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Academic Article Commentary: Selected samples and nebulous measures: some methodological difficulties in life-course epidemiology.
Academic Article The association of earnings with health in middle age: Do self-reported earnings for the previous year tell the whole story?
Academic Article Economic inequalities in the effectiveness of a primary care intervention for depression and suicidal ideation.
Academic Article Education and inequalities in risk scores for coronary heart disease and body mass index: evidence for a population strategy.
Academic Article Using marginal structural models to estimate the direct effect of adverse childhood social conditions on onset of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.
Academic Article Specifying the correlation structure in inverse-probability- weighting estimation for repeated measures.
Academic Article Accounting for bias due to selective attrition: the example of smoking and cognitive decline.
Academic Article Splitting the differences: problems in using twin controls to study the effects of BMI on mortality.
Concept Epidemiology
Academic Article Association among socioeconomic status, health behaviors, and all-cause mortality in the United States.
Academic Article Instrumental variable estimation in a survival context.
Academic Article Commentary: selection bias as an explanation for the obesity paradox: just because it's possible doesn't mean it's plausible.
Academic Article Commentary: race and sex are causes.
Academic Article Invited commentary: Off-roading with social epidemiology--exploration, causation, translation.
Academic Article Does Mother Know Best? Treatment Adherence as a Function of Anticipated Treatment Benefit.
Academic Article In anticipation of grief: using insights from social epidemiology to improve quality of care.
Academic Article Comparing Alternative Effect Decomposition Methods: The Role of Literacy in Mediating Educational Effects on Mortality.
Academic Article Implementation of Instrumental Variable Bounds for Data Missing Not at Random.
Grant Translational Epidemiology - Training for Research on Aging and Chronic disease
Academic Article Composition or Context: Using Transportability to Understand Drivers of Site Differences in a Large-scale Housing Experiment.
Academic Article Commentary: Selection Bias in Clinical Epidemiology: Causal Thinking to Guide Patient-centered Research.
Academic Article Can Survival Bias Explain the Age Attenuation of Racial Inequalities in Stroke Incidence?: A Simulation Study.
Academic Article The Future of Observational Epidemiology: Improving Data and Design to Align With Population Health.
Academic Article Does selective survival before study enrolment attenuate estimated effects of education on rate of cognitive decline in older adults? A simulation approach for quantifying survival bias in life course epidemiology.
Academic Article Causal inference challenges in social epidemiology: Bias, specificity, and imagination.
Academic Article Implications of Lifecourse Epidemiology for Research on Determinants of Adult Disease.
Academic Article Mediation of Neighborhood Effects on Adolescent Substance Use by the School and Peer Environments.
Academic Article Having an Adult Child in the United States, Physical Functioning, and Unmet Needs for Care Among Older Mexican Adults.
Academic Article Comparison of Methods for Algorithmic Classification of Dementia Status in the Health and Retirement Study.
Academic Article The Consistency Assumption for Causal Inference in Social Epidemiology: When a Rose is Not a Rose.
Academic Article Lifecourse epidemiology matures: Commentary on Zhang et al. "Early-life socioeconomic status, adolescent cognitive ability, and cognition in late midlife".
Academic Article Neighborhood Deprivation and Mental Health Among Immigrants to Sweden.
Academic Article A Graphical Catalog of Threats to Validity: Linking Social Science with Epidemiology.
Academic Article Quantifying Lifecourse Drivers of International Migration: A Cross-national Analysis of Mexico and the United States.
Academic Article Code Review as a Simple Trick to Enhance Reproducibility, Accelerate Learning, and Improve the Quality of Your Team's Research.
Academic Article Proof of Concept Example for Use of Simulation to Allow Data Pooling Despite Privacy Restrictions.
Academic Article Marginal structural models for life-course theories and social epidemiology: Definitions, sources of bias, and simulated illustrations.
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