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Academic Article fMRI reveals distinct CNS processing during symptomatic and recovered complex regional pain syndrome in children.
Academic Article A single intravenous injection of KRN5500 (antibiotic spicamycin) produces long-term decreases in multiple sensory hypersensitivities in neuropathic pain.
Academic Article The corneal pain system. Part I: the missing piece of the dry eye puzzle.
Academic Article Painful heat reveals hyperexcitability of the temporal pole in interictal and ictal migraine States.
Academic Article Thalamic sensitization transforms localized pain into widespread allodynia.
Academic Article Capsaicin-induced thermal hyperalgesia and sensitization in the human trigeminal nociceptive pathway: an fMRI study.
Academic Article A water-soluble synthetic spicamycin derivative (San-Gly) decreases mechanical allodynia in a rodent model of neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Behavioral and pharmacological characterization of a distal peripheral nerve injury in the rat.
Concept Hyperalgesia
Grant fMRI Measures of Central Sensitization in Migraine
Grant Plasticity in Human Trigeminal Somatosensory Pathways
Academic Article Brain resting-state connectivity in the development of secondary hyperalgesia in healthy men.
Academic Article Ictal and interictal brain activation in episodic migraine: Neural basis for extent of allodynia.
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  • Hyperalgesia
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