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Academic Article Electromyographic control of a hands-free electrolarynx using neck strap muscles.
Academic Article Recurrent laryngeal nerve transposition in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Post-laryngectomy speech respiration patterns.
Academic Article Surface electromyographic activity in total laryngectomy patients following laryngeal nerve transfer to neck strap muscles.
Academic Article Neck surface electromyography as a measure of vocal hyperfunction before and after injection laryngoplasty.
Academic Article Characteristics of phonatory function in singers and nonsingers with vocal fold nodules.
Academic Article Use of neck strap muscle intermuscular coherence as an indicator of vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article The impact of vocal hyperfunction on relative fundamental frequency during voicing offset and onset.
Academic Article Training effects on speech production using a hands-free electromyographically controlled electrolarynx.
Academic Article Neck and face surface electromyography for prosthetic voice control after total laryngectomy.
Academic Article Development of a wireless electromyographically controlled electrolarynx voice prosthesis.
Academic Article Effects of voice therapy on relative fundamental frequency during voicing offset and onset in patients with vocal hyperfunction.
Academic Article Modulation of neck intermuscular Beta coherence during voice and speech production.
Academic Article Signal acquisition and processing techniques for sEMG based silent speech recognition.
Concept Speech Disorders
Concept Speech Perception
Concept Speech Recognition Software
Concept Speech, Esophageal
Concept Speech Production Measurement
Concept Speech Acoustics
Concept Speech
Concept Speech Intelligibility
Concept Speech, Alaryngeal
Grant Development of an Electromyographically Controlled Electrolarynx Voice Prosthesis
Academic Article Generating Tonal Distinctions in Mandarin Chinese Using an Electrolarynx with Preprogrammed Tone Patterns.
Academic Article Accuracy of Self-Reported Estimates of Daily Voice Use in Adults With Normal and Disordered Voices.
Academic Article The Effectiveness of Low-Level Light Therapy in Attenuating Vocal Fatigue.
Academic Article Silent Speech Recognition as an Alternative Communication Device for Persons with Laryngectomy.
Academic Article Development of sEMG sensors and algorithms for silent speech recognition.
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