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Academic Article Social integration is associated with fibrinogen concentration in elderly men.
Academic Article Psychosocial intervention in stroke: Families in Recovery from Stroke Trial (FIRST).
Academic Article Assessment of social relationships in elderly patients.
Academic Article Managers' practices related to work-family balance predict employee cardiovascular risk and sleep duration in extended care settings.
Academic Article Reverberations of family illness: a longitudinal assessment of informal caregiving and mental health status in the Nurses' Health Study.
Academic Article Beyond single indicators of social networks: a LISREL analysis of social ties among the elderly.
Academic Article Depressive symptoms in extended-care employees: children, social support, and work-family conditions.
Academic Article The health impact of living with a cognitively impaired elderly spouse: depressive symptoms and social functioning.
Academic Article Incorporating home demands into models of job strain: findings from the work, family, and health network.
Academic Article Social relations and self-reported health: a prospective analysis of the French Gazel cohort.
Academic Article The use of pediatric medical care: a critical review.
Academic Article Structural characteristics of social networks and their relationship with social support in the elderly: who provides support.
Academic Article Caregiving to children and grandchildren and risk of coronary heart disease in women.
Academic Article Increased tobacco exposure in older children and its effect on asthma and ear infections.
Academic Article The Families In Recovery From Stroke Trial (FIRST): primary study results.
Academic Article Family networks: predictors of nursing home entry.
Academic Article Manager support for work-family issues and its impact on employee-reported pain in the extended care setting.
Academic Article The mental health effects of multiple work and family demands. A prospective study of psychiatric sickness absence in the French GAZEL study.
Academic Article Allocation of household responsibilities influences change in dietary behavior.
Academic Article Assessing the relationship between work-family conflict and smoking.
Academic Article Household food insufficiency, financial strain, work-family spillover, and depressive symptoms in the working class: the Work, Family, and Health Network study.
Academic Article Work and family demands: predictors of all-cause sickness absence in the GAZEL cohort.
Academic Article The impact of tobacco control policies on disparities in children's secondhand smoke exposure: a comparison of methods.
Academic Article The assessment of social networks and social support in the elderly.
Concept Family Therapy
Concept Family Characteristics
Concept Family Relations
Concept Family
Concept Family Conflict
Concept Family Health
Academic Article Identifying infants at high-risk for second-hand smoke exposure.
Academic Article Use of life course work-family profiles to predict mortality risk among US women.
Academic Article Work-family conflict, cardiometabolic risk, and sleep duration in nursing employees.
Academic Article Intervention effects on safety compliance and citizenship behaviors: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Study.
Academic Article The long-term mortality impact of combined job strain and family circumstances: A life course analysis of working American mothers.
Academic Article Work-Family Trajectories and the Higher Cardiovascular Risk of American Women Relative to Women in 13 European Countries.
Grant Causal Effects of Education on Elder Cognitive Decline
Grant Evaluating the Health Benefits of Workplace Policies and Practices - Phase II
Grant International Comparisons of Well-Being, Health and Retirement
Grant Social protection, work and family strain: disadvantage effects in US and Europe
Grant Archiving the occupational cohorts in the Work, Family, and Health Network
Academic Article Work-Family Conflict and Employee Sleep: Evidence from IT Workers in the Work, Family and Health Study.
Academic Article Trends in Work-Family Context among U.S. Women by Education Level, 1976 to 2011.
Academic Article Effects on cigarette consumption of a work-family supportive organisational intervention: 6-month results from the work, family and health network study.
Academic Article The Effects of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Workplace Intervention on Sleep and Work-Family Conflict Outcomes in an Extended Care Setting.
Academic Article A Bright Side to the Work-Family Interface: Husbands' Support as a Resource in Double-and-Triple-Duty Caregiving Wives' Work Lives.
Academic Article A workplace intervention improves sleep: results from the randomized controlled Work, Family, and Health Study.
Academic Article Caring for the elderly at work and home: Can a randomized organizational intervention improve psychological health?
Academic Article Social Determinants of Health at Older Ages: The Long Arm of Early and Middle Adulthood.
Grant Cognitive Function, Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders in the HAALSI Cohort
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