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Academic Article Univariate and multivariate family-based association analysis of the IL-13 ARG130GLN polymorphism in the Childhood Asthma Management Program.
Academic Article A new powerful non-parametric two-stage approach for testing multiple phenotypes in family-based association studies.
Academic Article New powerful approaches for family-based association tests with longitudinal measurements.
Academic Article Parsing the effects of individual SNPs in candidate genes with family data.
Academic Article PBAT: tools for family-based association studies.
Academic Article Single-nucleotide polymorphism rs498055 on chromosome 10q24 is not associated with Alzheimer disease in two independent family samples.
Academic Article Power and design considerations for a general class of family-based association tests: quantitative traits.
Academic Article Testing and estimating gene-environment interactions in family-based association studies.
Academic Article Using the noninformative families in family-based association tests: a powerful new testing strategy.
Academic Article On a general class of conditional tests for family-based association studies in genetics: the asymptotic distribution, the conditional power, and optimality considerations.
Academic Article Genomic screening and replication using the same data set in family-based association testing.
Academic Article On dichotomizing phenotypes in family-based association tests: quantitative phenotypes are not always the optimal choice.
Academic Article Gene-environment interaction tests for dichotomous traits in trios and sibships.
Academic Article Extended haplotype in the tumor necrosis factor gene cluster is associated with asthma and asthma-related phenotypes.
Academic Article Screening and replication using the same data set: testing strategies for family-based studies in which all probands are affected.
Academic Article Common genetic variation in the GAD1 gene and the entire family of DLX homeobox genes and autism spectrum disorders.
Academic Article Statistical challenges for genome-wide association studies of suicidality using family data.
Academic Article Genomewide weighted hypothesis testing in family-based association studies, with an application to a 100K scan.
Academic Article On the genome-wide analysis of copy number variants in family-based designs: methods for combining family-based and population-based information for testing dichotomous or quantitative traits, or completely ascertained samples.
Academic Article Family-based association between Alzheimer's disease and variants in UBQLN1.
Academic Article Power calculations for a general class of family-based association tests: dichotomous traits.
Academic Article PBAT: a comprehensive software package for genome-wide association analysis of complex family-based studies.
Academic Article FBAT-SNP-PC: an approach for multiple markers and single trait in family-based association tests.
Academic Article A doubly robust test for gene-environment interaction in family-based studies of affected offspring.
Academic Article Asthma-susceptibility variants identified using probands in case-control and family-based analyses.
Academic Article A multivariate family-based association test using generalized estimating equations: FBAT-GEE.
Academic Article Family-based association tests for survival and times-to-onset analysis.
Academic Article Family-based association test for time-to-onset data with time-dependent differences between the hazard functions.
Academic Article Genomic screening in family-based association testing.
Academic Article On genome-wide association studies for family-based designs: an integrative analysis approach combining ascertained family samples with unselected controls.
Academic Article Assessment of Alzheimer's disease case-control associations using family-based methods.
Academic Article Variants in FAM13A are associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article An omnibus test for family-based association studies with multiple SNPs and multiple phenotypes.
Academic Article On quality control measures in genome-wide association studies: a test to assess the genotyping quality of individual probands in family-based association studies and an application to the HapMap data.
Academic Article On the analysis of genome-wide association studies in family-based designs: a universal, robust analysis approach and an application to four genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Family-based association analysis of beta2-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms in the childhood asthma management program.
Academic Article A family-based association test for repeatedly measured quantitative traits adjusting for unknown environmental and/or polygenic effects.
Academic Article Family-based methods for linkage and association analysis.
Academic Article Combining disease models to test for gene-environment interaction in nuclear families.
Academic Article On the parsing of statistical information in family-based association testing.
Academic Article Family-based association analysis of a statistically derived quantitative traits for ADHD reveal an association in DRD4 with inattentive symptoms in ADHD individuals.
Academic Article A Bayesian approach to genetic association studies with family-based designs.
Academic Article Two-stage testing strategies for genome-wide association studies in family-based designs.
Academic Article Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) susceptibility.
Academic Article Family-based designs in the age of large-scale gene-association studies.
Academic Article Impact of population stratification on family-based association tests with longitudinal measurements.
Academic Article Differentiating population stratification from genotyping error using family data.
Academic Article Attempted replication of reported chronic obstructive pulmonary disease candidate gene associations.
Academic Article Genome-wide association studies of family data in pharmacogenetics: a case study.
Academic Article On the meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies: a robust and efficient approach to combine population and family-based studies.
Academic Article On the analysis of copy-number variations in genome-wide association studies: a translation of the family-based association test.
Academic Article Integration of genomic and genetic approaches implicates IREB2 as a COPD susceptibility gene.
Concept Nuclear Family
Concept Family
Concept Multigene Family
Concept Family Health
Academic Article Rare autosomal copy number variations in early-onset familial Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Testing for direct genetic effects using a screening step in family-based association studies.
Academic Article Family-based designs.
Academic Article FARVAT: a family-based rare variant association test.
Academic Article A general framework for robust and efficient association analysis in family-based designs: quantitative and dichotomous phenotypes.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study in obsessive-compulsive disorder: results from the OCGAS.
Academic Article Adjusting heterogeneous ascertainment bias for genetic association analysis with extended families.
Grant Common Genetic Determinants of Asthma and COPD-PROGRAM PROJECT
Grant Novel Statistical Approaches to Mental Health Phenotype Analysis in GWA Studies
Grant A New Approach to Mental Health Phenotypes in Family Genomewide Association
Academic Article Maximizing the Power of Genome-Wide Association Studies: A Novel Class of Powerful Family-Based Association Tests.
Academic Article Gene-based segregation method for identifying rare variants in family-based sequencing studies.
Academic Article Family-based tests for associating haplotypes with general phenotype data: Improving the FBAT-haplotype algorithm.
Academic Article A comparison of popular TDT-generalizations for family-based association analysis.
Academic Article metaFARVAT: An Efficient Tool for Meta-Analysis of Family-Based, Case-Control, and Population-Based Rare Variant Association Studies.
Academic Article Identification of Novel Alzheimer's Disease Loci Using Sex-Specific Family-Based Association Analysis of Whole-Genome Sequence Data.
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