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Academic Article Investigating placebo effects in irritable bowel syndrome: a novel research design.
Academic Article A qualitative analysis of adolescents' experiences of active and sham Japanese-style acupuncture protocols administered in a clinical trial.
Academic Article A treatment trial of acupuncture in IBS patients.
Academic Article Japanese-style acupuncture for endometriosis-related pelvic pain in adolescents and young women: results of a randomized sham-controlled trial.
Academic Article Placebo acupuncture as a form of ritual touch healing: a neurophenomenological model.
Academic Article Adequate relief in a treatment trial with IBS patients: a prospective assessment.
Academic Article Serum correlates of the placebo effect in irritable bowel syndrome.
Academic Article The effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of Gulf War Illness.
Academic Article "Maybe I made up the whole thing": placebos and patients' experiences in a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Electrodermal measures of Jing-Well points and their clinical relevance in endometriosis-related chronic pelvic pain.
Academic Article Patient and practitioner influences on the placebo effect in irritable bowel syndrome.
Academic Article Lifestyle behaviors in women undergoing in vitro fertilization: a prospective study.
Academic Article Components of placebo effect: randomised controlled trial in patients with irritable bowel syndrome.
Academic Article Profile of minority and under-served patients using acupuncture.
Concept Acupuncture Therapy
Academic Article Lessons from an acupuncture teaching clinic: patient characteristics and pain management effectiveness.
Academic Article Acupuncture to Treat the Symptoms of Patients in a Palliative Care Setting.
Academic Article The Effectiveness of Individualized Acupuncture Protocols in the Treatment of Gulf War Illness: A Pragmatic Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Are baseline characteristics related to responses to acupuncture treatment for musculoskeletal conditions? Analysis of a dataset from a teaching centre.
Academic Article Matrix Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine Differential Diagnoses in Gulf War Illness.
Academic Article Can Reliability of the Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Process Be Improved? Results of a Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial.
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