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Academic Article The effect of selected growth factors on human anterior cruciate ligament cell interactions with a three-dimensional collagen-GAG scaffold.
Academic Article Distribution of chondrocytes containing alpha-smooth muscle actin in human articular cartilage.
Academic Article Regional variations in certain cellular characteristics in human lumbar intervertebral discs, including the presence of alpha-smooth muscle actin.
Academic Article Near-terminus axonal structure and function following rat sciatic nerve regeneration through a collagen-GAG matrix in a ten-millimeter gap.
Academic Article Contractile actin expression in torn human menisci.
Academic Article Alpha-smooth-muscle actin in and contraction of porcine dental pulp cells.
Academic Article Fibroblast distribution in the anteromedial bundle of the human anterior cruciate ligament: the presence of alpha-smooth muscle actin-positive cells.
Academic Article Effect of passage number and collagen type on the proliferative, biosynthetic, and contractile activity of adult canine articular chondrocytes in type I and II collagen-glycosaminoglycan matrices in vitro.
Academic Article Non-viral endostatin plasmid transfection of mesenchymal stem cells via collagen scaffolds.
Academic Article Extracorporeal shock wave-induced proliferation of periosteal cells.
Academic Article Effects of PDGF-BB and OP-1 on mesenchymal stem cells in a porous mineral block.
Academic Article Cartilaginous deposits in subchondral bone in regions of exposed bone in osteoarthritis of the human knee: histomorphometric study of PRG4 distribution in osteoarthritic cartilage.
Academic Article Optimal degradation rate for collagen chambers used for regeneration of peripheral nerves over long gaps.
Academic Article Alpha-smooth muscle actin in pathological human disc nucleus pulposus cells in vivo and in vitro.
Academic Article Cross-linking affects cellular condensation and chondrogenesis in type II collagen-GAG scaffolds seeded with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article Growth factor regulation of smooth muscle actin expression and contraction of human articular chondrocytes and meniscal cells in a collagen-GAG matrix.
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Academic Article A Novel Three-Dimensional Culture System for Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells.
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