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Academic Article Event-related potentials (ERPs) to deviant auditory stimuli during sleep and waking.
Academic Article The effect of optokinetic stimulation on daytime sleepiness.
Academic Article Sleep and vestibular adaptation: implications for function in microgravity.
Academic Article Toward a cognitive neuroscience of sleep.
Academic Article Sleep and memory: the ongoing debate.
Academic Article Posttraining sleep enhances automaticity in perceptual discrimination.
Academic Article Sleep quality deteriorates over a binge--abstinence cycle in chronic smoked cocaine users.
Academic Article Dissecting sleep-dependent learning and memory consolidation. Comment on Schabus M et al. Sleep spindles and their significance for declarative memory consolidation. Sleep 2004;27(8):1479-85.
Academic Article A "Jekyll and Hyde" within: aggressive versus friendly interactions in REM and non-REM dreams.
Academic Article Brain-mind states: I. Longitudinal field study of sleep/wake factors influencing mentation report length.
Academic Article Sleep-induced changes in associative memory.
Academic Article Brain-mind states: reciprocal variation in thoughts and hallucinations.
Academic Article Sleep: the ebb and flow of memory consolidation.
Academic Article The simplest way to reboot your brain.
Academic Article Finding the stuff that dreams are made of.
Academic Article It's practice, with sleep, that makes perfect: implications of sleep-dependent learning and plasticity for skill performance.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent motor memory plasticity in the human brain.
Academic Article Individual differences in subjective and objective alertness during sleep deprivation are stable and unrelated.
Academic Article Dissociable stages of human memory consolidation and reconsolidation.
Academic Article A failure of sleep-dependent procedural learning in chronic, medicated schizophrenia.
Academic Article Memory consolidation and reconsolidation: what is the role of sleep?
Academic Article Sleep, learning, and dreams: off-line memory reprocessing.
Academic Article To dream or not to dream? Relevant data from new neuroimaging and electrophysiological studies.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent learning: a nap is as good as a night.
Academic Article Linking brain and behavior in sleep-dependent learning and memory consolidation.
Academic Article Emotional experience during rapid-eye-movement sleep in narcolepsy.
Academic Article Neuroscience: a memory boost while you sleep.
Academic Article Eyelid movements and mental activity at sleep onset.
Academic Article The restorative effect of naps on perceptual deterioration.
Academic Article Practice with sleep makes perfect: sleep-dependent motor skill learning.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent memory consolidation and reconsolidation.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent theta oscillations in the human hippocampus and neocortex.
Academic Article Thinking and hallucinating: reciprocal changes in sleep.
Academic Article Gamma EEG dynamics in neocortex and hippocampus during human wakefulness and sleep.
Academic Article Visual discrimination learning requires sleep after training.
Academic Article Cognitive flexibility across the sleep-wake cycle: REM-sleep enhancement of anagram problem solving.
Academic Article Normalizing effects of modafinil on sleep in chronic cocaine users.
Academic Article Reduced overnight consolidation of procedural learning in chronic medicated schizophrenia is related to specific sleep stages.
Academic Article Eyelid movements measured by Nightcap predict slow eye movements during quiet wakefulness in humans.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent learning and memory consolidation.
Academic Article Sleep, sleep-dependent procedural learning and vigilance in chronic cocaine users: Evidence for occult insomnia.
Academic Article Sleep architecture, cocaine and visual learning.
Academic Article Procedural and declarative memory task performance, and the memory consolidation function of sleep, in recent and abstinent ecstasy/MDMA users.
Academic Article The role of sleep in false memory formation.
Academic Article To sleep: perchance to learn.
Academic Article Sleep spindle activity is associated with the integration of new memories and existing knowledge.
Academic Article Sleep enhances category learning.
Academic Article A brief nap is beneficial for human route-learning: The role of navigation experience and EEG spectral power.
Academic Article Dreaming and waking consciousness: a character recognition study.
Academic Article Dreaming and episodic memory: a functional dissociation?
Academic Article Reduced sleep spindles and spindle coherence in schizophrenia: mechanisms of impaired memory consolidation?
Academic Article Effects of fluvoxamine and paroxetine on sleep structure in normal subjects: a home-based Nightcap evaluation during drug administration and withdrawal.
Academic Article Sleep and the time course of motor skill learning.
Academic Article Cognitive behavior therapy and pharmacotherapy for insomnia: a randomized controlled trial and direct comparison.
Academic Article To sleep, perchance to gain creative insight?
Academic Article Sleep preferentially enhances memory for emotional components of scenes.
Academic Article Memory for semantically related and unrelated declarative information: the benefit of sleep, the cost of wake.
Academic Article Of sleep, memories and trauma.
Academic Article The sleeping brain's influence on verbal memory: boosting resistance to interference.
Academic Article How do I remember? Let me count the ways.
Academic Article Does abnormal sleep impair memory consolidation in schizophrenia?
Academic Article Dreaming and offline memory processing.
Academic Article Sleep optimizes motor skill in older adults.
Academic Article The neuropsychology of REM sleep dreaming.
Academic Article Nightcap: a reliable system for determining sleep onset latency.
Academic Article EMDR: a putative neurobiological mechanism of action.
Academic Article The mind in REM sleep: reports of emotional experience.
Academic Article Do lonely days invade the nights? Potential social modulation of sleep efficiency.
Academic Article Nightcap measurement of sleep quality in self-described good and poor sleepers.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent learning and motor-skill complexity.
Academic Article Failure to find executive function deficits following one night's total sleep deprivation in university students under naturalistic conditions.
Academic Article Individual differences in face recognition memory: comparison among habitual short, average, and long sleepers.
Academic Article Overnight alchemy: sleep-dependent memory evolution.
Academic Article Dreaming of a learning task is associated with enhanced sleep-dependent memory consolidation.
Academic Article Sleep: off-line memory reprocessing.
Academic Article Sleep. Sleep the beloved teacher?
Academic Article The role of sleep in declarative memory consolidation: passive, permissive, active or none?
Academic Article Dreaming and the brain: toward a cognitive neuroscience of conscious states.
Academic Article The functional anatomy of sleep-dependent visual skill learning.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent memory consolidation.
Academic Article Interfering with theories of sleep and memory: sleep, declarative memory, and associative interference.
Academic Article Nightcap: laboratory and home-based evaluation of a portable sleep monitor.
Academic Article Increased sleep fragmentation leads to impaired off-line consolidation of motor memories in humans.
Academic Article Sleep promotes generalization of extinction of conditioned fear.
Academic Article Sleep now, remember later.
Academic Article Cognitive replay of visuomotor learning at sleep onset: temporal dynamics and relationship to task performance.
Academic Article The role of sleep in forgetting in temporal lobe epilepsy: a pilot study.
Academic Article To sleep, to strive, or both: how best to optimize memory.
Academic Article Suppression of eltoprazine-induced REM sleep rebound by scopolamine.
Academic Article Watching the sleeping brain watch us - sensory processing during sleep.
Academic Article SSRI treatment suppresses dream recall frequency but increases subjective dream intensity in normal subjects.
Academic Article Memory, Sleep and Dreaming: Experiencing Consolidation.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent memory triage: evolving generalization through selective processing.
Academic Article Visual discrimination task improvement: A multi-step process occurring during sleep.
Academic Article Replaying the game: hypnagogic images in normals and amnesics.
Academic Article Sleep, memory, and plasticity.
Academic Article Napping promotes inter-session habituation to emotional stimuli.
Concept Sleep Stages
Concept Sleep Apnea, Obstructive
Concept Sleep Deprivation
Concept Sleep
Concept Sleep, REM
Concept Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders
Academic Article Early to bed: how sleep benefits children's memory.
Academic Article The effects of eszopiclone on sleep spindles and memory consolidation in schizophrenia: a randomized placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Parsing the role of sleep in memory processing.
Academic Article Poor sleep maintenance and subjective sleep quality are associated with postpartum maternal depression symptom severity.
Academic Article Untreated sleep-disordered breathing: links to aging-related decline in sleep-dependent memory consolidation.
Academic Article Delusional confusion of dreaming and reality in narcolepsy.
Academic Article Sleep spindle deficits in antipsychotic-naïve early course schizophrenia and in non-psychotic first-degree relatives.
Academic Article Negative reinforcement impairs overnight memory consolidation.
Academic Article Resting state connectivity immediately following learning correlates with subsequent sleep-dependent enhancement of motor task performance.
Academic Article Sleep spindle and slow wave frequency reflect motor skill performance in primary school-age children.
Academic Article First night of CPAP: impact on memory consolidation attention and subjective experience.
Academic Article REM sleep enhancement of probabilistic classification learning is sensitive to subsequent interference.
Academic Article Napping and the selective consolidation of negative aspects of scenes.
Academic Article Sleep, memory and schizophrenia.
Academic Article Sleep Dependent Memory Consolidation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Academic Article Sleep and cognition.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of wrist electrodermal activity during sleep.
Academic Article Sleep: Keeping One Eye Open.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent memory consolidation in the epilepsy monitoring unit: A pilot study.
Academic Article Experience Playing a Musical Instrument and Overnight Sleep Enhance Performance on a Sequential Typing Task.
Grant EEG Signatures of Offline Memory Reactivation and Consolidation
Grant The evolution of memories across wake and sleep
Grant fMRI VIsualization Of The Human Brain During Sleep Onset
Grant Experimental manipulation of sleep mentation and memory
Grant Sleep-dependent memory processing in schizophrenia
Academic Article Reduced Sleep Spindles in Schizophrenia: A Treatable Endophenotype That Links Risk Genes to Impaired Cognition?
Academic Article Overnight Sleep Enhances Hippocampus-Dependent Aspects of Spatial Memory.
Academic Article Coordination of Slow Waves with Sleep Spindles Predicts Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation in Schizophrenia.
Academic Article Coordination of Slow Waves With Sleep Spindles Predicts Sleep-Dependent Memory Consolidation in Schizophrenia.
Academic Article Characterizing sleep spindles in 11,630 individuals from the National Sleep Research Resource.
Academic Article Individual Differences in Frequency and Topography of Slow and Fast Sleep Spindles.
Academic Article Impaired memory consolidation in children with obstructive sleep disordered breathing.
Academic Article The Relative Impact of Sleep and Circadian Drive on Motor Skill Acquisition and Memory Consolidation.
Academic Article The Importance of Sleep in Fear Conditioning and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Academic Article Recurrence of task-related electroencephalographic activity during post-training quiet rest and sleep.
Academic Article Spared and impaired sleep-dependent memory consolidation in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Dreaming of a learning task is associated with enhanced memory consolidation: Replication in an overnight sleep study.
Academic Article Large-scale structure and individual fingerprints of locally coupled sleep oscillations.
Academic Article Sleep selectively stabilizes contextual aspects of negative memories.
Academic Article Procedural memory consolidation after a night of sleep in bipolar disorder with psychotic features.
Academic Article Abnormal Sleep Spindles, Memory Consolidation, and Schizophrenia.
Academic Article The hippocampus is necessary for the consolidation of a task that does not require the hippocampus for initial learning.
Academic Article Increased Thalamocortical Connectivity in Schizophrenia Correlates With Sleep Spindle Deficits: Evidence for a Common Pathophysiology.
Academic Article Coupled electrophysiological, hemodynamic, and cerebrospinal fluid oscillations in human sleep.
Academic Article Naps reliably estimate nocturnal sleep spindle density in health and schizophrenia.
Academic Article REM-related obstructive sleep apnea: when does it matter? Effect on motor memory consolidation versus emotional health.
Academic Article Dormio: A targeted dream incubation device.
Academic Article The effects of eszopiclone on sleep spindles and memory consolidation in schizophrenia: a randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article The roles of item exposure and visualization success in the consolidation of memories across wake and sleep.
Academic Article Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Restores Declarative Memory Deficit in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
Academic Article Focal Sleep Spindle Deficits Reveal Focal Thalamocortical Dysfunction and Predict Cognitive Deficits in Sleep Activated Developmental Epilepsy.
Academic Article Daytime Exposure to Short Wavelength-Enriched Light Improves Cognitive Performance in Sleep-Restricted College-Aged Adults.
Academic Article Sleep Spindles Preferentially Consolidate Weakly Encoded Memories.
Academic Article Sleep spindles comprise a subset of a broader class of electroencephalogram events.
Academic Article Sleep: Opening a portal to the dreaming brain.
Academic Article Examining the effects of time of day and sleep on generalization.
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