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Academic Article Self-control of level of mechanical ventilation to minimize CO2 induced air hunger.
Academic Article Stimulus-response characteristics of CO2-induced air hunger in normal subjects.
Academic Article Time course of air hunger mirrors the biphasic ventilatory response to hypoxia.
Academic Article 'Air hunger' from increased PCO2 persists after complete neuromuscular block in humans.
Academic Article The air hunger response of four elite breath-hold divers.
Academic Article BOLD fMRI identifies limbic, paralimbic, and cerebellar activation during air hunger.
Academic Article Acute partial paralysis alters perceptions of air hunger, work and effort at constant P(CO(2)) and V(E).
Academic Article Dynamic response characteristics of CO2-induced air hunger.
Academic Article The perception of respiratory work and effort can be independent of the perception of air hunger.
Academic Article Air hunger induced by acute increase in PCO2 adapts to chronic elevation of PCO2 in ventilated humans.
Academic Article Mechanical chest-wall vibration does not relieve air hunger.
Academic Article Hypoxic and hypercapnic drives to breathe generate equivalent levels of air hunger in humans.
Academic Article The affective dimension of laboratory dyspnea: air hunger is more unpleasant than work/effort.
Academic Article Effect of inhaled furosemide on air hunger induced in healthy humans.
Academic Article Self-control and external control of mechanical ventilation give equal air hunger relief.
Academic Article Reduced tidal volume increases 'air hunger' at fixed PCO2 in ventilated quadriplegics.
Academic Article 'Air hunger' arising from increased PCO2 in mechanically ventilated quadriplegics.
Academic Article The time-course of cortico-limbic neural responses to air hunger.
Grant Cerebral Mechanisms Underlying Dyspnea
Academic Article Air Hunger and Psychological Trauma in Ventilated Patients with COVID-19. An Urgent Problem.
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