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Academic Article Adolescent suicidality: a clinical-developmental approach.
Academic Article Self-perceptions of adolescents with and without mood disorder: content and structure.
Academic Article Ego development, self-perception, and self-complexity in adolescence: a study of female psychiatric inpatients.
Academic Article Ego development and treatment requests.
Academic Article Suicidality and psychopathology in hospitalized children and adolescents.
Academic Article Developmental dimensions of DSM-III diagnoses in adolescent psychiatric patients.
Academic Article The relationship between defenses and symptoms in adolescent psychopathology.
Academic Article Adult development and symptomatology.
Academic Article Developmental psychopathology in suicidal and nonsuicidal adolescent girls.
Academic Article Clinical and developmental perspectives on adolescent coping.
Academic Article Interaction sequences in families of psychiatrically hospitalized and nonpatient adolescents.
Academic Article Development of a short form of the adolescent version of the Defense Mechanisms Inventory.
Academic Article Paths of adolescent ego development: links with family life and individual adjustment.
Academic Article Adaptation in adolescence: the influence of time and severe psychiatric disorder.
Academic Article Self-perception and adolescent psychopathology: a clinical-developmental perspective.
Academic Article Ego development and psychopathology: a study of hospitalized adolescents.
Academic Article Familial contexts of adolescent ego development.
Concept Personality Development
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  • Personality Development
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