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overview Director, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital Director, Tissue Engineering Laboratory, VA Boston Healthcare System Senior Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering , MIT Prof. Spector has been engaged in biomaterials research for over 30 years, and in tissue engineering studies for 15 years, employing animal models and cell culture systems. He is supervising investigations related to musculoskeletal and nerve regeneration, involving biopolymer sponge-like scaffolds and injectable gels. He recently has established projects demonstrating the potential of extracorporeal shock wave treatment to enhance the make-up of select tissues to be used as autografts for bone and cartilage repair. Prof. Spector teaches 4 subjects at MIT: Biomaterial-Tissue Interactions (2.79J/3.96J/BEH.441HST 522J); Cell-Matrix Mechanics (2.785J/3.97J/20.411J/HST523J); Design of Medical Devices/Implants (2.782J/3.961J/20.451J/HST524J); and Principles and Practice of Tissue Engineering (HST.535). He is the principal research supervisor for students in: MIT doctoral programs; Harvard Medical School; and postgraduate programs at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. His postdoctoral research fellows come with varied backgrounds from many countries. Dr. Spector is a VA Research Career Scientist. Other Positions: 2005-present: Co-Editor-in Chief, Biomedical Materials: Materials for Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine 1993-1997: Chairman, Food and Drug Administration General and Plastic Surgery Devices Advisory Panel 1990-1991: President, Society for Biomaterials
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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Mesenchymal stem cells on Type II collagen/GAG scaffolds for cartilage regeneration
Academic Article Canine chondrocytes seeded in type I and type II collagen implants investigated in vitro.
Academic Article Biosynthetic response of passaged chondrocytes in a type II collagen scaffold to mechanical compression.
Academic Article Tribological evaluation of oxidized zirconium using an articular cartilage counterface: a novel material for potential use in hemiarthroplasty.
Academic Article Effect of cultured autologous chondrocytes on repair of chondral defects in a canine model.
Academic Article Chondrocyte-seeded collagen matrices implanted in a chondral defect in a canine model.
Academic Article Histologic analysis of tissue after failed cartilage repair procedures.
Academic Article Distribution of chondrocytes containing alpha-smooth muscle actin in human articular cartilage.
Academic Article Attachment of periosteal grafts to articular cartilage with fibrin sealant.
Academic Article Healing of canine articular cartilage defects treated with microfracture, a type-II collagen matrix, or cultured autologous chondrocytes.
Academic Article Outgrowth of chondrocytes from human articular cartilage explants and expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin.
Academic Article Effects of harvest and selected cartilage repair procedures on the physical and biochemical properties of articular cartilage in the canine knee.
Academic Article Development of gene-based therapies for cartilage repair.
Academic Article Smooth muscle actin expression by human articular chondrocytes and their contraction of a collagen-glycosaminoglycan matrix in vitro.
Academic Article Effects of the degradation rate of collagen matrices on articular chondrocyte proliferation and biosynthesis in vitro.
Academic Article Chondral defects in animal models: effects of selected repair procedures in canines.
Academic Article Translation from research to applications.
Academic Article Quantitative electrical impedance analysis of cartilage degradation.
Academic Article Osteoarth. and Cart
Academic Article The Knee
Academic Article Engineering endostatin-expressing cartilaginous constructs using injectable biopolymer hydrogels.
Academic Article Chondrogenic differentiation of adult mesenchymal stem cells and embryonic cells in collagen scaffolds.
Academic Article Effects of cross-linking type II collagen-GAG scaffolds on chondrogenesis in vitro: dynamic pore reduction promotes cartilage formation.
Academic Article Autologous chondrocyte implantation in a canine model: change in composition of reparative tissue with time.
Academic Article Contractile forces generated by articular chondrocytes in collagen-glycosaminoglycan matrices.
Academic Article Periosteum stimulates subchondral bone densification in autologous chondrocyte transplantation in a sheep model.
Academic Article The pathology of the end-stage osteoarthritic lesion of the knee: potential role in cartilage repair.
Academic Article The conical cartilage of the cat's middle ear.
Academic Article Matrix collagen type and pore size influence behaviour of seeded canine chondrocytes.
Academic Article Effects of a cultured autologous chondrocyte-seeded type II collagen scaffold on the healing of a chondral defect in a canine model.
Academic Article Gene delivery to cartilage defects using coagulated bone marrow aspirate.
Academic Article Biomaterial-mediated delivery of microenvironmental cues for repair and regeneration of articular cartilage.
Academic Article Cartilaginous deposits in subchondral bone in regions of exposed bone in osteoarthritis of the human knee: histomorphometric study of PRG4 distribution in osteoarthritic cartilage.
Academic Article Modulation of mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis in a tunable hyaluronic acid hydrogel microenvironment.
Academic Article Cross-linking affects cellular condensation and chondrogenesis in type II collagen-GAG scaffolds seeded with bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article Osteoinduction within porous polysulfone implants at extraosseous sites using demineralized allogeneic bone matrix.
Academic Article Healing of chondral and osteochondral defects in a canine model: the role of cultured chondrocytes in regeneration of articular cartilage.
Academic Article alpha-Smooth muscle actin-expressing cells and lubricin in periprosthetic tissue.
Academic Article Histological investigation of bone induction by demineralized allogeneic bone matrix: a natural biomaterial for osseous reconstruction.
Academic Article Healing of defects in canine articular cartilage: distribution of nonvascular alpha-smooth muscle actin-containing cells.
Academic Article Articular cartilage chondrocytes in type I and type II collagen-GAG matrices exhibit contractile behavior in vitro.
Academic Article Scaffold-based articular cartilage repair.
Academic Article Comparison of three types of chondrocytes in collagen scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.
Academic Article Growth factor regulation of smooth muscle actin expression and contraction of human articular chondrocytes and meniscal cells in a collagen-GAG matrix.
Academic Article Engineering endostatin-producing cartilaginous constructs for cartilage repair using nonviral transfection of chondrocyte-seeded and mesenchymal-stem-cell-seeded collagen scaffolds.
Concept Cartilage, Articular
Concept Cartilage
Concept Cartilage Diseases
Academic Article Basement membrane molecule expression attendant to chondrogenesis by nucleus pulposus cells and mesenchymal stem cells.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered cartilaginous constructs for the treatment of caprine cartilage defects, including distribution of laminin and type IV collagen.
Academic Article A Stereological Method for the Quantitative Evaluation of Cartilage Repair Tissue.
Academic Article Cell Seeding Densities in Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation Techniques for Cartilage Repair.
Academic Article The Long-Term Clinical Outcomes Following Autogenous Bone Grafting for Large-Volume Defects of the Knee: 12- to 21-Year Follow-Up.
Academic Article Lubricin Distribution in the Menisci and Labra of Human Osteoarthritic Joints.
Academic Article The Biological Response following Autogenous Bone Grafting for Large-Volume Defects of the Knee: Index Surgery through 12 to 21 Years' Follow-up.
Academic Article Distribution of Basement Membrane Molecules, Laminin and Collagen Type IV, in Normal and Degenerated Cartilage Tissues.
Academic Article Collagen Type IV and Laminin Expressions during Cartilage Repair and in Late Clinically Failed Repair Tissues from Human Subjects.
Academic Article Exploiting Stem Cell-Extracellular Matrix Interactions for Cartilage Regeneration: A Focus on Basement Membrane Molecules.
Academic Article Cellular senescence in aging and osteoarthritis.
Academic Article No effect of topical application of tranexamic acid on articular cartilage.
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