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Academic Article Enhancing availability of the electronic image record for patients and caregivers during follow-up care.
Academic Article Natural language processing using online analytic processing for assessing recommendations in radiology reports.
Academic Article Effect of computerized order entry with integrated decision support on the growth of outpatient procedure volumes: seven-year time series analysis.
Academic Article Beyond the electronic textbook model: software techniques to make on-line educational content dynamic.
Academic Article Integrating digital teaching-file systems with off-the-shelf presentation software to facilitate speaker-led conferences.
Academic Article Enterprise-scale image distribution with a Web PACS.
Academic Article Do picture archiving and communication systems improve report turnaround times?
Academic Article A World Wide Web Internet engine for collaborative entry and peer review of radiologic teaching files.
Academic Article Can radiologic images be incorporated into the electronic patient record?
Academic Article Voice recognition--an emerging necessity within radiology: experiences of the Massachusetts General Hospital.
Academic Article 1999 Joseph E. Whitley, MD, Award. Facilitating the production of digital radiology teaching files with the radiology annotation and publishing system: a software tool for radiology educators.
Academic Article Empowering the online educator.
Academic Article Do Radiology Findings Identified by NLP Imply Clinical Significance? An Exploratory Study
Academic Article RENDER: An online Searchable Radiology Study Repository
Academic Article Meaningful use a call to arms.
Academic Article RadPulse: A Real Time Radiology Dashboard Integrated with iGoogle for Up-to-the-Minute Information on Radiology Workflow and Practice
Academic Article MGHeCases Series (CD-ROM) for Windows
Academic Article From RAM to RAID: digital storage options for PACS.
Academic Article Road to voice recognition includes planning, training.
Academic Article Use of Radcube - for extraction of finding trends in a large radiology practice
Academic Article Informatics in radiology: Render: an online searchable radiology study repository.
Academic Article Decision support for radiologist report recommendations.
Academic Article Do Radiology Recommendations Lack Specifics? A Validation and Exploratory Study with a Natural Language Processing Engine
Academic Article Image Content and Ontology Development Environment: Development and Application of an Online Radiology Encyclopedia
Academic Article Does radiologist recommendation for follow-up with the same imaging modality contribute substantially to high-cost imaging volume?
Academic Article Use of Radcube for extraction of finding trends in a large radiology practice.
Academic Article Extraction of recommendation features in radiology with natural language processing: exploratory study.
Academic Article Ontological mapping of anatomical locations of neurological findings in a large radiology reports database with natural language processing program
Academic Article ASP model could bring PACS technology to the masses.
Academic Article Empowering radiologic education on the Internet: a new virtual website technology for hosting interactive educational content on the World Wide Web.
Academic Article Integrating digital educational content created and stored within disparate software environments: an extensible markup language (XML) solution in real-world use.
Academic Article
Academic Article Application of recently developed computer algorithm for automatic classification of unstructured radiology reports: validation study.
Academic Article Clinical Relevance of Radiology Findings Extracted with NLP in Abdominal CT
Academic Article Why IHE?
Academic Article Radiology order entry with decision support: initial clinical experience.
Academic Article Errare humanum est: frequency of laterality errors in radiology reports.
Academic Article The Effect of Computerized Order Entry with Integrated Decision Support on the Growth of Outpatient CT, MRI, and US Procedure Volumes: A Seven-Year Time Series Analysis
Academic Article Structuring Chaos – Business Intelligence for Radiology Outcomes Analysis
Academic Article Recommendations for additional imaging in radiology reports: multifactorial analysis of 5.9 million examinations.
Academic Article Electromagnetic Resonance Based Computer Pen for Radiology Image Segmentation and Volume Area Estimation in Radiology Images
Academic Article Gastrointestinal Radiology Syllabus Vol. 38, (CD-ROM)
Academic Article RENDER: An online Searchable Radiology Study Repository
Academic Article Analyze Thy Data! Applications of Online Analytic Processing for Visual Data Mining in Radiology
Academic Article A case tracking system with electronic medical record integration to automate outcome tracking for radiologists.
Academic Article When does a radiologist's recommendation for follow-up result in high-cost imaging?
Academic Article Referral Practices for Radiology Procedures: Monitoring Trends for Appropriateness Based on Age, Clinical Indications, and Body Regions
Academic Article Recommendation Rates in Radiology: Does Radiologist Experience and Number of Studies Interpreted Have an Effect?
Academic Article Does Radiology Exam Ordering Practice Affect the Volume of High Cost Radiology Exams?
Academic Article Recommendation Rates in Unstructured Radiology Reports Database of a Tertiary Healthcare Center: Analysis with an Automatic Search Engine Based on the Principles of Information Theory and Natural Language processing
Concept Radiology Department, Hospital
Concept Radiology
Concept Radiology Information Systems
Academic Article Imaging informatics: lead, follow, or become irrelevant.
Academic Article Meaningful use for radiology: current status and future directions.
Academic Article Appropriateness, scheduling, and patient preparation.
Academic Article Changes to stage 1 meaningful use in 2014: impact on radiologists.
Academic Article Proceedings from the first Global Summit on Radiological Quality and Safety.
Academic Article ACR introduction to the ACR Imaging IT Reference Guide.
Academic Article Provider Feedback about Imaging Appropriateness by Using Scores from Order Entry Decision Support: Raw Rates Misclassify Outliers.
Academic Article Rethinking radiology informatics.
Academic Article The imaging 3.0 informatics scorecard.
Academic Article Clinical imaging guidelines part 4: challenges in identifying, engaging and collaborating with stakeholders.
Academic Article Reengineering the radiology enterprise: a summary of the 2014 Intersociety Committee Summer Conference.
Academic Article Meaningful Peer Review in Radiology: A Review of Current Practices and Potential Future Directions.
Academic Article Big Data and Machine Learning-Strategies for Driving This Bus: A Summary of the 2016 Intersociety Summer Conference.
Academic Article Utilization Management of High-Cost Imaging in an Outpatient Setting in a Large Stable Patient and Provider Cohort over 7 Years.
Academic Article Expanding Role of Certified Electronic Health Records Technology in Radiology: The MACRA Mandate.
Academic Article Machine Learning in Radiology: Applications Beyond Image Interpretation.
Academic Article When Machines Think: Radiology's Next Frontier.
Academic Article Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Radiology: Opportunities, Challenges, Pitfalls, and Criteria for Success.
Academic Article Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Brave New World or Golden Opportunity?
Academic Article The Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem for the Radiological Sciences: Ideas to Clinical Practice.
Academic Article Current Applications and Future Impact of Machine Learning in Radiology.
Academic Article The Role of the ACR Data Science Institute in Advancing Health Equity in Radiology.
Academic Article Democratizing AI.
Academic Article Bending the Artificial Intelligence Curve for Radiology: Informatics Tools From ACR and RSNA.
Academic Article Artificial intelligence in radiology: the ecosystem essential to improving patient care.
Academic Article Integrating Artificial Intelligence Into Radiologic Practice: A Look to the Future.
Academic Article Integrating artificial intelligence into the clinical practice of radiology: challenges and recommendations.
Academic Article 2020 ACR Data Science Institute Artificial Intelligence Survey.
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