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Academic Article Hepatic versus pulmonary uptake of particles injected into the portal circulation in sheep. Endotoxin escapes hepatic clearance causing pulmonary inflammation.
Academic Article Pulmonary toxicity in hamsters of smoke particles from Kuwaiti oil fires.
Academic Article Pulmonary intravascular macrophages: their contribution to the mononuclear phagocyte system in 13 species.
Academic Article Effects of liposome-encapsulated dichloromethylene diphosphonate on macrophage function and endotoxin-induced mortality.
Academic Article A novel platform for pulmonary and cardiovascular toxicological characterization of inhaled engineered nanomaterials.
Academic Article Deposition and phagocytosis of inhaled particles in the gas exchange region of the duck, Anas platyrhynchos.
Academic Article The effect of SO2 on the uptake of particles by mouse bronchial epithelium.
Academic Article The pulmonary toxicity of talc and granite dust as estimated from an in vivo hamster bioassay.
Academic Article Correlation between the behavior of magnetic iron oxide particles in the lungs of rabbits and phagocytosis.
Academic Article Comparison of particle clearance and macrophage phagosomal motion in liver and lungs of rats.
Academic Article Lysosomal enzyme activities in pulmonary macrophages from rabbits breathing iron oxide.
Academic Article In vivo comparison of cat alveolar and pulmonary intravascular macrophages: phagocytosis, particle clearance, and cytoplasmic motility.
Academic Article Iron absorption by Belgrade rat pups during lactation.
Academic Article Quantitative recovery of pulmonary intravascular macrophages from sheep lungs.
Academic Article Development and characterization of a Versatile Engineered Nanomaterial Generation System (VENGES) suitable for toxicological studies.
Academic Article Endotoxemia enhances pulmonary mononuclear cell uptake of circulating particles and pathogens in a species without pulmonary intravascular macrophages.
Academic Article Pulmonary intravascular macrophages in sheep. Morphology and function of a novel constituent of the mononuclear phagocyte system.
Academic Article Generation and use of three types of iron-oxide aerosol.
Academic Article Relative toxicity of inhaled metal sulfate salts for pulmonary macrophages.
Academic Article Effects of iron status on transpulmonary transport and tissue distribution of Mn and Fe.
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