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Academic Article The roles of ionic processes in muscular fatigue during intense exercise.
Academic Article Training leading to repetition failure enhances bench press strength gains in elite junior athletes.
Academic Article Muscle K+, Na+, and Cl disturbances and Na+-K+ pump inactivation: implications for fatigue.
Academic Article Prolonged exercise to fatigue in humans impairs skeletal muscle Na+-K+-ATPase activity, sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ release, and Ca2+ uptake.
Academic Article Effects of fatigue and training on sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+) regulation in human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article N-acetylcysteine attenuates the decline in muscle Na+,K+-pump activity and delays fatigue during prolonged exercise in humans.
Academic Article Effects of endurance training on extrarenal potassium regulation and exercise performance in patients on haemodialysis.
Academic Article Validation of an optical encoder during free weight resistance movements and analysis of bench press sticking point power during fatigue.
Academic Article Alkalosis increases muscle K+ release, but lowers plasma [K+] and delays fatigue during dynamic forearm exercise.
Academic Article Fatigue depresses maximal in vitro skeletal muscle Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase activity in untrained and trained individuals.
Academic Article Depressed Na+-K+-ATPase activity in skeletal muscle at fatigue is correlated with increased Na+-K+-ATPase mRNA expression following intense exercise.
Academic Article Resolving fatigue mechanisms determining exercise performance: integrative physiology at its finest!
Academic Article Muscle Na+-K+-ATPase activity and isoform adaptations to intense interval exercise and training in well-trained athletes.
Academic Article Dissociation between force and maximal Na+, K +-ATPase activity in rat fast-twitch skeletal muscle with fatiguing in vitro stimulation.
Academic Article Effects of intravenous N-acetylcysteine infusion on time to fatigue and potassium regulation during prolonged cycling exercise.
Academic Article N-acetylcysteine enhances muscle cysteine and glutathione availability and attenuates fatigue during prolonged exercise in endurance-trained individuals.
Concept Muscle Fatigue
Academic Article Commentaries on viewpoint: maximal Na?-K?-ATPase activity is upregulated in association with muscle activity.
Academic Article Effects of water immersion on posttraining recovery in Australian footballers.
Academic Article Impaired exercise performance and muscle Na(+),K(+)-pump activity in renal transplantation and haemodialysis patients.
Academic Article Plasma K+ dynamics and implications during and following intense rowing exercise.
Academic Article Kinematic effects of a short-term fatigue protocol on punt-kicking performance.
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  • Muscle Fatigue
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