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Academic Article Community-level and individual-level influences of intimate partner violence on birth spacing in sub-Saharan Africa.
Academic Article The social context of food insecurity among persons living with HIV/AIDS in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Placing emergency care on the global agenda.
Academic Article A marginal structural model to estimate the causal effect of antidepressant medication treatment on viral suppression among homeless and marginally housed persons with HIV.
Academic Article Changes in food insecurity, nutritional status, and physical health status after antiretroviral therapy initiation in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Evidence for the reliability and validity of the internalized AIDS-related stigma scale in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Adjunctive atypical antipsychotic treatment for major depressive disorder: a meta-analysis of depression, quality of life, and safety outcomes.
Academic Article No association found between traditional healer use and delayed antiretroviral initiation in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Proximate context of gender-unequal norms and women's HIV risk in sub-Saharan Africa.
Academic Article Food insecurity, depression and the modifying role of social support among people living with HIV/AIDS in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Higher baseline CD4 cell count predicts treatment interruptions and persistent viremia in patients initiating ARVs in rural Uganda.
Academic Article A meta-analysis of interventions to improve care for chronic illnesses.
Concept Regression Analysis
Concept Blood Chemical Analysis
Concept Survival Analysis
Concept Cluster Analysis
Concept Cost-Benefit Analysis
Concept Least-Squares Analysis
Concept Principal Component Analysis
Concept Factor Analysis, Statistical
Concept Multivariate Analysis
Concept Social Support
Academic Article Internalized stigma, social distance, and disclosure of HIV seropositivity in rural Uganda.
Academic Article A qualitative analysis of factors influencing HPV vaccine uptake in Soweto, South Africa among adolescents and their caregivers.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of instruments for assessing perinatal depression in African settings: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Households with young children and use of freely distributed bednets in rural Madagascar.
Academic Article CD4+ cell count at antiretroviral therapy initiation and economic restoration in rural Uganda.
Academic Article The dynamic relationship between social support and HIV-related stigma in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of depression assessment among persons with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article The factor structure and presentation of depression among HIV-positive adults in Uganda.
Academic Article Social integration and suicide mortality among men: 24-year cohort study of U.S. health professionals.
Academic Article Trends in CD4 count at presentation to care and treatment initiation in sub-Saharan Africa, 2002-2013: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Explaining antiretroviral therapy adherence success among HIV-infected children in rural Uganda: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Psychosocial challenges and strategies for coping with HIV among adolescents in Uganda: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Proximate Context of HIV Stigma and Its Association with HIV Testing in Sierra Leone: A Population-Based Study.
Academic Article From social networks to health: Durkheim after the turn of the millennium. Introduction.
Academic Article Violent Victimization, Mental Health, and Service Utilization Outcomes in a Cohort of Homeless and Unstably Housed Women Living With or at Risk of Becoming Infected With HIV.
Academic Article Comparative effectiveness of induction therapy for human immunodeficiency virus-associated cryptococcal meningitis: a network meta-analysis.
Academic Article HIV Treatment Scale-Up and HIV-Related Stigma in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Longitudinal Cross-Country Analysis.
Academic Article Syndemics of psychosocial problems and HIV risk: A systematic review of empirical tests of the disease interaction concept.
Academic Article Association Between Social Integration and Suicide Among Women in the United States.
Academic Article The causal effect of education on HIV stigma in Uganda: Evidence from a natural experiment.
Academic Article Syndemics and Health Disparities: A Methodological Note.
Academic Article Intimate Partner Violence and Depression Symptom Severity among South African Women during Pregnancy and Postpartum: Population-Based Prospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Food insufficiency, depression, and the modifying role of social support: Evidence from a population-based, prospective cohort of pregnant women in peri-urban South Africa.
Academic Article HIV stigma trends in the general population during antiretroviral treatment expansion: analysis of 31 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, 2003-2013.
Academic Article The role of social support on HIV testing and treatment adherence: A qualitative study of HIV-infected refugees in southwestern Uganda.
Grant Measuring Hospital Quality and Its Effects on Bargaining
Academic Article Personal contact with HIV-positive persons is associated with reduced HIV-related stigma: cross-sectional analysis of general population surveys from 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
Grant Social Networks, HIV Stigma, and the HIV Care Cascade in Rural Uganda
Academic Article Food insecurity, social networks and symptoms of depression among men and women in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional, population-based study.
Academic Article Quantifying bias in measuring insecticide-treated bednet use: meta-analysis of self-reported vs objectively measured adherence.
Academic Article Social network correlates of IPV acceptance in rural Honduras and rural Uganda.
Academic Article CYP2B6 Genetic Polymorphisms, Depression, and Viral Suppression in Adults Living with HIV Initiating Efavirenz-Containing Antiretroviral Therapy Regimens in Uganda: Pooled Analysis of Two Prospective Studies.
Academic Article HIV knowledge trends during an era of rapid antiretroviral therapy scale-up: an analysis of 33 sub-Saharan African countries.
Academic Article Water insecurity and gendered risk for depression in rural Uganda: a hotspot analysis.
Academic Article Food insecurity and violence in a prospective cohort of women at risk for or living with HIV in the U.S.
Academic Article The social network context of HIV stigma: Population-based, sociocentric network study in rural Uganda.
Academic Article Inflammatory biomarkers prior to antiretroviral therapy as prognostic markers of 12-month mortality in South Africa and Uganda.
Academic Article Using Social Networks to Understand and Overcome Implementation Barriers in the Global HIV Response.
Academic Article Association Between Automotive Assembly Plant Closures and Opioid Overdose Mortality in the United States: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis.
Academic Article Adjunctive Atypical Antipsychotic Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder: A Meta-Analysis of Depression, Quality of Life, and Safety Outcomes.
Academic Article Influences on Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Early-Stage HIV Disease: Qualitative Study from Uganda and South Africa.
Academic Article Social distancing to slow the U.S. COVID-19 epidemic: an interrupted time-series analysis
Grant Inflammation, Social Networks, and Depression in Rural Uganda
Grant Inflammation, Social Networks, and Depression in Rural Uganda
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