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Academic Article Association between catechol-O-methyltransferase and phobic anxiety.
Academic Article A common 8q24 variant in prostate and breast cancer from a large nested case-control study.
Academic Article Identification of a new prostate cancer susceptibility locus on chromosome 8q24.
Academic Article Glutathione S-transferase class mu deletion polymorphism and breast cancer: results from prevalent versus incident cases.
Academic Article Common variants near MC4R are associated with fat mass, weight and risk of obesity.
Academic Article Genome-wide association analysis identifies three new breast cancer susceptibility loci.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of prostate cancer identifies a second risk locus at 8q24.
Academic Article Pooled analysis of genetic variation at chromosome 8q24 and colorectal neoplasia risk.
Academic Article Newly discovered breast cancer susceptibility loci on 3p24 and 17q23.2.
Academic Article Refining the prostate cancer genetic association within the JAZF1 gene on chromosome 7p15.2.
Academic Article Fine mapping and functional analysis of a common variant in MSMB on chromosome 10q11.2 associated with prostate cancer susceptibility.
Academic Article Genome-wide association studies identify loci associated with age at menarche and age at natural menopause.
Academic Article Detectable clonal mosaicism and its relationship to aging and cancer.
Academic Article Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies regions on 7p21 (AHR) and 15q24 (CYP1A2) as determinants of habitual caffeine consumption.
Academic Article Evaluation of 8q24 and 17q risk loci and prostate cancer mortality.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of tanning phenotype in a population of European ancestry.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of breast cancer associations with five susceptibility loci by clinical and pathological characteristics.
Academic Article Multiple loci identified in a genome-wide association study of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Fine mapping the KLK3 locus on chromosome 19q13.33 associated with prostate cancer susceptibility and PSA levels.
Academic Article Fine mapping of 14q24.1 breast cancer susceptibility locus.
Academic Article Large-scale fine mapping of the HNF1B locus and prostate cancer risk.
Academic Article A multi-stage genome-wide association study of bladder cancer identifies multiple susceptibility loci.
Academic Article Multiple independent loci at chromosome 15q25.1 affect smoking quantity: a meta-analysis and comparison with lung cancer and COPD.
Academic Article Novel breast cancer susceptibility locus at 9q31.2: results of a genome-wide association study.
Academic Article Informed conditioning on clinical covariates increases power in case-control association studies.
Academic Article Comprehensive resequence analysis of a 136 kb region of human chromosome 8q24 associated with prostate and colon cancers.
Academic Article A comprehensive resequence analysis of the KLK15-KLK3-KLK2 locus on chromosome 19q13.33.
Academic Article Comprehensive resequence analysis of a 97 kb region of chromosome 10q11.2 containing the MSMB gene associated with prostate cancer.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study identifies pancreatic cancer susceptibility loci on chromosomes 13q22.1, 1q32.1 and 5p15.33.
Academic Article A multistage genome-wide association study in breast cancer identifies two new risk alleles at 1p11.2 and 14q24.1 (RAD51L1).
Academic Article A genome-wide association study of bladder cancer identifies a new susceptibility locus within SLC14A1, a urea transporter gene on chromosome 18q12.3.
Academic Article Application of a novel score test for genetic association incorporating gene-gene interaction suggests functionality for prostate cancer susceptibility regions.
Academic Article Identification of a novel percent mammographic density locus at 12q24.
Academic Article Genomics: when the smoke clears ...
Academic Article Genome-wide and candidate gene association study of cigarette smoking behaviors.
Academic Article Genetic variants at 2q24 are associated with susceptibility to type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Association analyses of 249,796 individuals reveal 18 new loci associated with body mass index.
Academic Article Analysis of the 10q11 cancer risk locus implicates MSMB and NCOA4 in human prostate tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Fine mapping of a region of chromosome 11q13 reveals multiple independent loci associated with risk of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Novel breast cancer risk alleles and interaction with ionizing radiation among U.S. radiologic technologists.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of circulating retinol levels.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study identifies variants in the ABO locus associated with susceptibility to pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Mapping of the UGT1A locus identifies an uncommon coding variant that affects mRNA expression and protects from bladder cancer.
Academic Article MGMT germline polymorphism is associated with somatic MGMT promoter methylation and gene silencing in colorectal cancer.
Academic Article Hundreds of variants clustered in genomic loci and biological pathways affect human height.
Academic Article Meta-analysis identifies 13 new loci associated with waist-hip ratio and reveals sexual dimorphism in the genetic basis of fat distribution.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study of depressive symptoms.
Academic Article Confirmation of 5p12 as a susceptibility locus for progesterone-receptor-positive, lower grade breast cancer.
Academic Article Y chromosome haplogroups and prostate cancer in populations of European and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 7
Concept Chromosome Aberrations
Concept Chromosome Deletion
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 10
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 3
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 20
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 14
Concept Physical Chromosome Mapping
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 11
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 1
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 19
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 5
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 21
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 8
Concept Chromosome Mapping
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 2
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 13
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 9
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 6
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 18
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 12
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 15
Concept X Chromosome Inactivation
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 22
Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 17
Academic Article One thousand genomes imputation in the National Cancer Institute Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium aggressive prostate cancer genome-wide association study.
Academic Article Fine-mapping identifies multiple prostate cancer risk loci at 5p15, one of which associates with TERT expression.
Academic Article Aspirin use, 8q24 single nucleotide polymorphism rs6983267, and colorectal cancer according to CTNNB1 alterations.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study of severe teenage acne in European Americans.
Academic Article Fine-mapping the HOXB region detects common variants tagging a rare coding allele: evidence for synthetic association in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Post-GWAS gene-environment interplay in breast cancer: results from the Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium and a meta-analysis on 79,000 women.
Academic Article The 19q12 bladder cancer GWAS signal: association with cyclin E function and aggressive disease.
Academic Article MicroRNA related polymorphisms and breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Imputation and subset-based association analysis across different cancer types identifies multiple independent risk loci in the TERT-CLPTM1L region on chromosome 5p15.33.
Academic Article Identification and characterization of novel associations in the CASP8/ALS2CR12 region on chromosome 2 with breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Characterization of large structural genetic mosaicism in human autosomes.
Academic Article Fine-mapping identifies two additional breast cancer susceptibility loci at 9q31.2.
Academic Article Integration of multiethnic fine-mapping and genomic annotation to prioritize candidate functional SNPs at prostate cancer susceptibility regions.
Academic Article The Influence of Age and Sex on Genetic Associations with Adult Body Size and Shape: A Large-Scale Genome-Wide Interaction Study.
Academic Article Genetic fine mapping and genomic annotation defines causal mechanisms at type 2 diabetes susceptibility loci.
Academic Article Identification of a novel susceptibility locus at 13q34 and refinement of the 20p12.2 region as a multi-signal locus associated with bladder cancer risk in individuals of European ancestry.
Academic Article Identification of four novel susceptibility loci for oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Female chromosome X mosaicism is age-related and preferentially affects the inactivated X chromosome.
Academic Article Identification of independent association signals and putative functional variants for breast cancer risk through fine-scale mapping of the 12p11 locus.
Academic Article Genome-Wide Meta-Analyses of Breast, Ovarian, and Prostate Cancer Association Studies Identify Multiple New Susceptibility Loci Shared by at Least Two Cancer Types.
Academic Article GWAS meta-analysis of 16 852 women identifies new susceptibility locus for endometrial cancer.
Academic Article Three new pancreatic cancer susceptibility signals identified on chromosomes 1q32.1, 5p15.33 and 8q24.21.
Academic Article Fine-mapping of prostate cancer susceptibility loci in a large meta-analysis identifies candidate causal variants.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of germline variants and breast cancer-specific mortality.
Academic Article Fine-mapping of 150 breast cancer risk regions identifies 191 likely target genes.
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