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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Combination-Based Photodynamic Therapy to Disrupt Compensatory VEGF Signalling in Pancreatic Cancer
Academic Article Spectral characterization of the benzoporphyrin derivative monoacid ring-A photoproduct formed in fetal calf solutions during irradiation with 694 nm continuous-wave radiation.
Academic Article Perspectives in cutaneous photodynamic sensitization.
Academic Article Importance of the treatment field for the application of vascular photodynamic therapy to inhibit intimal hyperplasia.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy of orthotopic prostate cancer with benzoporphyrin derivative: local control and distant metastasis.
Academic Article [Selective occlusion of ocular neovascularization by photodynamic therapy].
Academic Article Targeted antimicrobial photochemotherapy.
Academic Article Pretreatment photosensitizer dosimetry reduces variation in tumor response.
Academic Article Effects of photodynamic therapy with topical application of 5-aminolevulinic acid on normal skin of hairless guinea pigs.
Academic Article In vivo fluence rate and fractionation effects on tumor response and photobleaching: photodynamic therapy with two photosensitizers in an orthotopic rat tumor model.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis: the effectiveness of topical phenothiaziniums in parasite eradication and Th1 immune response stimulation.
Academic Article Exploiting a bacterial drug-resistance mechanism: a light-activated construct for the destruction of MRSA.
Academic Article Rapid control of wound infections by targeted photodynamic therapy monitored by in vivo bioluminescence imaging.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy with verteporfin in the radiation-induced fibrosarcoma-1 tumor causes enhanced radiation sensitivity.
Academic Article Targeted photodestruction of human colon cancer cells using charged 17.1A chlorin e6 immunoconjugates.
Academic Article Free and conjugated chlorin E6 in the photodynamic therapy of human bladder carcinoma cells.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of mono-, di-, and tri-poly(ethylene glycol) chlorin e6 conjugates for the photokilling of human ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Targeted optical imaging and photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Combining vascular and cellular targeting regimens enhances the efficacy of photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Experimental photoimmunotherapy of hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer with a 17.1A chlorin(e6) immunoconjugate.
Academic Article Detection of female lower genital tract dysplasia using orally administered 5-aminolevulinic acid induced protoporphyrin IX: a preliminary study.
Academic Article Antimicrobial photodynamic efficacy of side-chain functionalized benzo[a]phenothiazinium dyes.
Academic Article Photoinactivation of Mycobacteria in vitro and in a new murine model of localized Mycobacterium bovis BCG-induced granulomatous infection.
Academic Article Vaccination with photodynamic therapy-treated macrophages induces highly suppressive T-regulatory cells.
Academic Article Photoimmunotherapy of human ovarian carcinoma cells ex vivo.
Academic Article Tumor cell lines resistant to ALA-mediated photodynamic therapy and possible tools to target surviving cells.
Academic Article In vivo optical molecular imaging of vascular endothelial growth factor for monitoring cancer treatment.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy of experimental choroidal neovascularization using lipoprotein-delivered benzoporphyrin.
Academic Article A theoretical study of light fractionation and dose-rate effects in photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy of arteries. A novel approach for treatment of experimental intimal hyperplasia.
Academic Article Mechanisms of action of photodynamic therapy with verteporfin for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.
Academic Article Vitamin D3 enhances the apoptotic response of epithelial tumors to aminolevulinate-based photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Killing hypoxic cell populations in a 3D tumor model with EtNBS-PDT.
Academic Article Rhodamine dyes as potential agents for photochemotherapy of cancer in human bladder carcinoma cells.
Academic Article Intraperitoneal photodynamic therapy of human epithelial ovarian carcinomatosis in a xenograft murine model.
Academic Article Endometrial ablation by means of photodynamic therapy with photofrin II.
Academic Article Targeted photodynamic therapy of established soft-tissue infections in mice.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy for Staphylococcus aureus infected burn wounds in mice.
Academic Article Polycationic photosensitizer conjugates: effects of chain length and Gram classification on the photodynamic inactivation of bacteria.
Academic Article Real-time fluorescence monitoring of phenothiazinium photosensitizers and their anti-mycobacterial photodynamic activity against Mycobacterium bovis BCG in in vitro and in vivo models of localized infection.
Academic Article A mechanism-based combination therapy reduces local tumor growth and metastasis in an orthotopic model of prostate cancer.
Academic Article Photobleaching-based dosimetry predicts deposited dose in ALA-PpIX PDT of rodent esophagus.
Academic Article Effects of growth phase and extracellular slime on photodynamic inactivation of gram-positive pathogenic bacteria.
Academic Article Effect of tumor host microenvironment on photodynamic therapy in a rat prostate tumor model.
Academic Article A mechanistic study of delta-aminolevulinic acid-based photodynamic therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis.
Academic Article Photodynamic tissue adhesion with chlorin(e6) protein conjugates.
Academic Article Treatment of ovarian cancer with photodynamic therapy and immunoconjugates in a murine ovarian cancer model.
Academic Article Pegylation of a chlorin(e6) polymer conjugate increases tumor targeting of photosensitizer.
Academic Article Quantitative imaging reveals heterogeneous growth dynamics and treatment-dependent residual tumor distributions in a three-dimensional ovarian cancer model.
Academic Article Targeted photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Pulsed diode laser-based singlet oxygen monitor for photodynamic therapy: in vivo studies of tumor-laden rats.
Academic Article Benzoporphyrin-lipoprotein-mediated photodestruction of intraocular tumors.
Academic Article In vivo high-resolution fluorescence microendoscopy for ovarian cancer detection and treatment monitoring.
Academic Article Dynamic aspects of rhodamine dye photosensitization in vitro with an argon-ion laser.
Academic Article Verteporfin-based photodynamic therapy overcomes gemcitabine insensitivity in a panel of pancreatic cancer cell lines.
Academic Article Epidermal growth factor receptor-targeted photosensitizer selectively inhibits EGFR signaling and induces targeted phototoxicity in ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Imaging tumor variation in response to photodynamic therapy in pancreatic cancer xenograft models.
Academic Article Monitoring the efficacy of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy in a murine model of cutaneous leishmaniasis using L. major expressing GFP.
Academic Article Targeting of sebaceous glands by d-aminolevulinic acid-based photodynamic therapy: An in vivo study.
Academic Article Parasiticidal effect of delta-aminolevulinic acid-based photodynamic therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis is indirect and mediated through the killing of the host cells.
Academic Article Peptide-induced inflammatory increase in vascular permeability improves photosensitizer delivery and intersubject photodynamic treatment efficacy.
Academic Article Biodistribution and phototoxicity of 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced PpIX in an orthotopic rat bladder tumor model.
Academic Article Low-dose methotrexate enhances aminolevulinate-based photodynamic therapy in skin carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Photodynamic treatment of rheumatoid and inflammatory arthritis.
Academic Article Biodistribution of charged F(ab')2 photoimmunoconjugates in a xenograft model of ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Optical monitoring and treatment of potentially lethal wound infections in vivo.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy: a new antimicrobial approach to infectious disease?
Academic Article Analysis of effective molecular diffusion rates for verteporfin in subcutaneous versus orthotopic Dunning prostate tumors.
Academic Article The role of photosensitizer molecular charge and structure on the efficacy of photodynamic therapy against Leishmania parasites.
Academic Article In vivo fluorescence imaging of the transport of charged chlorin e6 conjugates in a rat orthotopic prostate tumour.
Academic Article Comparison of intravenous and intravesical administration of chloro-aluminum sulfonated phthalocyanine for photodynamic treatment in a rat bladder cancer model.
Academic Article Photodynamic treatment has chondroprotective effects on articular cartilage.
Academic Article Hormonal modulation of the accumulation of 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced protoporphyrin and phototoxicity in prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Transient absorption changes in vivo during photodynamic therapy with pulsed-laser light.
Academic Article Liposomal benzoporphyrin derivative verteporfin photodynamic therapy. Selective treatment of choroidal neovascularization in monkeys.
Academic Article The effect of charge on cellular uptake and phototoxicity of polylysine chlorin(e6) conjugates.
Academic Article Differentiation enhances aminolevulinic acid-dependent photodynamic treatment of LNCaP prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Pegylation of charged polymer-photosensitiser conjugates: effects on photodynamic efficacy.
Academic Article Blood flow dynamics after photodynamic therapy with verteporfin in the RIF-1 tumor.
Academic Article In-vivo singlet oxygen dosimetry of clinical 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Synergistic enhancement of carboplatin efficacy with photodynamic therapy in a three-dimensional model for micrometastatic ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Decreased metastatic phenotype in cells resistant to aminolevulinic acid-photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Strategies for enhanced photodynamic therapy effects.
Academic Article Vascular and cellular targeting for photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Optimization of topical photodynamic therapy with 3,7-bis(di-n-butylamino)phenothiazin-5-ium bromide for cutaneous leishmaniasis.
Academic Article Laser-induced selective cytotoxicity using monoclonal antibody-chromophore conjugates.
Academic Article Mechanistic investigation and implications of photodynamic therapy induction of vascular endothelial growth factor in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Photoimmunotherapy and biodistribution with an OC125-chlorin immunoconjugate in an in vivo murine ovarian cancer model.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetics of a fluorescent drug using laser-induced fluorescence.
Academic Article Imaging and photodynamic therapy: mechanisms, monitoring, and optimization.
Academic Article Prospects for the use of differentiation-modulating agents as adjuvant of photodynamic therapy for proliferative dermatoses.
Academic Article Using cellular mechanisms to develop effective combinations of photodynamic therapy and targeted therapies.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy of experimental choroidal melanoma using lipoprotein-delivered benzoporphyrin.
Academic Article Differentiation-specific increase in ALA-induced protoporphyrin IX accumulation in primary mouse keratinocytes.
Academic Article Photoimmunotherapy of human uveal melanoma cells.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy inhibition of experimental intimal hyperplasia: acute and chronic effects.
Academic Article Vascular targeting in photodynamic occlusion of subretinal vessels.
Academic Article A mechanistic study of cellular photodestruction with 5-aminolaevulinic acid-induced porphyrin.
Academic Article Methotrexate used in combination with aminolaevulinic acid for photodynamic killing of prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Biomodulatory approaches to photodynamic therapy for solid tumors.
Academic Article Chloroaluminum sulfonated phthalocyanine partitioning in normal and intimal hyperplastic artery in the rat. Implications for photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Comparative split-face study of 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy with intense pulsed light for photorejuvenation of Asian skin.
Concept Photochemotherapy
Academic Article A fiberoptic (photodynamic therapy type) device with a photosensitizer and singlet oxygen delivery probe tip for ovarian cancer cell killing.
Academic Article Mechanism of differentiation-enhanced photodynamic therapy for cancer: upregulation of coproporphyrinogen oxidase by C/EBP transcription factors.
Academic Article PDT dose parameters impact tumoricidal durability and cell death pathways in a 3D ovarian cancer model.
Academic Article A new nanoconstruct for epidermal growth factor receptor-targeted photo-immunotherapy of ovarian cancer.
Mentoring - Completed Student Project Improving photodynamic therapy response in a subcutaneous glioblastoma model
Academic Article Contrast enhanced-magnetic resonance imaging as a surrogate to map verteporfin delivery in photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Photosensitizer fluorescence and singlet oxygen luminescence as dosimetric predictors of topical 5-aminolevulinic acid photodynamic therapy induced clinical erythema.
Academic Article CT contrast predicts pancreatic cancer treatment response to verteporfin-based photodynamic therapy.
Academic Article Impact of treatment response metrics on photodynamic therapy planning and outcomes in a three-dimensional model of ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Dual-channel red/blue fluorescence dosimetry with broadband reflectance spectroscopic correction measures protoporphyrin IX production during photodynamic therapy of actinic keratosis.
Academic Article The potential for photodynamic therapy in the treatment of localized infections.
Academic Article Combination of oral vitamin D3 with photodynamic therapy enhances tumor cell death in a murine model of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.
Academic Article Prediction of tumor recurrence and therapy monitoring using ultrasound-guided photoacoustic imaging.
Academic Article Optical Imaging, Photodynamic Therapy and Optically Triggered Combination Treatments.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of battery-operated light-emitting diode-based photodynamic therapy efficacy using tumor volume and biomarker expression as endpoints.
Academic Article Low-cost photodynamic therapy devices for global health settings: Characterization of battery-powered LED performance and smartphone imaging in 3D tumor models.
Academic Article Enhanced efficacy of photodynamic therapy by inhibiting ABCG2 in colon cancers.
Academic Article The role of photodynamic therapy in overcoming cancer drug resistance.
Academic Article Simultaneous delivery of cytotoxic and biologic therapeutics using nanophotoactivatable liposomes enhances treatment efficacy in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Photodynamic Therapy Synergizes with Irinotecan to Overcome Compensatory Mechanisms and Improve Treatment Outcomes in Pancreatic Cancer.
Academic Article Revisiting photodynamic therapy dosimetry: reductionist & surrogate approaches to facilitate clinical success.
Academic Article Photonanomedicine: a convergence of photodynamic therapy and nanotechnology.
Grant Molecular Response and Imaging-based Combination Strategies for Optimal PDT
Grant Targeted Photoactivatable Nanocells to Image and Treat Metastic Ovarian Cancer
Grant Low-cost Enabling Technology for Image-guided Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of Oral
Grant Photodestruction of Ovarian Cancer: ErbB3 Targeted Aptamer Nanoparticle Conjugate
Academic Article Comparing desferrioxamine and light fractionation enhancement of ALA-PpIX photodynamic therapy in skin cancer.
Grant Low-cost Enabling Technology for Image-guided Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) of Oral
Academic Article Vitamin D Combined with Aminolevulinate (ALA)-Mediated Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) for Human Psoriasis: A Proof-of-Principle Study.
Academic Article Beyond the Barriers of Light Penetration: Strategies, Perspectives and Possibilities for Photodynamic Therapy.
Academic Article Fluorouracil Enhances Photodynamic Therapy of Squamous Cell Carcinoma via a p53-Independent Mechanism that Increases Protoporphyrin IX levels and Tumor Cell Death.
Academic Article Application of photodynamic therapy in gastrointestinal disorders: an outdated or re-emerging technique?
Grant Optical imaging guided resection and photodynamic therapy of glioma with targeted photoactivable agents
Academic Article Assessing daylight & low-dose rate photodynamic therapy efficacy, using biomarkers of photophysical, biochemical and biological damage metrics in situ.
Academic Article Photodynamic Priming Mitigates Chemotherapeutic Selection Pressures and Improves Drug Delivery.
Academic Article Photodynamic therapy: Promoting in vitro efficacy of photodynamic therapy by liposomal formulations of a photosensitizing agent.
Academic Article Neoadjuvant photodynamic therapy augments immediate and prolonged oxaliplatin efficacy in metastatic pancreatic cancer organoids.
Academic Article Comparison of Blue and White Lamp Light with Sunlight for Daylight-Mediated, 5-ALA Photodynamic Therapy, in vivo.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of a low-cost, portable, LED-based device for PDT treatment of early-stage oral cancer in resource-limited settings.
Academic Article Size-dependent Tumor Response to Photodynamic Therapy and Irinotecan Monotherapies Revealed by Longitudinal Ultrasound Monitoring in an Orthotopic Pancreatic Cancer Model.
Academic Article A Combination of Visudyne and a Lipid-anchored Liposomal Formulation of Benzoporphyrin Derivative Enhances Photodynamic Therapy Efficacy in a 3D Model for Ovarian Cancer.
Grant Dual function theranostic constructs for photoacoustic guided surgery and photodynamic therapy
Grant 17th Biennial International Photodynamic Association World Congress
Academic Article Low dose photodynamic therapy harmonizes with radiation therapy to induce beneficial effects on pancreatic heterocellular spheroids.
Academic Article Modulation of redox metabolism negates cancer-associated fibroblasts-induced treatment resistance in a heterotypic 3D culture platform of pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Impacting Pancreatic Cancer Therapy in Heterotypic in Vitro Organoids and in Vivo Tumors with Specificity-Tuned, NIR-Activable Photoimmunonanoconjugates: Towards Conquering Desmoplasia?
Academic Article Weather-informed Light-tissue Model-Based Dose Planning for Indoor Daylight Photodynamic Therapy.
Academic Article The Course of Immune Stimulation by Photodynamic Therapy: Bridging Fundamentals of Photochemically Induced Immunogenic Cell Death to the Enrichment of T-Cell Repertoire.
Academic Article Platform for ergonomic intraoral photodynamic therapy using low-cost, modular 3D-printed components: Design, comfort and clinical evaluation.
Academic Article Verteporfin- and sodium porfimer-mediated photodynamic therapy enhances pancreatic cancer cell death without activating stromal cells in the microenvironment.
Academic Article Smartphone fluorescence imager for quantitative dosimetry of protoporphyrin-IX-based photodynamic therapy in skin.
Academic Article Liposomal Lapatinib in Combination with Low-Dose Photodynamic Therapy for the Treatment of Glioma.
Academic Article Vitamin D and Other Differentiation-promoting Agents as Neoadjuvants for Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer.
Academic Article Cabozantinib Inhibits Photodynamic Therapy-Induced Auto- and Paracrine MET Signaling in Heterotypic Pancreatic Microtumors.
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