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Academic Article Intracellular single-chain antibody inhibits integrin VLA-4 maturation and function.
Academic Article Transmembrane-4 superfamily proteins CD81 (TAPA-1), CD82, CD63, and CD53 specifically associated with integrin alpha 4 beta 1 (CD49d/CD29).
Academic Article Analyses of VLA-4 structure and function.
Academic Article Transmembrane-4 superfamily proteins associate with activated protein kinase C (PKC) and link PKC to specific beta(1) integrins.
Academic Article Structure of the integrin VLA-4 and its cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion functions.
Academic Article In vitro and in vivo consequences of VLA-2 expression on rhabdomyosarcoma cells.
Academic Article Function of the tetraspanin CD151-alpha6beta1 integrin complex during cellular morphogenesis.
Academic Article Transmembrane-4-superfamily proteins CD151 and CD81 associate with alpha 3 beta 1 integrin, and selectively contribute to alpha 3 beta 1-dependent neurite outgrowth.
Academic Article VLA proteins in the integrin family: structures, functions, and their role on leukocytes.
Academic Article VCAM-1 on activated endothelium interacts with the leukocyte integrin VLA-4 at a site distinct from the VLA-4/fibronectin binding site.
Academic Article Molecular cloning and expression of the cDNA for alpha 3 subunit of human alpha 3 beta 1 (VLA-3), an integrin receptor for fibronectin, laminin, and collagen.
Academic Article An extracellular site on tetraspanin CD151 determines alpha 3 and alpha 6 integrin-dependent cellular morphology.
Academic Article Adhesion to vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 and fibronectin. Comparison of alpha 4 beta 1 (VLA-4) and alpha 4 beta 7 on the human B cell line JY.
Academic Article The human integrin VLA-2 is a collagen receptor on some cells and a collagen/laminin receptor on others.
Academic Article Functional and structural analysis of VLA-4 integrin alpha 4 subunit cleavage.
Academic Article A novel monoclonal antibody, 1B3.1, binds to a new epitope of the VLA-1 molecule.
Academic Article Cell matrix adhesion-related proteins VLA-1 and VLA-2: regulation of expression on T cells.
Academic Article Characterization of the cell surface heterodimer VLA-4 and related peptides.
Academic Article Multiple activation states of VLA-4. Mechanistic differences between adhesion to CS1/fibronectin and to vascular cell adhesion molecule-1.
Academic Article Integrin alpha 2 beta 1 (VLA-2) mediates reorganization and contraction of collagen matrices by human cells.
Academic Article Recombinant soluble human alpha 3 beta 1 integrin: purification, processing, regulation, and specific binding to laminin-5 and invasin in a mutually exclusive manner.
Academic Article Multiple very late antigen (VLA) heterodimers on platelets. Evidence for distinct VLA-2, VLA-5 (fibronectin receptor), and VLA-6 structures.
Academic Article The function and distinctive regulation of the integrin VLA-3 in cell adhesion, spreading, and homotypic cell aggregation.
Academic Article Functional evidence for three distinct and independently inhibitable adhesion activities mediated by the human integrin VLA-4. Correlation with distinct alpha 4 epitopes.
Academic Article Identification of the integrin VLA-2 as a receptor for echovirus 1.
Academic Article Association of the VLA alpha 6 subunit with a novel protein. A possible alternative to the common VLA beta 1 subunit on certain cell lines.
Academic Article The integrin VLA-2 binds echovirus 1 and extracellular matrix ligands by different mechanisms.
Academic Article VLA-1: a T cell surface antigen which defines a novel late stage of human T cell activation.
Academic Article Direct extracellular contact between integrin alpha(3)beta(1) and TM4SF protein CD151.
Academic Article Multiple ligand binding functions for VLA-2 (alpha 2 beta 1) and VLA-3 (alpha 3 beta 1) in the integrin family.
Academic Article Fibronectin receptor structures in the VLA family of heterodimers.
Academic Article The VLA protein family. Characterization of five distinct cell surface heterodimers each with a common 130,000 molecular weight beta subunit.
Academic Article Distinct cellular functions mediated by different VLA integrin alpha subunit cytoplasmic domains.
Academic Article Receptor functions for the integrin VLA-3: fibronectin, collagen, and laminin binding are differentially influenced by Arg-Gly-Asp peptide and by divalent cations.
Academic Article The primary structure of the VLA-2/collagen receptor alpha 2 subunit (platelet GPIa): homology to other integrins and the presence of a possible collagen-binding domain.
Academic Article T cell receptor-dependent, antigen-specific stimulation of a murine T cell clone induces a transient, VLA protein-mediated binding to extracellular matrix.
Academic Article Use of the monoclonal antibody 12F1 to characterize the differentiation antigen VLA-2.
Academic Article Mutation of putative divalent cation sites in the alpha 4 subunit of the integrin VLA-4: distinct effects on adhesion to CS1/fibronectin, VCAM-1, and invasin.
Academic Article Biochemical characterization of VLA-1 and VLA-2. Cell surface heterodimers on activated T cells.
Academic Article Interchangeable alpha chain cytoplasmic domains play a positive role in control of cell adhesion mediated by VLA-4, a beta 1 integrin.
Academic Article Specific association of CD63 with the VLA-3 and VLA-6 integrins.
Academic Article T lymphocytes compartmentalized on the epithelial surface of the lower respiratory tract express the very late activation antigen complex VLA-1.
Academic Article Multiple functional forms of the integrin VLA-2 can be derived from a single alpha 2 cDNA clone: interconversion of forms induced by an anti-beta 1 antibody.
Academic Article Characterization of novel complexes on the cell surface between integrins and proteins with 4 transmembrane domains (TM4 proteins).
Academic Article The integrin VLA-4 supports tethering and rolling in flow on VCAM-1.
Academic Article Role of the alpha subunit cytoplasmic domain in regulation of adhesive activity mediated by the integrin VLA-2.
Academic Article Extracellular matrix receptors, ECMRII and ECMRI, for collagen and fibronectin correspond to VLA-2 and VLA-3 in the VLA family of heterodimers.
Academic Article The primary structure of the alpha 4 subunit of VLA-4: homology to other integrins and a possible cell-cell adhesion function.
Academic Article Regulation of proteins in the VLA cell substrate adhesion family: influence of cell growth conditions on VLA-1, VLA-2, and VLA-3 expression.
Academic Article The I domain is essential for echovirus 1 interaction with VLA-2.
Academic Article Tetraspanin CD151 regulates alpha6beta1 integrin adhesion strengthening.
Academic Article Integrin alpha 4 cysteines 278 and 717 modulate VLA-4 ligand binding and also contribute to alpha 4/180 formation.
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