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Academic Article Race/ethnicity, gender, and monitoring socioeconomic gradients in health: a comparison of area-based socioeconomic measures--the public health disparities geocoding project.
Academic Article Racial disparities in context: a multilevel analysis of neighborhood variations in poverty and excess mortality among black populations in Massachusetts.
Academic Article Women and social class: a methodological study comparing individual, household, and census measures as predictors of black/white differences in reproductive history.
Academic Article Lifetime socioeconomic position in relation to onset of perimenopause.
Academic Article A glossary for social epidemiology.
Academic Article Relations between individual and neighborhood-based measures of socioeconomic position and bone lead concentrations among community-exposed men: the Normative Aging Study.
Academic Article Comparing individual-based and household-based measures of social class to assess class inequalities in women's health: a methodological study of 684 US women.
Academic Article Hormone replacement therapy, cancer, controversies, and women's health: historical, epidemiological, biological, clinical, and advocacy perspectives.
Academic Article Overcoming the absence of socioeconomic data in medical records: validation and application of a census-based methodology.
Academic Article On the wrong side of the tracts? Evaluating the accuracy of geocoding in public health research.
Academic Article Defining and investigating social disparities in cancer: critical issues.
Academic Article Mapping and measuring social disparities in premature mortality: the impact of census tract poverty within and across Boston neighborhoods, 1999-2001.
Academic Article Ladders, pyramids and champagne: the iconography of health inequities.
Academic Article Who, and what, causes health inequities? Reflections on emerging debates from an exploratory Latin American/North American workshop.
Academic Article Sticky webs, hungry spiders, buzzing flies, and fractal metaphors: on the misleading juxtaposition of "risk factor" versus "social" epidemiology.
Academic Article Data, "race," and politics: a commentary on the epidemiological significance of California's Proposition 54.
Academic Article The association of workplace hazards and smoking in a U.S. multiethnic working-class population.
Academic Article Choosing area based socioeconomic measures to monitor social inequalities in low birth weight and childhood lead poisoning: The Public Health Disparities Geocoding Project (US).
Academic Article Occupational, social, and relationship hazards and psychological distress among low-income workers: implications of the 'inverse hazard law'.
Academic Article Exposing racial discrimination: implicit & explicit measures--the My Body, My Story study of 1005 US-born black & white community health center members.
Academic Article Alcohol disorders among Asian Americans: associations with unfair treatment, racial/ethnic discrimination, and ethnic identification (the national Latino and Asian Americans study, 2002-2003).
Academic Article Embodiment: a conceptual glossary for epidemiology.
Academic Article Longitudinal study of the inception of perimenopause in relation to lifetime history of sexual or physical violence.
Academic Article Lifelong socioeconomic trajectory and premature mortality (35-65 years) in France: findings from the GAZEL Cohort Study.
Academic Article Assessing health impact assessment: multidisciplinary and international perspectives.
Concept Residence Characteristics
Concept Community Health Centers
Academic Article Racial discrimination & cardiovascular disease risk: my body my story study of 1005 US-born black and white community health center participants (US).
Academic Article Sexual orientation disparities in Papanicolaou test use among US women: the role of sexual and reproductive health services.
Academic Article At the intersection of sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and cervical cancer screening: assessing Pap test use disparities by sex of sexual partners among black, Latina, and white U.S. women.
Academic Article The real ecological fallacy: epidemiology and global climate change.
Academic Article Spatial social polarisation: using the Index of Concentration at the Extremes jointly for income and race/ethnicity to analyse risk of hypertension.
Grant Racial Discrimination and Risk of Chronic Disease
Academic Article Local Residential Segregation Matters: Stronger Association of Census Tract Compared to Conventional City-Level Measures with Fatal and Non-Fatal Assaults (Total and Firearm Related), Using the Index of Concentration at the Extremes (ICE) for Racial, Economic, and Racialized Economic Segregation, Massachusetts (US), 1995-2010.
Academic Article Spatial social polarization and birth outcomes: preterm birth and infant mortality - New York City, 2010-14.
Academic Article Structural racism and health inequities in the USA: evidence and interventions.
Academic Article Measures of Local Segregation for Monitoring Health Inequities by Local Health Departments.
Academic Article Severe sociopolitical stressors and preterm births in New York City: 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2017.
Academic Article Police-Related Deaths and Neighborhood Economic and Racial/Ethnic Polarization, United States, 2015-2016.
Grant Advancing novel methods to measure and analyze multiple types of discrimination for population health research
Grant DNA methylation & adversity: pathways from exposures to health inequities
Academic Article Cancer Stage at Diagnosis, Historical Redlining, and Current Neighborhood Characteristics: Breast, Cervical, Lung, and Colorectal Cancers, Massachusetts, 2001-2015.
Academic Article Structural Racism, Historical Redlining, and Risk of Preterm Birth in New York City, 2013-2017.
Academic Article US-county level variation in intersecting individual, household and community characteristics relevant to COVID-19 and planning an equitable response: a cross-sectional analysis.
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