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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Eating Disorders Knowledge and Attitude of Dentists
Academic Article Investigation of previously reported mucosal swellings after injection with Citanest Forte.
Academic Article Profile preferences of Korean American orthodontic patients and orthodontists.
Academic Article Re: primary health care assessment and intervention in the dental office. Lambster IB, Wolf DL. (J Periodontol 2008;79:1825-1832). Primary care provided by periodontists/oral physicians.
Academic Article Why dentists should be called oral physicians now.
Academic Article Oral physicians: an opportunity for dentists?
Academic Article Quantitative relationships between perceived and objective need for health care--dentistry as a model.
Academic Article Oral physicians 'now'!
Academic Article Patient management--psychologic.
Academic Article Presurgical profile preferences of patients and clinicians.
Academic Article Should dentists become 'oral physicians'? Yes, dentists should become 'oral physicians'.
Academic Article Oral physicians.
Academic Article Psychologic aspects of prosthodontic treatment for geriatric patients.
Academic Article Through the looking glasses of physicians, dentists, and patients.
Academic Article Tolerance of deviations in eye and mouth position.
Academic Article Dentists' work habits: a survey.
Academic Article Consumer and provider attitudes toward dentist and expanded auxiliary functions.
Concept Dentist-Patient Relations
Concept Dentists
Academic Article Dentists as oral physicians: the overlooked primary health care resource.
Mentoring - Completed Student Project A Business Case for Oral Physicians: Market Analysis and Potential Practice Models for Dentists to Address the United States Primary Care Shortage
Academic Article Additional benefits of medical screening in a dental setting.
Academic Article Interprofessional collaboration: opportunity for dentists to reinvent themselves as oral physicians.
Academic Article A framework for physician-dentist collaboration in diabetes and periodontitis.
Academic Article Willingness of Rhode Island Dentists to Provide Limited Preventive Primary Care.
Academic Article Should Dental Schools Train Dentists to Routinely Provide Limited Preventive Primary Medical Care? Two Viewpoints: Viewpoint 1: Dentists Should Be Trained to Routinely Provide Limited Preventive Primary Care and Viewpoint 2: Dentists Should Be Trained in Primary Care Medicine to Enable Comprehensive Patient Management Within Their Scope of Practice.
Academic Article For preventive medicine to include oral health care, the dental profession, licensing agencies, payers, and the public must effect change.
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