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Academic Article A novel assay system implicates PtdIns(3,4)P(2), PtdIns(3)P, and PKC delta in intracellular production of reactive oxygen species by the NADPH oxidase.
Academic Article Biochemical interactions integrating Itk with the T cell receptor-initiated signaling cascade.
Academic Article A structural basis for 14-3-3sigma functional specificity.
Academic Article Phosphotyrosine-binding domains in signal transduction.
Academic Article Proteomics and systems biology approaches to signal transduction in sepsis.
Academic Article Studying the optimal peptide substrate motifs of protein kinase C using oriented peptide libraries.
Academic Article Priming of the neutrophil respiratory burst is species-dependent and involves MAP kinase activation.
Academic Article Structural determinants of 14-3-3 binding specificities and regulation of subcellular localization of 14-3-3-ligand complexes: a comparison of the X-ray crystal structures of all human 14-3-3 isoforms.
Academic Article TAZ controls Smad nucleocytoplasmic shuttling and regulates human embryonic stem-cell self-renewal.
Academic Article The molecular basis of FHA domain:phosphopeptide binding specificity and implications for phospho-dependent signaling mechanisms.
Academic Article The combined status of ATM and p53 link tumor development with therapeutic response.
Academic Article Signal transduction. Grabbing phosphoproteins.
Academic Article Signal transduction: molecular monogamy.
Academic Article A systems model of signaling identifies a molecular basis set for cytokine-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Signaling networks and mathematics.
Academic Article A motif-based profile scanning approach for genome-wide prediction of signaling pathways.
Academic Article A positive feedback loop couples Ras activation and CD44 alternative splicing.
Academic Article Scansite 2.0: Proteome-wide prediction of cell signaling interactions using short sequence motifs.
Academic Article A mitotic phosphorylation feedback network connects Cdk1, Plk1, 53BP1, and Chk2 to inactivate the G(2)/M DNA damage checkpoint.
Academic Article PhosphoSerine/threonine binding domains: you can't pSERious?
Academic Article Signaling netwErks get the global treatment.
Academic Article Identification of a suppressive mechanism for Hedgehog signaling through a novel interaction of Gli with 14-3-3.
Academic Article Freedom of materials.
Academic Article Linear motif atlas for phosphorylation-dependent signaling.
Academic Article Sequential application of anticancer drugs enhances cell death by rewiring apoptotic signaling networks.
Academic Article Cellular signaling in critical care--putting the pieces together.
Academic Article Structural basis for the interaction of the free SH2 domain EAT-2 with SLAM receptors in hematopoietic cells.
Academic Article 14-3-3 transits to the nucleus and participates in dynamic nucleocytoplasmic transport.
Academic Article Proteomic screen finds pSer/pThr-binding domain localizing Plk1 to mitotic substrates.
Academic Article p53-deficient cells rely on ATM- and ATR-mediated checkpoint signaling through the p38MAPK/MK2 pathway for survival after DNA damage.
Academic Article Proteomic identification of 14-3-3zeta as a mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 2 substrate: role in dimer formation and ligand binding.
Academic Article Caged phosphopeptides reveal a temporal role for 14-3-3 in G1 arrest and S-phase checkpoint function.
Academic Article The Hippo tumor suppressor pathway: a brainstorming workshop.
Academic Article The mTOR-regulated phosphoproteome reveals a mechanism of mTORC1-mediated inhibition of growth factor signaling.
Academic Article Fc gamma R-stimulated activation of the NADPH oxidase: phosphoinositide-binding protein p40phox regulates NADPH oxidase activity after enzyme assembly on the phagosome.
Academic Article Combined experimental and computational analysis of DNA damage signaling reveals context-dependent roles for Erk in apoptosis and G1/S arrest after genotoxic stress.
Academic Article Data-driven modelling of signal-transduction networks.
Academic Article Cytokine-induced signaling networks prioritize dynamic range over signal strength.
Academic Article The FHA domain in DNA repair and checkpoint signaling.
Academic Article A high-throughput quantitative multiplex kinase assay for monitoring information flow in signaling networks: application to sepsis-apoptosis.
Academic Article ROS fusion tyrosine kinase activates a SH2 domain-containing phosphatase-2/phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/mammalian target of rapamycin signaling axis to form glioblastoma in mice.
Academic Article BRCT repeats as phosphopeptide-binding modules involved in protein targeting.
Academic Article Systematic discovery of in vivo phosphorylation networks.
Academic Article RNF8 transduces the DNA-damage signal via histone ubiquitylation and checkpoint protein assembly.
Concept Signal Transduction
Academic Article Spatial exclusivity combined with positive and negative selection of phosphorylation motifs is the basis for context-dependent mitotic signaling.
Academic Article 2012: Signaling breakthroughs of the year.
Academic Article Activation of the yeast Hippo pathway by phosphorylation-dependent assembly of signaling complexes.
Academic Article 14-3-3 proteins as signaling integration points for cell cycle control and apoptosis.
Academic Article Robust co-regulation of tyrosine phosphorylation sites on proteins reveals novel protein interactions.
Academic Article The scientific drunk and the lamppost: massive sequencing efforts in cancer discovery and treatment.
Academic Article Is post-transcriptional stabilization, splicing and translation of selective mRNAs a key to the DNA damage response?
Academic Article Salvaging the septic heart through targeting the interleukin-6/p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling network.
Academic Article The bromodomain protein Brd4 insulates chromatin from DNA damage signalling.
Academic Article DNA damage activates a spatially distinct late cytoplasmic cell-cycle checkpoint network controlled by MK2-mediated RNA stabilization.
Academic Article Focus issue: conquering the data mountain.
Academic Article Computational approaches for analyzing information flow in biological networks.
Academic Article Exploiting synthetic lethal interactions between DNA damage signaling, checkpoint control, and p53 for targeted cancer therapy.
Academic Article Protein kinases display minimal interpositional dependence on substrate sequence: potential implications for the evolution of signalling networks.
Academic Article O6-Methylguanine DNA lesions induce an intra-S-phase arrest from which cells exit into apoptosis governed by early and late multi-pathway signaling network activation.
Academic Article Canonical Wnt signalling activates TAZ through PP1A during osteogenic differentiation.
Academic Article Pyruvate kinase isoform expression alters nucleotide synthesis to impact cell proliferation.
Academic Article Tumor-Targeted Synergistic Blockade of MAPK and PI3K from a Layer-by-Layer Nanoparticle.
Academic Article Protein Regulation in Signal Transduction.
Grant 2004 Growth Factor Signalling Gordon Conference
Grant Systems Biology of cell Decision Processes
Grant Cell Growth &Proliferation Gordon Research Conference
Grant Modeling human phosphorylation networks through kinome-wide profiling
Academic Article Intestinal epithelial cell-specific RARa depletion results in aberrant epithelial cell homeostasis and underdeveloped immune system.
Academic Article A subset of five human mitochondrial formyl peptides mimics bacterial peptides and functionally deactivates human neutrophils.
Academic Article Modeling chemotherapy-induced stress to identify rational combination therapies in the DNA damage response pathway.
Academic Article Tranexamic acid mediates proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory signaling via complement C5a regulation in a plasminogen activator-dependent manner.
Academic Article Why geneticists stole cancer research even though cancer is primarily a signaling disease.
Academic Article TAZ couples Hippo/Wnt signalling and insulin sensitivity through Irs1 expression.
Academic Article Comprehensive profiling of the STE20 kinase family defines features essential for selective substrate targeting and signaling output.
Academic Article Comprehensive substrate specificity profiling of the human Nek kinome reveals unexpected signaling outputs.
Academic Article Substrate-based kinase activity inference identifies MK2 as driver of colitis.
Academic Article Influence of Tranexamic Acid on Inflammatory Signaling in Trauma.
Academic Article MAPKAP Kinase-2 Drives Expression of Angiogenic Factors by Tumor-Associated Macrophages in a Model of Inflammation-Induced Colon Cancer.
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