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Concept Magnetoencephalography
Academic Article Effects of sutures and fontanels on MEG and EEG source analysis in a realistic infant head model.
Academic Article Identification and functional characterization of the trigeminal ventral cervical reflex pathway in the swine.
Academic Article Maturation of somatosensory cortical processing from birth to adulthood revealed by magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Immaturity of somatosensory cortical processing in human newborns.
Academic Article Contribution of ionic currents to magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG) signals generated by guinea-pig CA3 slices.
Academic Article Evoked magnetic fields from primary and secondary somatosensory cortices: a reliable tool for assessment of cortical processing in the neonatal period.
Academic Article Evaluation of the distortion of EEG signals caused by a hole in the skull mimicking the fontanel in the skull of human neonates.
Academic Article Somatosensory evoked potentials and magnetic fields elicited by tactile stimulation of the hand during active and quiet sleep in newborns.
Academic Article Modeling and detecting deep brain activity with MEG & EEG.
Academic Article Contributions of principal neocortical neurons to magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography signals.
Academic Article Invariance in current dipole moment density across brain structures and species: physiological constraint for neuroimaging.
Grant Physiological bases of magnetoencephalography
Grant Cortical current imaging in human infants with babySQUID
Grant Evaluation of MEG as a current source imaging technique
Academic Article BabyMEG: A whole-head pediatric magnetoencephalography system for human brain development research.
Academic Article Synchronized spikes of thalamocortical axonal terminals and cortical neurons are detectable outside the pig brain with MEG.
Grant Device-Independent Acquisition and Real Time Spatiotemporal Analysis of Clinical Electrophysiology Data
Academic Article Physiological origins of evoked magnetic fields and extracellular field potentials produced by guinea-pig CA3 hippocampal slices.
Academic Article MNE Scan: Software for real-time processing of electrophysiological data.
Academic Article Development of Auditory Evoked Responses in Normally Developing Preschool Children and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article Vibrotactile piezoelectric stimulation system with precise and versatile timing control for somatosensory research.
Academic Article Influence of unfused cranial bones on magnetoencephalography signals in human infants.
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