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Academic Article Cerebral correlates of varying ages of emotional memories.
Academic Article Neuropsychological effects of hostility and pain on emotion perception.
Academic Article The relationship between magnitude of cerebral activation and intensity of emotional arousal.
Academic Article Asymmetry in the emotional content of lateralised multimodal hallucinations following right thalamic stroke.
Academic Article Emotion and pain: a functional cerebral systems integration.
Academic Article Brain lateralization of emotional processing: historical roots and a future incorporating "dominance".
Academic Article Lateralized visual hallucinations: an analysis of affective valence.
Academic Article Emotional influences on spatial attention.
Academic Article Extending the functional cerebral systems theory of emotion to the vestibular modality: a systematic and integrative approach.
Academic Article Hostility and facial affect recognition: effects of a cold pressor stressor on accuracy and cardiovascular reactivity.
Concept Expressed Emotion
Concept Emotions
Academic Article An extension of the functional cerebral systems approach to hostility: a capacity model utilizing a dual concurrent task paradigm.
Academic Article The dynamic opponent relativity model: an integration and extension of capacity theory and existing theoretical perspectives on the neuropsychology of arousal and emotion.
Academic Article Hostility and cognitive control: Evidence of increased cardiovascular reactivity as a function of exposure to affective stress using a dichotic listening paradigm.
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