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Academic Article Hypoattenuation on CT angiographic source images predicts risk of intracerebral hemorrhage and outcome after intra-arterial reperfusion therapy.
Academic Article Diffusion-weighted imaging identifies a subset of lacunar infarction associated with embolic source.
Academic Article Whole-brain CT perfusion measurement of perfused cerebral blood volume in acute ischemic stroke: probability curve for regional infarction.
Academic Article Safety and feasibility of NeuroFlo use in eight- to 24-hour ischemic stroke patients.
Academic Article Utility of perfusion-weighted CT imaging in acute middle cerebral artery stroke treated with intra-arterial thrombolysis: prediction of final infarct volume and clinical outcome.
Academic Article First-pass quantitative CT perfusion identifies thresholds for salvageable penumbra in acute stroke patients treated with intra-arterial therapy.
Academic Article 'Footprints' of transient ischemic attacks: a diffusion-weighted MRI study.
Academic Article Case records of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Weekly clinicopathological exercises. Case 5-2004 - a 57-year-old man with slurred speech and left hemiparesis.
Academic Article Transient ischemic attack with infarction: a unique syndrome?
Academic Article Elderly patients are at higher risk for poor outcomes after intra-arterial therapy.
Academic Article Predicting cerebral ischemic infarct volume with diffusion and perfusion MR imaging.
Academic Article ASPECTS on CTA source images versus unenhanced CT: added value in predicting final infarct extent and clinical outcome.
Academic Article Neuroanatomic correlates of stroke-related myocardial injury.
Academic Article Diffusion-weighted imaging discriminates between cytotoxic and vasogenic edema in a patient with eclampsia.
Academic Article Regional ischemia and ischemic injury in patients with acute middle cerebral artery stroke as defined by early diffusion-weighted and perfusion-weighted MRI.
Concept Cerebral Infarction
Academic Article Hospital acquired pneumonia is linked to right hemispheric peri-insular stroke.
Academic Article Development and initial testing of the stroke rapid-treatment readiness tool.
Academic Article Combining MRI with NIHSS thresholds to predict outcome in acute ischemic stroke: value for patient selection.
Academic Article Clinical Imaging Factors Associated With Infarct Progression in Patients With Ischemic Stroke During Transfer for Mechanical Thrombectomy.
Academic Article DEFUSE 3 Non-DAWN Patients.
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