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Academic Article Assembly of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa nonribosomal peptide siderophore pyochelin: In vitro reconstitution of aryl-4, 2-bisthiazoline synthetase activity from PchD, PchE, and PchF.
Academic Article Catalytic mapping of the vibriobactin biosynthetic enzyme VibF.
Academic Article Coumarin formation in novobiocin biosynthesis: beta-hydroxylation of the aminoacyl enzyme tyrosyl-S-NovH by a cytochrome P450 NovI.
Academic Article A ketoreductase domain in the PksJ protein of the bacillaene assembly line carries out both alpha- and beta-ketone reduction during chain growth.
Academic Article Robust in vitro activity of RebF and RebH, a two-component reductase/halogenase, generating 7-chlorotryptophan during rebeccamycin biosynthesis.
Academic Article Identification of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis gene cluster encoding the biosynthetic enzymes for assembly of the virulence-conferring siderophore mycobactin.
Academic Article Epothilone biosynthesis: assembly of the methylthiazolylcarboxy starter unit on the EpoB subunit.
Academic Article Unraveling terminal C-domain-mediated condensation in fungal biosynthesis of imidazoindolone metabolites.
Academic Article Characterization of the formation of the pyrrole moiety during clorobiocin and coumermycin A1 biosynthesis.
Academic Article Biosynthesis of (-)-(1S,2R)-allocoronamic acyl thioester by an Fe(II)-dependent halogenase and a cyclopropane-forming flavoprotein.
Academic Article Tandem action of the O2- and FADH2-dependent halogenases KtzQ and KtzR produce 6,7-dichlorotryptophan for kutzneride assembly.
Academic Article SyrB2 in syringomycin E biosynthesis is a nonheme FeII alpha-ketoglutarate- and O2-dependent halogenase.
Academic Article Biosynthesis of L-p-hydroxyphenylglycine, a non-proteinogenic amino acid constituent of peptide antibiotics.
Academic Article Crystallographic trapping in the rebeccamycin biosynthetic enzyme RebC.
Academic Article Non-heme hydroxylase engineering for simple enzymatic synthesis of L-threo-hydroxyaspartic acid.
Academic Article From thioesters to amides and back: condensation domain reversibility in the biosynthesis of vibriobactin.
Academic Article Aminoacyl-SNACs as small-molecule substrates for the condensation domains of nonribosomal peptide synthetases.
Academic Article Deoxysugars in glycopeptide antibiotics: enzymatic synthesis of TDP-L-epivancosamine in chloroeremomycin biosynthesis.
Academic Article Peptidyl thiophenols as substrates for nonribosomal peptide cyclases.
Academic Article Chemoenzymatic route to macrocyclic hybrid peptide/polyketide-like molecules.
Academic Article The ATP-dependent amide ligases DdaG and DdaF assemble the fumaramoyl-dipeptide scaffold of the dapdiamide antibiotics.
Academic Article Thirteen posttranslational modifications convert a 14-residue peptide into the antibiotic thiocillin.
Academic Article Structure of the TDP-epi-vancosaminyltransferase GtfA from the chloroeremomycin biosynthetic pathway.
Academic Article Investigating the initial steps in the biosynthesis of cyanobacterial sunscreen scytonemin.
Academic Article Covalent CouN7 enzyme intermediate for acyl group shuttling in aminocoumarin biosynthesis.
Academic Article CloQ, a prenyltransferase involved in clorobiocin biosynthesis.
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