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Mentoring - Completed Student Project The Lateralization of Trigeminal Pain Processing in the Brain
Academic Article Specific and somatotopic functional magnetic resonance imaging activation in the trigeminal ganglion by brush and noxious heat.
Academic Article Cluster headache: a review of neuroimaging findings.
Academic Article fMRI reveals distinct CNS processing during symptomatic and recovered complex regional pain syndrome in children.
Academic Article Colocalized structural and functional changes in the cortex of patients with trigeminal neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Pain: Do ACE inhibitors exacerbate complex regional pain syndrome?
Academic Article A single intravenous injection of KRN5500 (antibiotic spicamycin) produces long-term decreases in multiple sensory hypersensitivities in neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Preclinical assessment of candidate analgesic drugs: recent advances and future challenges.
Academic Article The corneal pain system. Part I: the missing piece of the dry eye puzzle.
Academic Article Neuroimaging revolutionizes therapeutic approaches to chronic pain.
Academic Article Human brain activation under controlled thermal stimulation and habituation to noxious heat: an fMRI study.
Academic Article The effects of KRN5500, a spicamycin derivative, on neuropathic and nociceptive pain models in rats.
Academic Article Functional imaging of pain and analgesia--a valid diagnostic tool?
Academic Article Reward circuitry activation by noxious thermal stimuli.
Academic Article Noxious heat induces fMRI activation in two anatomically distinct clusters within the nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article The opioid contract in the management of chronic pain.
Academic Article Retrospective accounts of initial subjective effects of opioids in patients treated for pain who do or do not develop opioid addiction: a pilot case-control study.
Academic Article Pain: the past, present and future.
Academic Article Challenges of functional imaging research of pain in children.
Academic Article The effect of antinociceptive drugs tested at different times after nerve injury in rats.
Academic Article Painful heat reveals hyperexcitability of the temporal pole in interictal and ictal migraine States.
Academic Article Decision-making using fMRI in clinical drug development: revisiting NK-1 receptor antagonists for pain.
Academic Article The human amygdala and pain: evidence from neuroimaging.
Academic Article An fMRI case report of photophobia: activation of the trigeminal nociceptive pathway.
Academic Article Thalamic sensitization transforms localized pain into widespread allodynia.
Academic Article 'Hot feet - hot brain': gene and brain dysfunction in erythromelalgia.
Academic Article Somatotopic activation in the human trigeminal pain pathway.
Academic Article Capsaicin-induced thermal hyperalgesia and sensitization in the human trigeminal nociceptive pathway: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Signal valence in the nucleus accumbens to pain onset and offset.
Academic Article Diffuse optical tomography activation in the somatosensory cortex: specific activation by painful vs. non-painful thermal stimuli.
Academic Article The pain imaging revolution: advancing pain into the 21st century.
Academic Article Unmasking the mysteries of the habenula in pain and analgesia.
Academic Article Her versus his migraine: multiple sex differences in brain function and structure.
Academic Article CNS activation by noxious heat to the hand or foot: site-dependent delay in sensory but not emotion circuitry.
Academic Article A water-soluble synthetic spicamycin derivative (San-Gly) decreases mechanical allodynia in a rodent model of neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Pain imaging: future applications to integrative clinical and basic neurobiology.
Academic Article A key role of the basal ganglia in pain and analgesia--insights gained through human functional imaging.
Academic Article Behavioral and pharmacological characterization of a distal peripheral nerve injury in the rat.
Academic Article Mapping pain activation and connectivity of the human habenula.
Academic Article Improved characterization of BOLD responses for evoked sensory stimuli.
Academic Article The missing p in psychiatric training: why it is important to teach pain to psychiatrists.
Academic Article Ketamine and chronic pain--going the distance.
Academic Article Chronic (neuropathic) corneal pain and blepharospasm: five case reports.
Academic Article BOLD responses in somatosensory cortices better reflect heat sensation than pain.
Academic Article Pain and motor system plasticity.
Academic Article Human cerebellar responses to brush and heat stimuli in healthy and neuropathic pain subjects.
Academic Article Interictal dysfunction of a brainstem descending modulatory center in migraine patients.
Academic Article Intravenous methadone for cancer pain unrelieved by morphine and hydromorphone: clinical observations.
Academic Article Functional imaging of the human trigeminal system: opportunities for new insights into pain processing in health and disease.
Academic Article Inflaming the brain: CRPS a model disease to understand neuroimmune interactions in chronic pain.
Academic Article Injection of the piriformis muscle by fluoroscopic and electromyographic guidance.
Academic Article Noxious hot and cold stimulation produce common patterns of brain activation in humans: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article fMRI measurement of CNS responses to naloxone infusion and subsequent mild noxious thermal stimuli in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article CNS animal fMRI in pain and analgesia.
Academic Article Concurrent functional and structural cortical alterations in migraine.
Academic Article Surgically induced neuropathic pain: understanding the perioperative process.
Academic Article Personalized medicine and opioid analgesic prescribing for chronic pain: opportunities and challenges.
Academic Article Phenotyping central nervous system circuitry in chronic pain using functional MRI: considerations and potential implications in the clinic.
Academic Article Comparison of evoked vs. spontaneous tics in a patient with trigeminal neuralgia (tic doloureux).
Academic Article Trigeminal neuropathic pain alters responses in CNS circuits to mechanical (brush) and thermal (cold and heat) stimuli.
Academic Article The enigma of the dorsolateral pons as a migraine generator.
Academic Article Antineuropathic effects of the antibiotic derivative spicamycin KRN5500.
Academic Article Adriamycin injection into the medial cord of the brachial plexus: computed tomography-guided targeted pain therapy.
Academic Article CNS activation maps in awake rats exposed to thermal stimuli to the dorsum of the hindpaw.
Academic Article Pain facilitation brain regions activated by nalbuphine are revealed by pharmacological fMRI.
Academic Article A fMRI evaluation of lamotrigine for the treatment of trigeminal neuropathic pain: pilot study.
Academic Article The cerebellum and pain: passive integrator or active participator?
Academic Article Anesthesia and perioperative stress: consequences on neural networks and postoperative behaviors.
Academic Article Aversion-related circuitry in the cerebellum: responses to noxious heat and unpleasant images.
Academic Article Biomarkers for chronic pain and analgesia. Part 2: how, where, and what to look for using functional imaging.
Academic Article Migraine attacks the Basal Ganglia.
Academic Article Neurological diseases and pain.
Academic Article Modulation of CNS pain circuitry by intravenous and sublingual doses of buprenorphine.
Academic Article Fos-like immunoreactivity in the superficial medullary dorsal horn induced by noxious and innocuous thermal stimulation of facial skin in the rat.
Academic Article Excitatory neurotransmitters in brain regions in interictal migraine patients.
Academic Article Imaging drugs with and without clinical analgesic efficacy.
Academic Article Biomarkers for chronic pain and analgesia. Part 1: the need, reality, challenges, and solutions.
Academic Article Common hippocampal structural and functional changes in migraine.
Academic Article An approach to localizing corneal pain representation in human primary somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Transient and persistent pain induced connectivity alterations in pediatric complex regional pain syndrome.
Academic Article Breaking down the barriers: fMRI applications in pain, analgesia and analgesics.
Academic Article Pain response measured with arterial spin labeling.
Academic Article Reward-aversion circuitry in analgesia and pain: implications for psychiatric disorders.
Academic Article Emotional pain without sensory pain--dream on?
Academic Article CNS Measures of Pain Responses Pre- and Post-Anesthetic Ketamine in a Patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
Academic Article How close are we in utilizing functional neuroimaging in routine clinical diagnosis of neuropathic pain?
Academic Article Adherence monitoring and drug surveillance in chronic opioid therapy.
Academic Article Neural circuitry underlying pain modulation: expectation, hypnosis, placebo.
Academic Article Functional imaging of the trigeminal system: applications to migraine pathophysiology.
Academic Article Diffuse optical tomography of pain and tactile stimulation: activation in cortical sensory and emotional systems.
Concept Pain, Postoperative
Concept Complex Regional Pain Syndromes
Concept Pain, Intractable
Concept Pain Threshold
Concept Low Back Pain
Concept Abdominal Pain
Concept Pain Insensitivity, Congenital
Concept Pain Perception
Concept Eye Pain
Concept Facial Pain
Concept Pain Measurement
Concept Pain
Concept Pelvic Pain
Academic Article Transforming pain medicine: adapting to science and society.
Academic Article Objectifying chronic pain: from the patient to diagnostic metrics.
Academic Article Pain and analgesia: the value of salience circuits.
Academic Article A future without chronic pain: neuroscience and clinical research.
Academic Article Analogous responses in the nucleus accumbens and cingulate cortex to pain onset (aversion) and offset (relief) in rats and humans.
Academic Article Pain and suicidality: insights from reward and addiction neuroscience.
Academic Article Habenula functional resting-state connectivity in pediatric CRPS.
Academic Article Losses and gains: chronic pain and altered brain morphology.
Academic Article Completing the Pain Circuit: Recent Advances in Imaging Pain and Inflammation beyond the Central Nervous System.
Academic Article Psychological processing in chronic pain: a neural systems approach.
Academic Article Capturing brain metrics of neuropathic pain using nuclear magnetic resonance.
Academic Article The responsive amygdala: treatment-induced alterations in functional connectivity in pediatric complex regional pain syndrome.
Academic Article Neurochemical pathways that converge on thalamic trigeminovascular neurons: potential substrate for modulation of migraine by sleep, food intake, stress and anxiety.
Academic Article Activation of mesocorticolimbic reward circuits for assessment of relief of ongoing pain: a potential biomarker of efficacy.
Academic Article A new electronic diary tool for mapping and tracking spatial and temporal head pain patterns in migraine.
Academic Article Lost but making progress--Where will new analgesic drugs come from?
Academic Article Intrinsic brain networks normalize with treatment in pediatric complex regional pain syndrome.
Academic Article Distraction analgesia in chronic pain patients: the impact of catastrophizing.
Academic Article Female migraineurs show lack of insular thinning with age.
Academic Article Specificity of hemodynamic brain responses to painful stimuli: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study.
Academic Article Pediatric Pain Screening Tool: rapid identification of risk in youth with pain complaints.
Academic Article The Promise of Effective Pain Treatment Outcomes: Rallying Academic Centers to Lead the Charge.
Academic Article Reply to Letter: "Surgically Induced Neuropathic Pain: Understanding the Perioperative Process".
Academic Article Test-retest reliability of evoked heat stimulation BOLD fMRI.
Academic Article The migraine brain in transition: girls vs boys.
Academic Article Pain and spinal cord imaging measures in children with demyelinating disease.
Academic Article Ocular neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Common Brain Mechanisms of Chronic Pain and Addiction.
Academic Article CNS Measures of Pain Responses Pre- and Post-Anesthetic Ketamine in a Patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
Academic Article Rapid treatment-induced brain changes in pediatric CRPS.
Academic Article Brain measures of nociception using near-infrared spectroscopy in patients undergoing routine screening colonoscopy.
Academic Article Pain in an era of armed conflicts: Prevention and treatment for warfighters and civilian casualties.
Academic Article Abdominal Pain, the Adolescent and Altered Brain Structure and Function.
Academic Article Capturing Pain in the Cortex during General Anesthesia: Near Infrared Spectroscopy Measures in Patients Undergoing Catheter Ablation of Arrhythmias.
Academic Article Reward deficiency and anti-reward in pain chronification.
Academic Article Circles of engagement: Childhood pain and parent brain.
Grant Objective Pain Measures in Awake Sedated, Anesthetized Individuals with NIRS
Grant CNS Reward/Aversion Circuitry Activated by Pain/Opioids
Grant fMRI Measures of Central Sensitization in Migraine
Grant Plasticity in Human Trigeminal Somatosensory Pathways
Grant Central and Peripheral Measures of Pain: Recovery and Resistance
Grant Imaging Pain and Analgesia: Mentoring in Basic and Applied Research
Grant CNS Plasticity in Pediatric Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Grant Molecular and Functional PET-fMRI Measures of Placebo Analgesia in Migraine
Grant Post-Traumatic Headache (PTH) in Children: Alterations of Brain Function, Blood Flow and Inflammatory Processes
Academic Article Oculofacial Pain: Corneal Nerve Damage Leading to Pain Beyond the Eye.
Academic Article Frontal Lobe Hemodynamic Responses to Painful Stimulation: A Potential Brain Marker of Nociception.
Academic Article Basal ganglia dysfunction in complex regional pain syndrome - A valid hypothesis?
Academic Article Opioidergic tone and pain susceptibility: interactions between reward systems and opioid receptors.
Academic Article Brain network alterations in the inflammatory soup animal model of migraine.
Academic Article (219) Regional brain structure differences in learning, motivation, and emotion between treatment responders and non-responders in pediatric CRPS.
Academic Article The Potential Role of Sensory Testing, Skin Biopsy, and Functional Brain Imaging as Biomarkers in Chronic Pain Clinical Trials: IMMPACT Considerations.
Academic Article A critical evaluation of validity and utility of translational imaging in pain and analgesia: Utilizing functional imaging to enhance the process.
Grant Perioperative Measures of Nociception using NIRS
Academic Article Using prerecorded hemodynamic response functions in detecting prefrontal pain response: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study.
Academic Article Children With Chronic Pain: Response Trajectories After Intensive Pain Rehabilitation Treatment.
Academic Article Brodmann area 10: Collating, integrating and high level processing of nociception and pain.
Academic Article Molecular and functional PET-fMRI measures of placebo analgesia in episodic migraine: Preliminary findings.
Academic Article Cumulative effects of multiple pain sites in youth with chronic pain.
Academic Article Subliminal (latent) processing of pain and its evolution to conscious awareness.
Academic Article Threat Response System: Parallel Brain Processes in Pain vis-à-vis Fear and Anxiety.
Academic Article Color-selective photophobia in ictal vs interictal migraineurs and in healthy controls.
Academic Article When pain gets stuck: the evolution of pain chronification and treatment resistance.
Academic Article Contribution of Loss of Large Fiber Function to Pain in 2 Samples of Oncology Patients.
Academic Article The migraine eye: distinct rod-driven retinal pathways' response to dim light challenges the visual cortex hyperexcitability theory.
Academic Article Brain resting-state connectivity in the development of secondary hyperalgesia in healthy men.
Academic Article Modulation of brain function by targeted delivery of GABA through the disrupted blood-brain barrier.
Academic Article Nitroglycerin as a comparative experimental model of migraine pain: From animal to human and back.
Academic Article Modulation of brain networks by sumatriptan-naproxen in the inflammatory soup migraine model.
Grant The functional neuroanatomy of the human physiological stress response
Academic Article Scale-free amplitude modulation of low-frequency fluctuations in episodic migraine.
Academic Article Shifting brain circuits in pain chronicity.
Academic Article Longitudinal Evaluation of Pain, Flare-Up, and Emotional Health in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva: Analyses of the International FOP Registry.
Academic Article Delineating conditions and subtypes in chronic pain using neuroimaging.
Academic Article Implications of the putamen in pain and motor deficits in complex regional pain syndrome.
Academic Article Brain signatures of threat-safety discrimination in adolescent chronic pain.
Academic Article Blue light activates pulvinar nuclei in longstanding idiopathic photophobia: A case report.
Academic Article Endometriosis and pain in the adolescent- striking early to limit suffering: A narrative review.
Academic Article Biological and behavioral markers of pain following nerve injury in humans.
Academic Article Enhancing Choice and Outcomes for Therapeutic Trials in Chronic Pain: N-of-1 + Imaging (+ i).
Academic Article Discovery and validation of biomarkers to aid the development of safe and effective pain therapeutics: challenges and opportunities.
Academic Article Targeted manipulation of pain neural networks: The potential of focused ultrasound for treatment of chronic pain.
Academic Article The cornucopia of central disinhibition pain - An evaluation of past and novel concepts.
Academic Article NIRS measures in pain and analgesia: Fundamentals, features, and function.
Academic Article Commentary: Novel Use of Offset Analgesia to Assess Adolescents and Adults with Treatment Resistant Endometriosis-Associated Pain.
Academic Article Ictal and interictal brain activation in episodic migraine: Neural basis for extent of allodynia.
Academic Article Pain stickiness in pediatric complex regional pain syndrome: A role for the nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Left to themselves: Time to target chronic pain in childhood rare diseases.
Academic Article Neuropathic corneal pain and dry eye: a continuum of nociception.
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