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Academic Article Event-related potentials (ERPs) to deviant auditory stimuli during sleep and waking.
Academic Article The effect of optokinetic stimulation on daytime sleepiness.
Academic Article Sleep and memory: the ongoing debate.
Academic Article Sleep quality deteriorates over a binge--abstinence cycle in chronic smoked cocaine users.
Academic Article Dissecting sleep-dependent learning and memory consolidation. Comment on Schabus M et al. Sleep spindles and their significance for declarative memory consolidation. Sleep 2004;27(8):1479-85.
Academic Article A "Jekyll and Hyde" within: aggressive versus friendly interactions in REM and non-REM dreams.
Academic Article Brain-mind states: I. Longitudinal field study of sleep/wake factors influencing mentation report length.
Academic Article Sleep-induced changes in associative memory.
Academic Article Brain-mind states: reciprocal variation in thoughts and hallucinations.
Academic Article Dissociable stages of human memory consolidation and reconsolidation.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent learning: a nap is as good as a night.
Academic Article Eyelid movements and mental activity at sleep onset.
Academic Article Thinking and hallucinating: reciprocal changes in sleep.
Academic Article Gamma EEG dynamics in neocortex and hippocampus during human wakefulness and sleep.
Academic Article Cognitive flexibility across the sleep-wake cycle: REM-sleep enhancement of anagram problem solving.
Academic Article Reduced overnight consolidation of procedural learning in chronic medicated schizophrenia is related to specific sleep stages.
Academic Article Eyelid movements measured by Nightcap predict slow eye movements during quiet wakefulness in humans.
Academic Article The role of sleep in false memory formation.
Academic Article Sleep spindle activity is associated with the integration of new memories and existing knowledge.
Academic Article A brief nap is beneficial for human route-learning: The role of navigation experience and EEG spectral power.
Academic Article Dreaming and episodic memory: a functional dissociation?
Academic Article Reduced sleep spindles and spindle coherence in schizophrenia: mechanisms of impaired memory consolidation?
Academic Article Effects of fluvoxamine and paroxetine on sleep structure in normal subjects: a home-based Nightcap evaluation during drug administration and withdrawal.
Academic Article To sleep, perchance to gain creative insight?
Academic Article How do I remember? Let me count the ways.
Academic Article Nightcap measurement of sleep quality in self-described good and poor sleepers.
Academic Article Dreaming of a learning task is associated with enhanced sleep-dependent memory consolidation.
Academic Article Dreaming and the brain: toward a cognitive neuroscience of conscious states.
Academic Article Nightcap: laboratory and home-based evaluation of a portable sleep monitor.
Academic Article Cognitive replay of visuomotor learning at sleep onset: temporal dynamics and relationship to task performance.
Academic Article Visual discrimination task improvement: A multi-step process occurring during sleep.
Academic Article Replaying the game: hypnagogic images in normals and amnesics.
Concept Sleep Stages
Academic Article The effects of eszopiclone on sleep spindles and memory consolidation in schizophrenia: a randomized placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of wrist electrodermal activity during sleep.
Grant The evolution of memories across wake and sleep
Grant fMRI VIsualization Of The Human Brain During Sleep Onset
Grant Experimental manipulation of sleep mentation and memory
Academic Article Reduced Sleep Spindles in Schizophrenia: A Treatable Endophenotype That Links Risk Genes to Impaired Cognition?
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