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Academic Article Stimulus-response characteristics of CO2-induced air hunger in normal subjects.
Academic Article A simple and reliable method to calibrate respiratory magnetometers and Respitrace.
Academic Article "Tightness" sensation of asthma does not arise from the work of breathing.
Academic Article An inexpensive, MRI compatible device to measure tidal volume from chest-wall circumference.
Academic Article The air hunger response of four elite breath-hold divers.
Academic Article Locomotion in men has no appreciable mechanical effect on breathing.
Academic Article Tidal volume perception in a C1-C2 tetraplegic subject is blocked by airway anesthesia.
Academic Article Reflex compensation of spontaneous breathing when immersion changes diaphragm length.
Academic Article Effect of posture on upper and lower rib cage motion and tidal volume during diaphragm pacing.
Academic Article Gray matter blood flow change is unevenly distributed during moderate isocapnic hypoxia in humans.
Academic Article Reflex compensation of voluntary inspiration when immersion changes diaphragm length.
Academic Article Simple contrivance "clamps" end-tidal PCO(2) and PO(2) despite rapid changes in ventilation.
Academic Article Effect of transrespiratory pressure on PETCO2-PaCO2 and ventilatory reflexes in humans.
Academic Article Self-control and external control of mechanical ventilation give equal air hunger relief.
Academic Article Reduced tidal volume increases 'air hunger' at fixed PCO2 in ventilated quadriplegics.
Academic Article Gas exchange during high-frequency ventilation of the chicken.
Academic Article 'Air hunger' arising from increased PCO2 in mechanically ventilated quadriplegics.
Academic Article Diaphragm electrical activity during negative lower torso pressure in quadriplegic men.
Academic Article Ventilatory responses to exercise in humans lacking ventilatory chemosensitivity.
Academic Article Breathlessness in humans activates insular cortex.
Academic Article High-level quadriplegics perceive lung volume change.
Concept Tidal Volume
Academic Article Dyspnea affective response: comparing COPD patients with healthy volunteers and laboratory model with activities of daily living.
Academic Article Unrecognized suffering in the ICU: addressing dyspnea in mechanically ventilated patients.
Academic Article The time-course of cortico-limbic neural responses to air hunger.
Academic Article Aerosol furosemide for dyspnea: High-dose controlled delivery does not improve effectiveness.
Academic Article Aerosol furosemide for dyspnea: Controlled delivery does not improve effectiveness.
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