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overview RESEARCH INTERESTS My research goals are directed at discovering the mechanisms involved in the relationship between sleep deficiency and disease risk, in particular chronic pain, with a focus on central pain processing and inflammatory networks as promising mechanistic candidates. Over the years, I have developed an interdisciplinary research program linking sleep physiology, inflammatory and endocrine stress systems, and pain processing. I have developed and implemented complex and lengthy experimental models of sleep deficiency that mimic sleep patterns that are highly common in society, such as the repeated exposure to restricting sleep on weekdays and catching-up on sleep over the weekend, or patterns of recurrent sleep disturbances. I am also investigating the sleep-pain relationships using real-life models, such as insomnia disorder. Based on these laboratory and non-laboratory models, findings repeatedly suggested that women and may respond differently to sleep deficiency. Given that such response differences may contribute to sex-differential disease susceptibility, my future work will incorporate the investigation of sex differences. SOCIETY MEMBERSHIP 1999 – present German Sleep Society (DGSM) 2003 – present Sleep Research Society (SRS) 2012 – present American Pain Society (APS) 2015 – present Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society (PNIRS)
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Academic Article Sustained sleep restriction reduces emotional and physical well-being.
Academic Article Pain sensitivity and modulation in primary insomnia.
Academic Article Shorter habitual sleep duration is associated with higher increase in subjective estimation of pain in response to a total sleep deprivation (TSD) challenge
Academic Article Activation of the prostaglandin system in response to sleep loss in healthy humans: potential mediator of increased spontaneous pain.
Academic Article Elevated inflammatory markers in response to prolonged sleep restriction are associated with increased pain experience in healthy volunteers.
Academic Article Sleep restriction increases IL-6 levels and pain-related symptoms in healthy volunteers
Academic Article Subjective estimations of pain increase in both total sleep deprivation (TSD) and partial sleep deprivation (PSD)
Concept Pain Threshold
Concept Pain Measurement
Mentoring - Completed Student Project Subjective and biological response reactivity to a pain challenge in the course of repeated patterns of sleep restriction and recovery – a pilot study
Grant Repeating patterns of sleep restriction and recovery - do we get used to it?
Grant Pain Sensitization and Habituation in a Model of Experimentally-Induced Insomnia Symptoms
Academic Article Chronic exposure to insufficient sleep alters processes of pain habituation and sensitization.
Academic Article Sleep deficiency and chronic pain: potential underlying mechanisms and clinical implications.
Academic Article Impact of daily yoga-based exercise on pain, catastrophizing, and sleep amongst individuals with fibromyalgia.
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