vaccines with heterocyclic lipids increases anti-tumor efficacy by STING-mediated immune cell activation.
Grant Micro-invasive biochemical sampling of brain interstitial fluid for investigating neural pathology
Academic Article Development of a long-acting direct-acting antiviral system for hepatitis C virus treatment in swine.
Academic Article Delivery of Tissue-Targeted Scalpels: Opportunities and Challenges for In Vivo CRISPR/Cas-Based Genome Editing.
Academic Article Modeling, design, and machine learning-based framework for optimal injectability of microparticle-based drug formulations.
Academic Article A technology evaluation of CVT-301 (Inbrija): an inhalable therapy for treatment of Parkinson's disease.
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