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Academic Article Engineered collagen-PEO nanofibers and fabrics.
Academic Article PEO enhancement of platelet deposition, fibrinogen deposition, and complement C3 activation.
Academic Article High-resolution analysis of engineered type I collagen nanofibers by electron microscopy.
Academic Article Scanning electron microscopy analysis of polyethylene oxide hydrogels for blood contact.
Academic Article Novel thromboresistant materials.
Academic Article Layer-by-layer assembly of a conformal nanothin PEG coating for intraportal islet transplantation.
Academic Article Dendritic carrier based on PEG: design and degradation of acid-sensitive dendrimer-like poly(ethylene oxide)s.
Academic Article Carbohydrate and protein immobilization onto solid surfaces by sequential Diels-Alder and azide-alkyne cycloadditions.
Academic Article Ischemic nephropathy and concomitant aortic disease: a ten-year experience.
Academic Article Cell surface engineering with polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of a new polymeric material for small caliber vascular prostheses.
Academic Article Maleimide-thiol coupling of a bioactive peptide to an elastin-like protein polymer.
Academic Article Dendrimer-like PEO glycopolymers exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.
Academic Article Delayed rupture of aortic aneurysms following endovascular stent grafting.
Academic Article Noncovalent cell surface engineering with cationic graft copolymers.
Academic Article Bouquet-type dendrimerlike poly(ethylene oxide)s with a focal aldehyde and peripheral hydroxyls.
Academic Article Surface re-engineering of pancreatic islets with recombinant azido-thrombomodulin.
Academic Article Janus-type dendrimer-like poly(ethylene oxide)s.
Academic Article C-terminal site-specific PEGylation of a truncated thrombomodulin mutant with retention of full bioactivity.
Academic Article pH responsiveness of dendrimer-like poly(ethylene oxide)s.
Concept Polyethylene Terephthalates
Concept Polyethylene Glycols
Academic Article Immobilization of actively thromboresistant assemblies on sterile blood-contacting surfaces.
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