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Academic Article Microstereo-laryngoscopic lipoinjection: practical considerations.
Academic Article Cooling the "oven": a temperature study of air and glottal tissue during laser surgery in an ex vivo calf larynx model.
Academic Article Effects of 532 nm pulsed-KTP laser parameters on vessel ablation in the avian chorioallantoic membrane: implications for vocal fold mucosa.
Academic Article Thermal damage during thulium laser dissection of laryngeal soft tissue is reduced with air cooling: ex vivo calf model study.
Academic Article Phonomicrosurgical treatment of intracordal vocal-fold cysts in singers.
Academic Article Early versus late injection medialization for unilateral vocal cord paralysis.
Academic Article Neck surface electromyography as a measure of vocal hyperfunction before and after injection laryngoplasty.
Academic Article Local injection of bevacizumab (Avastin) and angiolytic KTP laser treatment of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis of the vocal folds: a prospective study.
Academic Article Initial anatomic geographic presentation of glottal dysplasia.
Academic Article Novel device for tissue cooling during endoscopic laryngeal laser surgery: thermal damage study in an ex vivo calf model.
Academic Article Predicting clinical efficacy of photoangiolytic and cutting/ablating lasers using the chick chorioallantoic membrane model: implications for endoscopic voice surgery.
Academic Article Imaging the mucosa of the human vocal fold with optical coherence tomography.
Academic Article High-speed videoendoscopic analysis of relationships between cepstral-based acoustic measures and voice production mechanisms in patients undergoing phonomicrosurgery.
Academic Article Photoangiolytic laser treatment of early glottic cancer: a new management strategy.
Academic Article Polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography imaging of benign and malignant laryngeal lesions: an in vivo study.
Academic Article Subepithelial vocal fold infusion: a useful diagnostic and therapeutic technique.
Academic Article Modification and testing of a pneumatic dispensing device for controlled delivery of injectable materials.
Academic Article Real-time tracking of vocal fold injections with optical coherence tomography.
Academic Article Chick chorioallantoic membrane as a model for simulating human true vocal folds.
Concept Vocal Cord Paralysis
Concept Vocal Cords
Academic Article Optical coherence tomography: imaging the larynx.
Academic Article In vivo 3D human vocal fold imaging with polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography and a MEMS scanning catheter.
Academic Article Revision Transcervical Medialization Laryngoplasty for Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis.
Academic Article Average Ambulatory Measures of Sound Pressure Level, Fundamental Frequency, and Vocal Dose Do Not Differ Between Adult Females With Phonotraumatic Lesions and Matched Control Subjects.
Academic Article Bedside Injection Medialization Laryngoplasty in Immediate Postoperative Patients.
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