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Academic Article Cloning and expression of the human substance K receptor and analysis of its role in mitogenesis.
Academic Article Peroxisomes are signaling platforms for antiviral innate immunity.
Academic Article Deciphering the function of nucleic acid sensing TLRs one regulatory step at a time.
Academic Article MyD88-dependent TLR1/2 signals educate dendritic cells with gut-specific imprinting properties.
Academic Article Phosphoinositide-mediated adaptor recruitment controls Toll-like receptor signaling.
Academic Article Selective modulation of TLR4-activated inflammatory responses by altered iron homeostasis in mice.
Academic Article Signaling organelles of the innate immune system.
Academic Article Defining the subcellular sites of innate immune signal transduction.
Academic Article Interferon ß is associated with type 1 interferon-inducible gene expression in dermatomyositis.
Academic Article CD14 controls the LPS-induced endocytosis of Toll-like receptor 4.
Academic Article "Complementing" toll signaling.
Academic Article A cell biological view of Toll-like receptor function: regulation through compartmentalization.
Academic Article TRAM couples endocytosis of Toll-like receptor 4 to the induction of interferon-beta.
Academic Article Regulation of lipopolysaccharide-induced translation of tumor necrosis factor-alpha by the toll-like receptor 4 adaptor protein TRAM.
Academic Article Phosphoinositide binding by the Toll adaptor dMyD88 controls antibacterial responses in Drosophila.
Academic Article Phagosome as the organelle linking innate and adaptive immunity.
Concept Signal Transduction
Academic Article The unfolded protein response element IRE1a senses bacterial proteins invading the ER to activate RIG-I and innate immune signaling.
Academic Article Intracellular pathogen detection by RIG-I-like receptors.
Academic Article Peroxisomes and the antiviral responses of mammalian cells.
Academic Article Recognition for an innate explorer.
Academic Article A promiscuous lipid-binding protein diversifies the subcellular sites of toll-like receptor signal transduction.
Academic Article A bicistronic MAVS transcript highlights a class of truncated variants in antiviral immunity.
Academic Article Endosomes as platforms for NOD-like receptor signaling.
Academic Article A cross-disciplinary perspective on the innate immune responses to bacterial lipopolysaccharide.
Academic Article Diverse intracellular pathogens activate type III interferon expression from peroxisomes.
Academic Article SMOCs: supramolecular organizing centres that control innate immunity.
Academic Article Emerging principles governing signal transduction by pattern-recognition receptors.
Academic Article Microbial strategies for antagonizing Toll-like-receptor signal transduction.
Academic Article Innate immune pattern recognition: a cell biological perspective.
Academic Article PRRs are watching you: Localization of innate sensing and signaling regulators.
Academic Article The unique regulation and functions of type III interferons in antiviral immunity.
Academic Article Mechanisms of Toll-like Receptor 4 Endocytosis Reveal a Common Immune-Evasion Strategy Used by Pathogenic and Commensal Bacteria.
Academic Article A Single Bacterial Immune Evasion Strategy Dismantles Both MyD88 and TRIF Signaling Pathways Downstream of TLR4.
Academic Article Hepatitis C virus NS3-4A inhibits the peroxisomal MAVS-dependent antiviral signalling response.
Academic Article Peroxisomes are platforms for cytomegalovirus' evasion from the cellular immune response.
Academic Article Control of the innate immune response by the mevalonate pathway.
Grant Initiation and regulation of antibacterial innate immunity
Grant Defining non-transcriptional innate immune responses to bacterial endotoxin
Grant Cellular and molecular aspects of Toll-like receptor signal transduction.
Grant Initiation and Regulation of Antiviral Innate Immunity
Grant Cellular and molecular aspects of Toll-like receptor signal transduction.
Academic Article Microbe-inducible trafficking pathways that control Toll-like receptor signaling.
Academic Article Early innate immune responses to bacterial LPS.
Grant Characterization of the myddosome, a protein complex that controls TLR signaling
Academic Article Activation and pathogenic manipulation of the sensors of the innate immune system.
Academic Article Innate Immune Receptors as Competitive Determinants of Cell Fate.
Academic Article Expression and function of gamma delta- and alpha beta-T cell receptor heterodimers on human somatic T cell hybrids.
Academic Article STING-dependent translation inhibition restricts RNA virus replication.
Academic Article An Antiviral Branch of the IL-1 Signaling Pathway Restricts Immune-Evasive Virus Replication.
Academic Article Vector Immunity and Evolutionary Ecology: The Harmonious Dissonance.
Academic Article The Fly Way of Antiviral Resistance and Disease Tolerance.
Academic Article Defying Death: The (W)hole Truth about the Fate of GSDMD Pores.
Academic Article Phosphoinositide Interactions Position cGAS at the Plasma Membrane to Ensure Efficient Distinction between Self- and Viral DNA.
Academic Article Innate Immune Signaling Organelles Display Natural and Programmable Signaling Flexibility.
Academic Article Lipids that directly regulate innate immune signal transduction.
Academic Article Inflammasomes: Threat-Assessment Organelles of the Innate Immune System.
Academic Article Toll-like Receptors and the Control of Immunity.
Academic Article Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species Participate in Signaling Triggered by Heme in Macrophages and upon Hemolysis.
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