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Academic Article Analysis of the forces and position required for direct laryngoscopic exposure of the anterior vocal folds.
Academic Article Cooling the "oven": a temperature study of air and glottal tissue during laser surgery in an ex vivo calf larynx model.
Academic Article Effects of 532 nm pulsed-KTP laser parameters on vessel ablation in the avian chorioallantoic membrane: implications for vocal fold mucosa.
Academic Article Effects of lesions of the central nucleus of the anterior archistriatum on contact call and warble song production in the budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus).
Academic Article Imaging of the calf vocal fold with high-frequency ultrasound.
Academic Article Thermal damage during thulium laser dissection of laryngeal soft tissue is reduced with air cooling: ex vivo calf model study.
Academic Article Comparison of effects of 2 harvesting methods on fat autograft.
Academic Article Early versus late injection medialization for unilateral vocal cord paralysis.
Academic Article Assessment of canine vocal fold function after injection of a new biomaterial designed to treat phonatory mucosal scarring.
Academic Article Neck surface electromyography as a measure of vocal hyperfunction before and after injection laryngoplasty.
Academic Article Characteristics of phonatory function in singers and nonsingers with vocal fold nodules.
Academic Article Use of neck strap muscle intermuscular coherence as an indicator of vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article The impact of vocal hyperfunction on relative fundamental frequency during voicing offset and onset.
Academic Article Initial anatomic geographic presentation of glottal dysplasia.
Academic Article Novel device for tissue cooling during endoscopic laryngeal laser surgery: thermal damage study in an ex vivo calf model.
Academic Article Predicting clinical efficacy of photoangiolytic and cutting/ablating lasers using the chick chorioallantoic membrane model: implications for endoscopic voice surgery.
Academic Article A virtual trajectory model predicts differences in vocal fold kinematics in individuals with vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article A new instrument for intraoperative assessment of individual vocal folds.
Academic Article Modulation of neck intermuscular Beta coherence during voice and speech production.
Academic Article Three-dimensional hydrogel model using adipose-derived stem cells for vocal fold augmentation.
Academic Article Modification and testing of a pneumatic dispensing device for controlled delivery of injectable materials.
Academic Article Injectable hyaluronic acid-dextran hydrogels and effects of implantation in ferret vocal fold.
Concept Vocal Cord Paralysis
Concept Vocal Cords
Academic Article Vocal cord paralysis predicted by neural monitoring electrophysiologic changes with recurrent laryngeal nerve compressive neuropraxic injury in a canine model.
Academic Article Posterior cricoarytenoid muscle electrophysiologic changes are predictive of vocal cord paralysis with recurrent laryngeal nerve compressive injury in a canine model.
Academic Article Development of a Closed-Loop Stimulator for Laryngeal Reanimation: Part 2. Device Testing in the Canine Model of Laryngeal Paralysis.
Academic Article Vocal Fold Injection of Absorbable Materials: A Histologic Analysis With Clinical Ramifications.
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