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Academic Article Cortical thickness in a case of congenital unilateral perisylvian syndrome.
Academic Article Modeling GABA alterations in schizophrenia: a link between impaired inhibition and altered gamma and beta range auditory entrainment.
Academic Article Current dipole orientation and distribution of epileptiform activity correlates with cortical thinning in left mesiotemporal epilepsy.
Academic Article Aids to telemetry in the presurgical evaluation of epilepsy patients: MRI, MEG and other non-invasive imaging techniques.
Academic Article Temporal encoding in auditory evoked neuromagnetic fields: stochastic resonance.
Academic Article Neural correlates of tactile detection: a combined magnetoencephalography and biophysically based computational modeling study.
Academic Article Patterns of spontaneous magnetoencephalographic activity in patients with schizophrenia.
Academic Article Assessing and improving the spatial accuracy in MEG source localization by depth-weighted minimum-norm estimates.
Academic Article Aberrant frontoparietal function during recognition memory in schizophrenia: a multimodal neuroimaging investigation.
Academic Article Evaluation of postoperative sharp waveforms through EEG and magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Propagation of epileptic spikes reconstructed from spatiotemporal magnetoencephalographic and electroencephalographic source analysis.
Academic Article Localization of focal epileptic discharges using functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Multimodal imaging of spike propagation: a technical case report.
Academic Article Dynamic statistical parametric mapping for analyzing the magnetoencephalographic epileptiform activity in patients with epilepsy.
Academic Article MRI-constrained spectral imaging of benzodiazepine modulation of spontaneous neuromagnetic activity in human cortex.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalography in Epileptic Patients with Widelspread Spike or Slow Wave Activity,
Academic Article Spectral spatiotemporal imaging of cortical oscillations and interactions in the human brain.
Academic Article A non-invasive method to relate the timing of neural activity to white matter microstructural integrity.
Academic Article Clinical applications of magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Dynamic statistical parametric mapping for analyzing ictal magnetoencephalographic spikes in patients with intractable frontal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Application of magnetoencephalography in epilepsy patients with widespread spike or slow-wave activity.
Academic Article Peri-threshold encoding of stimulus frequency and intensity in the M100 latency.
Academic Article Dynamic Granger-Geweke causality modeling with application to interictal spike propagation.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalographic mapping of interictal spike propagation: a technical and clinical report.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis and biophysically realistic neural modeling of the MEG mu rhythm: rhythmogenesis and modulation of sensory-evoked responses.
Academic Article Language lateralization represented by spatiotemporal mapping of magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Diffuse cerebral language representation in tuberous sclerosis complex.
Academic Article Onset timing of cross-sensory activations and multisensory interactions in auditory and visual sensory cortices.
Academic Article Quantification of the benefit from integrating MEG and EEG data in minimum l2-norm estimation.
Academic Article Decreased language laterality in tuberous sclerosis complex: a relationship between language dominance and tuber location as well as history of epilepsy.
Academic Article Functional Mapping with Simultaneous MEG and EEG.
Academic Article Clinical magnetoencephalography for neurosurgery.
Academic Article Eye movements modulate the spatiotemporal dynamics of word processing.
Academic Article Latency of the auditory evoked neuromagnetic field components: stimulus dependence and insights toward perception.
Academic Article The value of multichannel MEG and EEG in the presurgical evaluation of 70 epilepsy patients.
Academic Article Comparison of three methods for localizing interictal epileptiform discharges with magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Mapping the signal-to-noise-ratios of cortical sources in magnetoencephalography and electroencephalography.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalographic analysis in patients with vagus nerve stimulator.
Concept Magnetoencephalography
Academic Article Editorial: Connectivity via magnetoencephalography.
Academic Article Altered structural connectome in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Clinical value of magnetoencephalographic spike propagation represented by spatiotemporal source analysis: correlation with surgical outcome.
Academic Article A Mapping Between Structural and Functional Brain Networks.
Grant Superior Temporal Gyrus function in Schizophrenia
Academic Article Interictal High Frequency Oscillations Detected with Simultaneous Magnetoencephalography and Electroencephalography as Biomarker of Pediatric Epilepsy.
Academic Article Dynamic connectivity modulates local activity in the core regions of the default-mode network.
Academic Article Maturation trajectories of cortical resting-state networks depend on the mediating frequency band.
Academic Article Magnetoencephalographic Spike Analysis in Patients With Focal Cortical Dysplasia: What Defines a "Dipole Cluster"?
Academic Article Magnetoencephalographic Mapping of Epileptic Spike Population Using Distributed Source Analysis: Comparison With Intracranial Electroencephalographic Spikes.
Grant Interictal High Frequency Oscillations of Epileptogenecity in Pediatric Patients
Academic Article Assessing the localization accuracy and clinical utility of electric and magnetic source imaging in children with epilepsy.
Academic Article Noninvasive Localization of High-Frequency Oscillations in Children with Epilepsy: Validation against Intracranial Gold-Standard.
Academic Article Scalp ripples as prognostic biomarkers of epileptogenicity in pediatric surgery.
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