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Academic Article Folding transitions during assembly of the eukaryotic mRNA cap-binding complex.
Academic Article NMR structural investigation of the mitochondrial outer membrane protein VDAC and its interaction with antiapoptotic Bcl-xL.
Academic Article Nonmicellar systems for solution NMR spectroscopy of membrane proteins.
Academic Article Structural and functional characterization of the integral membrane protein VDAC-1 in lipid bilayer nanodiscs.
Academic Article Cell-free expressed bacteriorhodopsin in different soluble membrane mimetics: biophysical properties and NMR accessibility.
Academic Article Solution structure of the integral human membrane protein VDAC-1 in detergent micelles.
Academic Article Optimized phospholipid bilayer nanodiscs facilitate high-resolution structure determination of membrane proteins.
Academic Article Backbone and ILV side chain methyl group assignments of the integral human membrane protein VDAC-1.
Academic Article Lipid dynamics and protein-lipid interactions in 2D crystals formed with the ß-barrel integral membrane protein VDAC1.
Academic Article Structural and functional analysis of human cytomegalovirus US3 protein.
Concept Bacterial Outer Membrane Proteins
Concept Membrane Proteins
Academic Article Hypoxia-inducible factor-1a (HIF-1a) promotes cap-dependent translation of selective mRNAs through up-regulating initiation factor eIF4E1 in breast cancer cells under hypoxia conditions.
Academic Article The role of solution NMR in the structure determinations of VDAC-1 and other membrane proteins.
Academic Article Selective methyl labeling of eukaryotic membrane proteins using cell-free expression.
Academic Article NMR studies of membrane proteins.
Academic Article Structure refinement and membrane positioning of selectively labeled OmpX in phospholipid nanodiscs.
Academic Article The membrane anchor of the transcriptional activator SREBP is characterized by intrinsic conformational flexibility.
Academic Article Controlled Co-reconstitution of Multiple Membrane Proteins in Lipid Bilayer Nanodiscs Using DNA as a Scaffold.
Grant 800 MHz Triple Resonance Observe (TXO) Detection CryoProbe
Grant Structural Basis of Immune Cell Receptor Function
Academic Article Covalently circularized nanodiscs for studying membrane proteins and viral entry.
Academic Article Assembly of phospholipid nanodiscs of controlled size for structural studies of membrane proteins by NMR.
Academic Article Covalently circularized nanodiscs; challenges and applications.
Academic Article DNA-Corralled Nanodiscs for the Structural and Functional Characterization of Membrane Proteins and Viral Entry.
Academic Article The T Cell Antigen Receptor a Transmembrane Domain Coordinates Triggering through Regulation of Bilayer Immersion and CD3 Subunit Associations.
Grant Next Generation Solution NMR Techniques for GPCR Structure, Dynamics and Function
Academic Article Structural characterization of the human membrane protein VDAC2 in lipid bilayers by MAS NMR.
Academic Article The Structural Basis for Low Conductance in the Membrane Protein VDAC upon ß-NADH Binding and Voltage Gating.
Academic Article Large Nanodiscs: A Potential Game Changer in Structural Biology of Membrane Protein Complexes and Virus Entry.
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