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Academic Article Frequent and strong antibody-mediated natural killer cell activation in response to HIV-1 Env in individuals with chronic HIV-1 infection.
Concept Antibodies, Viral
Academic Article Lack of protection following passive transfer of polyclonal highly functional low-dose non-neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article An antibody tag-team: driving neutralization through escape.
Academic Article Independent evolution of Fc- and Fab-mediated HIV-1-specific antiviral antibody activity following acute infection.
Academic Article Dissecting Polyclonal Vaccine-Induced Humoral Immunity against HIV Using Systems Serology.
Academic Article Pan-ebolavirus and Pan-filovirus Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies: Protection against Ebola and Sudan Viruses.
Academic Article Multiplexed Affinity-Based Separation of Proteins and Cells Using Inertial Microfluidics.
Academic Article NK Cells in HIV Disease.
Academic Article Protective efficacy of multiple vaccine platforms against Zika virus challenge in rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article High Epstein-Barr Virus Load and Genomic Diversity Are Associated with Generation of gp350-Specific Neutralizing Antibodies following Acute Infectious Mononucleosis.
Academic Article The Marburgvirus-Neutralizing Human Monoclonal Antibody MR191 Targets a Conserved Site to Block Virus Receptor Binding.
Academic Article High-resolution definition of humoral immune response correlates of effective immunity against HIV.
Academic Article Control of Heterologous Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIVsmE660 Infection by DNA and Protein Coimmunization Regimens Combined with Different Toll-Like-Receptor-4-Based Adjuvants in Macaques.
Academic Article Analysis of Complement-Mediated Lysis of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) and SIV-Infected Cells Reveals Sex Differences in Vaccine-Induced Immune Responses in Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Immune Correlate-Guided HIV Vaccine Design.
Academic Article Fully Human Immunoglobulin G From Transchromosomic Bovines Treats Nonhuman Primates Infected With Ebola Virus Makona Isolate.
Academic Article Multifunctional Pan-ebolavirus Antibody Recognizes a Site of Broad Vulnerability on the Ebolavirus Glycoprotein.
Academic Article A Role for Fc Function in Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody-Mediated Protection against Ebola Virus.
Academic Article Asymmetric antiviral effects of ebolavirus antibodies targeting glycoprotein stem and glycan cap.
Academic Article Antibody and TLR7 agonist delay viral rebound in SHIV-infected monkeys.
Academic Article Antibody-mediated protection against Ebola virus.
Academic Article Vectored delivery of anti-SIV envelope targeting mAb via AAV8 protects rhesus macaques from repeated limiting dose intrarectal swarm SIVsmE660 challenge.
Academic Article Antibody-Mediated Protective Mechanisms Induced by a Trivalent Parainfluenza Virus-Vectored Ebolavirus Vaccine.
Academic Article Development of a Human Antibody Cocktail that Deploys Multiple Functions to Confer Pan-Ebolavirus Protection.
Academic Article A Two-Antibody Pan-Ebolavirus Cocktail Confers Broad Therapeutic Protection in Ferrets and Nonhuman Primates.
Academic Article Optimal therapeutic activity of monoclonal antibodies against chikungunya virus requires Fc-Fc?R interaction on monocytes.
Academic Article Extra-Neutralizing FcR-Mediated Antibody Functions for a Universal Influenza Vaccine.
Academic Article Antibody Fab-Fc properties outperform titer in predictive models of SIV vaccine-induced protection.
Academic Article Outflanking immunodominance to target subdominant broadly neutralizing epitopes.
Academic Article Survivors of Ebola Virus Disease Develop Polyfunctional Antibody Responses.
Academic Article Neutralizing antibodies against Mayaro virus require Fc effector functions for protective activity.
Academic Article Antibiotics-Driven Gut Microbiome Perturbation Alters Immunity to Vaccines in Humans.
Academic Article ALVAC-HIV B/C candidate HIV vaccine efficacy dependent on neutralization profile of challenge virus and adjuvant dose and type.
Academic Article Selective induction of antibody effector functional responses using MF59-adjuvanted vaccination.
Academic Article Analysis of a Therapeutic Antibody Cocktail Reveals Determinants for Cooperative and Broad Ebolavirus Neutralization.
Academic Article Non-neutralizing Antibodies from a Marburg Infection Survivor Mediate Protection by Fc-Effector Functions and by Enhancing Efficacy of Other Antibodies.
Academic Article DNA vaccine protection against SARS-CoV-2 in rhesus macaques.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2 infection protects against rechallenge in rhesus macaques.
Academic Article Dissecting antibody-mediated protection against SARS-CoV-2.
Academic Article Distinct neutralizing antibody correlates of protection among related Zika virus vaccines identify a role for antibody quality.
Academic Article Dissecting the antibody-OME: past, present, and future.
Academic Article Integrated pipeline for the accelerated discovery of antiviral antibody therapeutics.
Academic Article Distinct Early Serological Signatures Track with SARS-CoV-2 Survival.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2-specific ELISA development.
Academic Article Clinical sensitivity and interpretation of PCR and serological COVID-19 diagnostics for patients presenting to the hospital.
Academic Article Evolution of Early SARS-CoV-2 and Cross-Coronavirus Immunity.
Academic Article High Seroprevalence of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Chelsea, Massachusetts.
Academic Article Passive Transfer of Vaccine-Elicited Antibodies Protects against SIV in Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Persistence and decay of human antibody responses to the receptor binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in COVID-19 patients.
Academic Article Antibodies targeting epitopes on the cell-surface form of NS1 protect against Zika virus infection during pregnancy.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2 viral load is associated with increased disease severity and mortality.
Academic Article Quick COVID-19 Healers Sustain Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Production.
Academic Article Assessment of Maternal and Neonatal SARS-CoV-2 Viral Load, Transplacental Antibody Transfer, and Placental Pathology in Pregnancies During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article COVID-19-neutralizing antibodies predict disease severity and survival.
Academic Article Compromised SARS-CoV-2-specific placental antibody transfer.
Academic Article Discrete SARS-CoV-2 antibody titers track with functional humoral stability.
Academic Article Humoral signatures of protective and pathological SARS-CoV-2 infection in children.
Academic Article Comorbid illnesses are associated with altered adaptive immune responses to SARS-CoV-2.
Academic Article A modified vaccinia Ankara vector-based vaccine protects macaques from SARS-CoV-2 infection, immune pathology, and dysfunction in the lungs.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of the Ad26.COV2.S Vaccine for COVID-19.
Academic Article Non-neutralizing Antibodies May Contribute to Suppression of SIVmac239 Viremia in Indian Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Adjuvanting a subunit COVID-19 vaccine to induce protective immunity.
Academic Article A Fc engineering approach to define functional humoral correlates of immunity against Ebola virus.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines in Pregnant and Lactating Women.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2 RBD trimer protein adjuvanted with Alum-3M-052 protects from SARS-CoV-2 infection and immune pathology in the lung.
Academic Article Associations Between Antibody Fc-Mediated Effector Functions and Long-Term Sequelae in Ebola Virus Survivors.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of Ad26.COV2.S vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 variants in humans.
Academic Article Evaluation of Three Commercial and Two Non-Commercial Immunoassays for the Detection of Prior Infection to SARS-CoV-2.
Academic Article Protective efficacy of Ad26.COV2.S against SARS-CoV-2 B.1.351 in macaques.
Academic Article Memory B cells targeting SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and their dependence on CD4+ T cell help.
Academic Article Ebola vaccine-induced protection in nonhuman primates correlates with antibody specificity and Fc-mediated effects.
Academic Article An intranasal vaccine durably protects against SARS-CoV-2 variants in mice.
Academic Article Protective antibodies elicited by SARS-CoV-2 spike protein vaccination are boosted in the lung after challenge in nonhuman primates.
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