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Academic Article Genome-wide analysis of survival in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Correction for population stratification in random forest analysis.
Academic Article Optimal unified approach for rare-variant association testing with application to small-sample case-control whole-exome sequencing studies.
Academic Article Biomarker discovery for arsenic exposure using functional data. Analysis and feature learning of mass spectrometry proteomic data.
Academic Article Using canonical correlation analysis to discover genetic regulatory variants.
Academic Article VEGF polymorphisms and survival in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Interactions among genetic variants in apoptosis pathway genes, reflux symptoms, body mass index, and smoking indicate two distinct etiologic patterns of esophageal adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article Kernel machine SNP-set analysis for censored survival outcomes in genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Arsenic reduction in drinking water and improvement in skin lesions: a follow-up study in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Genetic variants on 15q25.1, smoking, and lung cancer: an assessment of mediation and interaction.
Academic Article Interactions between environmental factors and polymorphisms in angiogenesis pathway genes in esophageal adenocarcinoma risk: a case-only study.
Academic Article Kernel machine approach to testing the significance of multiple genetic markers for risk prediction.
Academic Article Association test based on SNP set: logistic kernel machine based test vs. principal component analysis.
Concept Logistic Models
Concept Models, Genetic
Concept Linear Models
Concept Models, Statistical
Concept Proportional Hazards Models
Academic Article Testing the correlation for clustered categorical and censored discrete time-to-event data when covariates are measured without/with errors.
Academic Article Estimation and testing for the effect of a genetic pathway on a disease outcome using logistic kernel machine regression via logistic mixed models.
Academic Article Semiparametric frailty models for clustered failure time data.
Academic Article Hypothesis testing in semiparametric additive mixed models.
Academic Article Prior biological knowledge-based approaches for the analysis of genome-wide expression profiles using gene sets and pathways.
Academic Article Gene set analysis using variance component tests.
Academic Article Estimation using penalized quasilikelihood and quasi-pseudo-likelihood in Poisson mixed models.
Academic Article Detecting rare variant effects using extreme phenotype sampling in sequencing association studies.
Academic Article Analysis of case-control age-at-onset data using a modified case-cohort method.
Academic Article General framework for meta-analysis of rare variants in sequencing association studies.
Academic Article Test for interactions between a genetic marker set and environment in generalized linear models.
Academic Article GEE-based SNP set association test for continuous and discrete traits in family-based association studies.
Academic Article Ancestry estimation and control of population stratification for sequence-based association studies.
Academic Article The association between global DNA methylation and telomere length in a longitudinal study of boilermakers.
Academic Article Genome-wide association and network analysis of lung function in the Framingham Heart Study.
Academic Article SNP set association analysis for familial data.
Academic Article Mediation analysis when a continuous mediator is measured with error and the outcome follows a generalized linear model.
Academic Article Occupational exposures and longitudinal lung function decline.
Academic Article Short-term metal particulate exposures decrease cardiac acceleration and deceleration capacities in welders: a repeated-measures panel study.
Academic Article CpGFilter: model-based CpG probe filtering with replicates for epigenome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Control for Population Structure and Relatedness for Binary Traits in Genetic Association Studies via Logistic Mixed Models.
Grant Statistical Methods for Correlated Biomedical Data
Grant Statistical Methods for Correlated and High-Dimensional Biomedical Data
Academic Article Robust analysis of secondary phenotypes in case-control genetic association studies.
Academic Article Semiparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation in Normal Transformation Models for Bivariate Survival Data.
Academic Article Spatial Linear Mixed Models with Covariate Measurement Errors.
Academic Article A Missense Genetic Variant in LRRC16A/CARMIL1 Improves Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Survival by Attenuating Platelet Count Decline.
Academic Article Validity of using ad hoc methods to analyze secondary traits in case-control association studies.
Academic Article Multiple phenotype association tests using summary statistics in genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Application of linear mixed-effects model with LASSO to identify metal components associated with cardiac autonomic responses among welders: a repeated measures study.
Grant Integrative analysis of lung cancer etiology and risk
Academic Article Testing for the indirect effect under the null for genome-wide mediation analyses.
Academic Article Testing for gene-environment interaction under exposure misspecification.
Academic Article Proportional cross-ratio model.
Academic Article Mediation analysis for common binary outcomes.
Academic Article Analysis in case-control sequencing association studies with different sequencing depths.
Academic Article ACAT: A Fast and Powerful p Value Combination Method for Rare-Variant Analysis in Sequencing Studies.
Academic Article Powerful gene set analysis in GWAS with the Generalized Berk-Jones statistic.
Academic Article Dynamic Scan Procedure for Detecting Rare-Variant Association Regions in Whole-Genome Sequencing Studies.
Academic Article Operating characteristics of the rank-based inverse normal transformation for quantitative trait analysis in genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Dynamic incorporation of multiple in silico functional annotations empowers rare variant association analysis of large whole-genome sequencing studies at scale.
Grant Predictive Modeling of the Functional and Phenotypic Impacts of Genetic Variants
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