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Academic Article Spatial features of calcium-regulated gene expression.
Academic Article Beta-amyloid induces neuronal apoptosis via a mechanism that involves the c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway and the induction of Fas ligand.
Academic Article Calcium regulation of neuronal gene expression.
Academic Article Ca2+ influx regulates BDNF transcription by a CREB family transcription factor-dependent mechanism.
Academic Article Signaling to the nucleus by an L-type calcium channel-calmodulin complex through the MAP kinase pathway.
Academic Article DNA repair pathway stimulated by the forkhead transcription factor FOXO3a through the Gadd45 protein.
Academic Article BDNF regulates the translation of a select group of mRNAs by a mammalian target of rapamycin-phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent pathway during neuronal development.
Academic Article Derepression of BDNF transcription involves calcium-dependent phosphorylation of MeCP2.
Academic Article Regulation of proto-oncogene mRNA stability.
Academic Article Intracellular signaling pathways activated by neurotrophic factors.
Academic Article The Rac1-GEF Tiam1 couples the NMDA receptor to the activity-dependent development of dendritic arbors and spines.
Academic Article Signaling mechanisms linking neuronal activity to gene expression and plasticity of the nervous system.
Academic Article A retrograde neuronal survival response: target-derived neurotrophins regulate MEF2D and bcl-w.
Academic Article Cyclin E constrains Cdk5 activity to regulate synaptic plasticity and memory formation.
Academic Article Activity-dependent regulation of inhibitory synapse development by Npas4.
Academic Article Activity-dependent transcription and disorders of human cognition.
Academic Article Mef2-mediated transcription of the miR379-410 cluster regulates activity-dependent dendritogenesis by fine-tuning Pumilio2 protein levels.
Academic Article The regulation and function of c-fos and other immediate early genes in the nervous system.
Academic Article Growth factors and membrane depolarization activate distinct programs of early response gene expression: dissociation of fos and jun induction.
Academic Article Neurotrophin regulation of gene expression.
Academic Article The SH3 domain-binding surface and an acidic motif in HIV-1 Nef regulate trafficking of class I MHC complexes.
Academic Article Medicine. Activating a repressor.
Academic Article Communication between the synapse and the nucleus in neuronal development, plasticity, and disease.
Academic Article Neuronal activity-regulated gene transcription in synapse development and cognitive function.
Academic Article Wnt5a-Ror-Dishevelled signaling constitutes a core developmental pathway that controls tissue morphogenesis.
Academic Article Growth factor-induced gene expression: the ups and downs of c-fos regulation.
Academic Article A cytoplasmic inhibitor of the JNK signal transduction pathway.
Academic Article Characterization of a pathway for ciliary neurotrophic factor signaling to the nucleus.
Academic Article Calcium signaling in neurons: molecular mechanisms and cellular consequences.
Academic Article Developmental axon pruning mediated by BDNF-p75NTR-dependent axon degeneration.
Academic Article A brain-specific microRNA regulates dendritic spine development.
Academic Article Brain-specific phosphorylation of MeCP2 regulates activity-dependent Bdnf transcription, dendritic growth, and spine maturation.
Academic Article A calcium-responsive transcription factor, CaRF, that regulates neuronal activity-dependent expression of BDNF.
Academic Article Identifying autism loci and genes by tracing recent shared ancestry.
Academic Article From synapse to nucleus: calcium-dependent gene transcription in the control of synapse development and function.
Academic Article Calcium regulation of gene expression.
Academic Article Widespread transcription at neuronal activity-regulated enhancers.
Academic Article Activity-dependent neuronal signalling and autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Rett syndrome mutation MeCP2 T158A disrupts DNA binding, protein stability and ERP responses.
Academic Article Ca2+ channel-regulated neuronal gene expression.
Academic Article Trans-synaptic regulation of gene expression.
Academic Article Stimulation of 3T3 cells induces transcription of the c-fos proto-oncogene.
Academic Article CREB: a Ca(2+)-regulated transcription factor phosphorylated by calmodulin-dependent kinases.
Academic Article Stress-dependent regulation of FOXO transcription factors by the SIRT1 deacetylase.
Academic Article Coupling of cell migration with neurogenesis by proneural bHLH factors.
Academic Article N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors are critical for mediating the effects of glutamate on intracellular calcium concentration and immediate early gene expression in cultured hippocampal neurons.
Academic Article The destabilizing elements in the coding region of c-fos mRNA are recognized as RNA.
Academic Article Coupling of the RAS-MAPK pathway to gene activation by RSK2, a growth factor-regulated CREB kinase.
Academic Article Transcription-dependent and -independent control of neuronal survival by the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway.
Academic Article New insights in the biology of BDNF synthesis and release: implications in CNS function.
Academic Article Brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression and respiratory function improve after ampakine treatment in a mouse model of Rett syndrome.
Academic Article Activity-dependent regulation of MEF2 transcription factors suppresses excitatory synapse number.
Academic Article Genome-wide activity-dependent MeCP2 phosphorylation regulates nervous system development and function.
Academic Article Modulation of NMDA receptor-dependent calcium influx and gene expression through EphB receptors.
Academic Article Identification of molecular markers of bipolar cells in the murine retina.
Academic Article The nogo receptor family restricts synapse number in the developing hippocampus.
Academic Article SnapShot: Ca(2+)-dependent transcription in neurons.
Academic Article Regulation of CREB phosphorylation in the suprachiasmatic nucleus by light and a circadian clock.
Academic Article Mutation of the c-fos gene dyad symmetry element inhibits serum inducibility of transcription in vivo and the nuclear regulatory factor binding in vitro.
Academic Article L-type voltage-sensitive calcium channel activation stimulates gene expression by a serum response factor-dependent pathway.
Academic Article Calcium regulation of gene expression in neuronal cells.
Academic Article Mutation of E2F2 in mice causes enhanced T lymphocyte proliferation, leading to the development of autoimmunity.
Academic Article Expression of endogenous NMDAR1 transcripts without receptor protein suggests post-transcriptional control in PC12 cells.
Academic Article Calcium regulation of gene expression in neurons: the mode of entry matters.
Academic Article Membrane depolarization and calcium induce c-fos transcription via phosphorylation of transcription factor CREB.
Academic Article A biological function for the neuronal activity-dependent component of Bdnf transcription in the development of cortical inhibition.
Academic Article Targeting of nonexpressed genes in embryonic stem cells via homologous recombination.
Academic Article Regulation of gene expression in hippocampal neurons by distinct calcium signaling pathways.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Viral
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Enzymologic
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Academic Article Genetics. The maturing brain methylome.
Academic Article Exercise induces hippocampal BDNF through a PGC-1a/FNDC5 pathway.
Academic Article Neuronal Per Arnt Sim (PAS) domain protein 4 (NPAS4) regulates neurite outgrowth and phosphorylation of synapsin I.
Academic Article Alternative modes of c-myc regulation in growth factor-stimulated and differentiating cells.
Academic Article Effects of heterologous downstream sequences on the activity of the HIV-1 promoter and its response to Tat.
Academic Article MeCP2 phosphorylation limits psychostimulant-induced behavioral and neuronal plasticity.
Academic Article Npas4 regulates excitatory-inhibitory balance within neural circuits through cell-type-specific gene programs.
Academic Article Genome-wide identification and characterization of functional neuronal activity-dependent enhancers.
Academic Article Disruption of DNA-methylation-dependent long gene repression in Rett syndrome.
Academic Article Reading the unique DNA methylation landscape of the brain: Non-CpG methylation, hydroxymethylation, and MeCP2.
Academic Article MEF2D drives photoreceptor development through a genome-wide competition for tissue-specific enhancers.
Grant Neurotrophic Factor Regulation of Gene Expression
Academic Article DNA methylation in the gene body influences MeCP2-mediated gene repression.
Academic Article The Ror1 receptor tyrosine kinase plays a critical role in regulating satellite cell proliferation during regeneration of injured muscle.
Academic Article Kinesin superfamily protein Kif26b links Wnt5a-Ror signaling to the control of cell and tissue behaviors in vertebrates.
Academic Article Early-Life Gene Expression in Neurons Modulates Lasting Epigenetic States.
Academic Article Lineage divergence of activity-driven transcription and evolution of cognitive ability.
Academic Article Single-cell transcriptomics of the developing lateral geniculate nucleus reveals insights into circuit assembly and refinement.
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