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Academic Article Therapeutic stem-cells for cancer treatment: hopes and hurdles in tactical warfare.
Academic Article Mesenchymal stem cells engineered for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Evaluating the effect of therapeutic stem cells on TRAIL resistant and sensitive medulloblastomas.
Academic Article Assessment of therapeutic efficacy and fate of engineered human mesenchymal stem cells for cancer therapy.
Academic Article Therapeutic efficacy and fate of bimodal engineered stem cells in malignant brain tumors.
Concept Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Concept Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation
Academic Article Stem cells loaded with multimechanistic oncolytic herpes simplex virus variants for brain tumor therapy.
Academic Article Response.
Academic Article Combination of systemic chemotherapy with local stem cell delivered S-TRAIL in resected brain tumors.
Academic Article Encapsulated stem cells loaded with hyaluronidase-expressing oncolytic virus for brain tumor therapy.
Academic Article Antiangiogenic variant of TSP-1 targets tumor cells in glioblastomas.
Grant In vivo imaging of the stem cell loaded oncolytic viruses for cancer therapy
Grant Fate and efficacy of targeted therapies for metastatic tumors
Grant In vivo imaging of encapsulated stem cells in mouse models of tumor resection
Grant Developing diagnostic and therapeutic stem cells for cancer therapy
Academic Article Stem cell-released oncolytic herpes simplex virus has therapeutic efficacy in brain metastatic melanomas.
Academic Article Somatostatin receptor type 2 as a radiotheranostic PET reporter gene for oncologic interventions.
Grant Engineered and Encapsulated Stem Cells for Resected Brain Tumors
Academic Article Simultaneous downregulation of miR-21 and upregulation of miR-7 has anti-tumor efficacy.
Academic Article Mesenchymal Stem Cell Immunomodulation: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Potential.
Academic Article Shattering barriers toward clinically meaningful MSC therapies.
Academic Article Mesenchymal stem cell immunomodulation: In pursuit of controlling COVID-19 related cytokine storm.
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