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Academic Article Loss of HIV-1-specific CD8+ T cell proliferation after acute HIV-1 infection and restoration by vaccine-induced HIV-1-specific CD4+ T cells.
Academic Article Consistent effects of TSG101 genetic variability on multiple outcomes of exposure to human immunodeficiency virus type 1.
Academic Article Natural killer cells in spontaneous control of HIV infection.
Academic Article Alterations in natural killer cell receptor profiles during HIV type 1 disease progression among chronically infected South African adults.
Academic Article Increased natural killer cell activity in viremic HIV-1 infection.
Academic Article The majority of currently circulating human immunodeficiency virus type 1 clade B viruses fail to prime cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses against an otherwise immunodominant HLA-A2-restricted epitope: implications for vaccine design.
Academic Article Upregulation of PD-L1 on monocytes and dendritic cells by HIV-1 derived TLR ligands.
Academic Article Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-specific effector CD8 T cell activity in patients with primary HIV infection.
Academic Article Low perforin and elevated SHIP-1 expression is associated with functional anergy of natural killer cells in chronic HIV-1 infection.
Academic Article Decoupling activation and exhaustion of B cells in spontaneous controllers of HIV infection.
Academic Article KIR polymorphisms modulate peptide-dependent binding to an MHC class I ligand with a Bw6 motif.
Academic Article Report on the AIDS Vaccine 2008 Conference.
Academic Article Assessment of longitudinal changes in HIV-specific effector activity in subjects undergoing untreated primary HIV infection.
Academic Article Safety and immunogenicity of DNA prime and modified vaccinia ankara virus-HIV subtype C vaccine boost in healthy adults.
Academic Article Evolution of innate and adaptive effector cell functions during acute HIV-1 infection.
Academic Article HLA Alleles Associated with Delayed Progression to AIDS Contribute Strongly to the Initial CD8(+) T Cell Response against HIV-1.
Academic Article Biology of plasmacytoid dendritic cells and natural killer cells in HIV-1 infection.
Academic Article Characterization of humoral and cellular immune responses elicited by a recombinant adenovirus serotype 26 HIV-1 Env vaccine in healthy adults (IPCAVD 001).
Academic Article A nonfucosylated variant of the anti-HIV-1 monoclonal antibody b12 has enhanced Fc?RIIIa-mediated antiviral activity in vitro but does not improve protection against mucosal SHIV challenge in macaques.
Academic Article Comprehensive analysis of virus-specific T-cells provides clues for the failure of therapeutic immunization with ALVAC-HIV vaccine.
Academic Article High degree of inter-clade cross-reactivity of HIV-1-specific T cell responses at the single peptide level.
Academic Article Challenges facing young investigators.
Academic Article Emerging concepts on the role of innate immunity in the prevention and control of HIV infection.
Concept AIDS Vaccines
Concept Simian Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Concept Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Concept AIDS Serodiagnosis
Academic Article Mapping the journey to an HIV vaccine.
Academic Article New paradigms for functional HIV-specific nonneutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Conference report: "Functional Glycomics in HIV Type 1 Vaccine Design" workshop report, Bethesda, Maryland, April 30-May 1, 2012.
Academic Article Protective efficacy of a global HIV-1 mosaic vaccine against heterologous SHIV challenges in rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Opportunities to exploit non-neutralizing HIV-specific antibody activity.
Academic Article Polyfunctional Fc-effector profiles mediated by IgG subclass selection distinguish RV144 and VAX003 vaccines.
Academic Article Targeting Mucosal Fc-Fc Receptor Interactions as Vaccine Strategy against Mucosal HIV-transmission.
Academic Article Gp41 and p24 IgG Binding Antibody Titers Are Associated with HIV-1 Viral Control during Early HIV-1 Subtype C Infection.
Academic Article Polyfunctional Non-neutralizing Fc-antibody Responses in Acute HIV Infection Predict Spontaneous Viral Control.
Academic Article Acute HIV-1 Subtype C Infection Is Associated with Rapid Increase of Tissue-like Memory and Decrease in Resting Memory B-cells.
Academic Article An Inflammatory Profile that Predicts the Development of Neutralizing Antibody Breadth.
Academic Article Utilizing Mucin-tethered HIV IgG to Enhance HIV Vaccine Function.
Academic Article Modulation of RAS Pathways as a Biomarker of Protection against HIV and as a Means to Improve Vaccine Efficacy.
Academic Article Local HIV-specific IgA Antibody Production in the Penile Urethra Mucosal Compartment.
Academic Article IgG Glycosylation Is Programmed and Remembered after Immunization with TLR Stimulating Adjuvants.
Academic Article Exploring the potential of monoclonal antibody therapeutics for HIV-1 eradication.
Academic Article Machine learning methods enable predictive modeling of antibody feature:function relationships in RV144 vaccinees.
Academic Article Identification of antibody glycosylation structures that predict monoclonal antibody Fc-effector function.
Academic Article Prospects for engineering HIV-specific antibodies for enhanced effector function and half-life.
Academic Article Protective efficacy of adenovirus/protein vaccines against SIV challenges in rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Dissecting Polyclonal Vaccine-Induced Humoral Immunity against HIV Using Systems Serology.
Academic Article Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies Against HIV: New Insights to Inform Vaccine Design.
Academic Article Fc receptor-mediated phagocytosis in tissues as a potent mechanism for preventive and therapeutic HIV vaccine strategies.
Academic Article NK Cells in HIV Disease.
Academic Article Adjuvant-dependent innate and adaptive immune signatures of risk of SIVmac251 acquisition.
Academic Article International AIDS Society global scientific strategy: towards an HIV cure 2016.
Grant Harvard University Center for AIDS Research
Academic Article Ad26/MVA therapeutic vaccination with TLR7 stimulation in SIV-infected rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Diversity of Antiviral IgG Effector Activities Observed in HIV-Infected and Vaccinated Subjects.
Academic Article Systems serology for evaluation of HIV vaccine trials.
Academic Article Multiplexed Fc array for evaluation of antigen-specific antibody effector profiles.
Academic Article Pentavalent HIV-1 vaccine protects against simian-human immunodeficiency virus challenge.
Academic Article Systems serology: profiling vaccine induced humoral immunity against HIV.
Academic Article Temporal variation in HIV-specific IgG subclass antibodies during acute infection differentiates spontaneous controllers from chronic progressors.
Academic Article Optimization and qualification of an Fc Array assay for assessments of antibodies against HIV-1/SIV.
Academic Article Viral control in chronic HIV-1 subtype C infection is associated with enrichment of p24 IgG1 with Fc effector activity.
Academic Article First-in-Human Randomized, Controlled Trial of Mosaic HIV-1 Immunogens Delivered via a Modified Vaccinia Ankara Vector.
Academic Article Neutralizing Antibody Responses following Long-Term Vaccination with HIV-1 Env gp140 in Guinea Pigs.
Academic Article Control of Heterologous Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIVsmE660 Infection by DNA and Protein Coimmunization Regimens Combined with Different Toll-Like-Receptor-4-Based Adjuvants in Macaques.
Academic Article Analysis of Complement-Mediated Lysis of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) and SIV-Infected Cells Reveals Sex Differences in Vaccine-Induced Immune Responses in Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Immune Correlate-Guided HIV Vaccine Design.
Academic Article Evaluation of a mosaic HIV-1 vaccine in a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 1/2a clinical trial (APPROACH) and in rhesus monkeys (NHP 13-19).
Academic Article Route of immunization defines multiple mechanisms of vaccine-mediated protection against SIV.
Academic Article Modulation of Vaccine-Induced CD4 T Cell Functional Profiles by Changes in Components of HIV Vaccine Regimens in Humans.
Academic Article Antibody and TLR7 agonist delay viral rebound in SHIV-infected monkeys.
Academic Article Vectored delivery of anti-SIV envelope targeting mAb via AAV8 protects rhesus macaques from repeated limiting dose intrarectal swarm SIVsmE660 challenge.
Academic Article The Antibodiome-Mapping the Humoral Immune Response to HIV.
Academic Article Antibody Fab-Fc properties outperform titer in predictive models of SIV vaccine-induced protection.
Academic Article A vaccine-induced gene expression signature correlates with protection against SIV and HIV in multiple trials.
Academic Article ALVAC-HIV B/C candidate HIV vaccine efficacy dependent on neutralization profile of challenge virus and adjuvant dose and type.
Academic Article Comparison of shortened mosaic HIV-1 vaccine schedules: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 1 trial (IPCAVD010/HPX1002) and a preclinical study in rhesus monkeys (NHP 17-22).
Academic Article Protein-based, but not viral vector alone, HIV vaccine boosting drives an IgG1-biased polyfunctional humoral immune response.
Academic Article Passive Transfer of Vaccine-Elicited Antibodies Protects against SIV in Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Safety and immunogenicity of two heterologous HIV vaccine regimens in healthy, HIV-uninfected adults (TRAVERSE): a randomised, parallel-group, placebo-controlled, double-blind, phase 1/2a study.
Academic Article IgG3 collaborates with IgG1 and IgA to recruit effector function in RV144 vaccinees.
Academic Article RV144 HIV-1 vaccination impacts post-infection antibody responses.
Academic Article Distinct Immunoglobulin Fc Glycosylation Patterns Are Associated with Disease Nonprogression and Broadly Neutralizing Antibody Responses in Children with HIV Infection.
Academic Article Persistence of viral RNA in lymph nodes in ART-suppressed SIV/SHIV-infected Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Non-neutralizing Antibodies May Contribute to Suppression of SIVmac239 Viremia in Indian Rhesus Macaques.
Academic Article Coordinated Fc-effector and neutralization functions in HIV-infected children define a window of opportunity for HIV vaccination.
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